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League of Legends Build Guide Author HueyGFreeman

Orianna: Blitzcranks Shawty <3

HueyGFreeman Last updated on June 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey guys!

So this is my first guide... i think that orianna is really fun and hard to master.! but when used correctly the damage can be DEVASTATING.! However, she is very hard to learn how to use.!

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Shes really boss and she can really change a team from good to great...!

WARNING: This following build/guide will be very brief and for people who know how to play the game well. This champion requires a good amount of Map awareness, Skill shot hitting, predicting, and knowing limits.

I will also be using the word POTENTIAL alot.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: very FUN, very good escape mechanisms, unique voice, hot...(i joke) Offensive/Defensive abilities

Cons: SQUISHY! vulnerable to CC, Very DIFFICULT to master <---- ill explain later

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why ruby crystal instead of sapphire or dorans ring? simply... survivalbility... you guys must understand that Orianna is like a delicate Sunflower... yeah i dont know what im talking about... but if you are mid... ruby crystal is a MUST! Potential is what we're looking for. With runes and everything you dont NEED the mana early game.

I know what you're thinking... you're thinking, WAIT! why no Ionian boots of lucidity? Well, with all your runes and a blue buff... Lucidity wouldnt REALLY help and the early Magic Pen is very useful.

Build up into Rod of ages for good survivability, ability power, and mana since you will be spamming Your Q

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Skill Sequence

Why no Protect until Level 4? Why not max it out since you're support? As orianna i MID. meaning i dont protect anyone but myself. Since im doing massive amounts of damage there is no need to shield myself. Haha i joke.

Command:attack: this is Orianna's bread and butter. Her fame and glory. Without this ability most of the other abilites are Incompetent. Spam it, embrace it, have fun.! its Your main damage output early and late game. Predict with it as well

Command: dissonance: This is Runner up. (besides her ult) This makes orianna quite hard to pursue and run away from.

Command Protect: This is also a good harassment tool. Simply Q,W, and selfcast E and baam

Command: Shockwave: Oh my lord... i cannot tell you how many times i have pissed people off by using this. Its VERY powerful in teamfights... i'll expand on that another time.

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Harassing with orianna is like Making a Choice between black ops and mw2. EASY! (mw2 btw) Move ball to target with Q, Use W ! Selfcast E if you need to have your ball back.! simple. However, the decision To keep the ball where it is and keep it on you is a hard decision.! Keeping the ball near the champion makes the champion generally walk out of EXP range.

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Going for the Kill.

I often like to Kill people who enjoy Harass me alot. Just Flash right in their face when they overextend, ignite, Q ahead of them (make sure the ball touches them for maximum damage),W (Make sure to run in front of your W for you to move faster and make them go slower) And right when they get next to turret USE YOUR ULT! Make sure it is in front or else it will push them to their turret Which is bad because you just wasted ur Ult, Summoner spells, and TIME!

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Team Work

First... As a squishy Caster thats hard to master .... you are not OBVIOUSLY going to initiate, Let the tanks Start things off. Then Open to make sure Q hits Everyone. Hit W right after. Follow up with R and Your team should finish them off. Dont worry... this has worked for me multiple times

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Sorry if this was a really boring build. (Break time)

Once again i apologize if this build is quite boring. i don't know how to put pictures and stuff. Im only a 14 1/2 year old asian boy leave me alone ok? Lols fersure. (Shout out to Kevin Ow for helping me) Kind of !

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This is the end. So remember

SPAM Q AND W! dont be afraid to waste mana. it could be life saving

Make sure to have blue buff whenever you can. Blue buff is probably most needed by Amumu and orianna simply because of their constant use of Amumu's Tantrum and Orianna's Command:attack and Command: Dissonance.

Dont be afraid to FSU! (**** **** up) With good team mates and great map awareness.


Orianna's general problem is MASTERY and TIMING. Practice using her on AI

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The End.

Thanks guys for reading this ! means a lot.! Remember to rate and comment! tell me what im missing! tell me what i did right? tell me what i can do to improve! tell me if i should make another build! Any form of feedback is appreciated.!

If you guys want another build from me i will make builds on these champions:

Ezreal (my main)
Amumu (my main tank)
Shaco (my main jungler)
Lux (my main Caster) <---- rape face