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Orianna Build Guide by Mr Cupcake as BK

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr Cupcake as BK

Orianna - Dancing onto the oblivion (closed) :l.

Mr Cupcake as BK Last updated on February 2, 2012
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Hello there. I have made a guide for orianna, wich it gives some balanced stats and builds for her. as you will see, this is my first guide. by the way, it took some time and effort for it. hope you like it. (^-^)

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Pros. and Cons.

These are the next Pros and Cons that my build will give :
Pros :
-Sweet magic penetration at mid game.
-More then descent magic damage at mid (and maybe, if you got feeded) at early game too.
-Nice health at mid and late game.
-Nice mana rengen For stability at early game.
-Good management with enemy tanks.
Cons :
-Vulnerable armor at early and maybe mid game.
-Suckish mana at early game.
-With that malady, maybe teamates think you are a troll.
-Very bad at carry role. (as usual)
-You need too much gold for item build.
-No boots = Slow as hell.
-Very suckish at ranked games.

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All you got to do is :

Early game :
-Farm as hell.
-Try to keep The enemy away for you, so start harassing and poking your enemy while killing minions.
-keep an eye for items of foe.
Mid game :
-get the most offensive you can. (With turrets, of course.)
-farm , farm , farm, and if you thinked you farmed enough, FARM MORE.
-Keep an eye to your teamates and ganks.
-Start ganks to mid, for easy kills.
Late game :
-Focus on kills, you should be overpowered, for sure. >__>
-More ganks.
-If you are capable, go for turrets, and a touch in backdooring, but if your situation is bad, Proooo-tect~.
-Start caring a little up to your teamates.
-Baron, and if your team dont want to, Steal it. (i mean, keeping an eye on him)

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Well, if you really need to farm, you will need 2 easy steps :
You can do a Command:Shockwave, by the way, i use that spell to harass.

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I go first for an AT. You can pick a HP or a MP potion, anyways both of them are good.
when yout pocked has enough for a dagger, buy it. we are suppoused to make a Malady. Dagger is good too for dealing damage faster with clockwork Windup. After that, you buy other AT, for increased AP at early game, and saving that for the Void Staff. When you Bought the Malady,You will notice the benefits of it, but i will explain those to you :
-AS, good for destroying turrets.
-20 extra damage for every atack you do. (more dmg at eraly game)
-Faster damage for Clockwork windup
-AP and Decreases target magic armor, so while you atack, you can send some spells for good harassing.
Now, Buy a Blasting wand, then convert it onto a Void Staff.
Buy Tear of the goddess , who is cheam and grants a VERY, VERY good amount on mana for every spell you cast. Buy another blasting wand and convert it onto an Archangel Staff. While you save for a Rabadon deathcap, you can buy a Elixir of rilliance, for a nice amount of extra AP for getting kills easiers and of, more mana. when you get the Rabadon deathcap, Try to put all of your effort to buy a Giant´s belt for a very huge amount of HP. after the other blasting wand, save for The RCS.
Depending on your situation, pick a NLR or a Chain vest (Because you dont got enough space on you inventory) then spend it onto a Zhonya Hourglass.By the way, before the hourglass, go onto a sight ward, it would be useful for a sitution.

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Ranked Play

As i explained at The Cons, its a little bad buld for Ranked games, by the way, the thing that counts is the skill and effort you put in a game.

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For new ppl with orianna

-Command:Shockwave and Command:Dissonance affect in the area of the ball, not in yours, so try to dont make mistakes with it.
-You can send the ball with command:atack on the bushes so you can see enemies hiding.
-Be sure to pick a perfect moment with your Command:Shockwave, it has great damage, but kind of annoying cooldown.
-Use command:protect on yourself then Command:Dissonace For great survability.
-you can cast Command dissonance on yourself or in a teanmate for chasing , running or going ot turret, because dissonance is used for increasing speed too.

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Well, its the end.

I hope you liked my short but maybe a little effective guide; i will add details and more things, but, before i have to learn about putting pics of items and skills. >__>
if you have suggestions, you can Comment. anyways, i read everything you share to me.
Thank to you for reading, and dont forget to thums up! (^u^)

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Wait... remake?

Uhh, due unexpecting changes, i wont edit the guide anymore. But did a remake of the orianna´s guide. you can check out here :