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Build Guide by tyaon

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tyaon

Orianna: Time is Ticking

tyaon Last updated on June 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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There once was a Piltovian man named Corin Reveck who had a daughter named Orianna, whom he loved more than anything else in the world. Though Orianna had incredible talent for dancing, she was deeply fascinated by the champions of the League of Legends. This fascination compelled her to begin training to become such a champion. It is unfortunate that her sheltered, wide-eyed naivete led her to take unnecessary and dangerous chances which ultimately led to her tragic demise. Orianna's death shattered Corin, driving him into deep depression and an obsession with techmaturgy. He could not stand the void his daughter's death left in his life, so he decided to build a replacement – one that would complete Orianna's dream of joining the League. What was created is the clockwork killing machine that Corin named after his daughter. Knowing that she was destined to be a champion and seeing the way the times were changing, he created The Ball as her pet and protector. This nearly symbiotic creation uses a different type of techmaturgy, relying more heavily on electricity than clockwork.
Orianna and The Ball now fight as Champions in the League of Legends, using the Clockwork Girl's sometimes misguided morality as a compass. She tries in earnest to fit in with those around her. However, no matter how hard she tries, Orianna can never be human and there is always something unnerving and alien about her. Though she attempts social interaction with other champions in the League of Legends, there are few who can get past her exotic nature. To many, it's as if there's nothing inside, that Orianna is just a soulless clockwork shell – a dangerous and deadly one at that. However, all along she remains the perfect daughter in her father's eyes.

"Dance with me, my pet. Dance with me into oblivion."

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Before we begin. (Advanced players may skip.)

The basics in Lol are

-Farm well, get lots of gold, so you can have as good, or better items than anyone else.

-Have map awareness.

-Have good combat skills.

-Know every champion in the game, their skills, CD's, and the range on all their abilities.

-Understand when you can't win a lane with a certain champion.

-Have different builds that will work against different champions, and ones that work with the champion you are playing (Or just have the ability to make these builds on the fly.)

-Have good team-fight skills

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons

Great AOE damage
Great harasser
Good Support
Good early to late game potential\
AWESOME in team fights
Enemies are scared of The Ball
She's a robot

Somewhat squishy
Her range isn't very long
Her mechanics are hard to learn
She can't burst like a Leblanc or Viegar.

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I use Insight marks for the magic penetration. I haven't tried any others, because these work really well.

Seals of Force are great i dont get any mana problems after archangels but if your using the 2nd build i recommend it.

Glyphs of Force are great for the straight AP

Quints of Potency for more straight AP

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Items Build 1

Starting off:

Get a Dorans ring for the ap and the mana regan OR a sapphire and to hp pots since she is mana starved

Next you get the tear of goddess and turn it into a archangel

Next get a Lucidity for the cooldown so you could spam your Command: att i dont seem to run out of mana spamming this after my tear

Next you get a rylai for the hp since she seems to be squishy

Next you get a sheen for the extra dmg with your passice and the ap

Next get a rabadon try to save up for the Needlessly Large Rod instead of blasting wand

Next turn your sheen into a Lich bane

Finnally get a Void staff or a banshee veils Thornmail Or a Guardian angel.

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Build 2 Items

U will Start off with a Dorans like the 1st build.

On the 1st time back u should at least get your boots. then build your boots into a socerers or a lucidity boot i usally get socerers because i get a deathfire grasp.

Next get your kages lucky pick and turn it into a deathfires grasp. after that a rABAdon for AP

A banshee if you need it if not get your zhonyas hourglass 1st or get a void staff or get another rabadon 1st.

Then sell your dorans for a rabadon or you could get a Lich bane.

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Early Games:

starting at level 2, you can harrass with Q-W for some decent damage.Dont click ur W right away people see the ball and run so be careful on how you use her. only use W if they are still close enough to the ball for the attack to hit them.

It is very easy for Orianna to farm and last hit with Command: attack, so farm her up and get lots of gold before you b = back.

If you see a kill in sight, use Q-W for the damage/slow, then hit them with your ignite and ghost if you need to to auto attack them down. Make sure to coordinate with your lane partner, as Orianna has a hard time getting one on one kills early game.

By lev 6 you should have your archangel and your boot if you dont dont worry.

Mid game:
Orianna is a pretty good ganker, so try to make the most of this. as soon as you've completed your boots, gank if the opportunity arises. using the method i gave above. if your summoner spells aren't available you can still try, but you might not succeed.

Don't forget top use her Command: protect ability to save yourself or teammates! this can turn the tides of a game!
Best way to use it in teamfights, is to use it to protect the tank, then once the shield wears off then use your other abilities as the enimies are usually gathered around.

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Skill order

Max command att 1st because without it u cant do any dmg and cant get your ball anywhere unless you have the shield that only sticks to ally champions.

Then if you feel that the enemy cant do much dmg to you get your COMMAND: DISSONANCE Before your shield and if you feel your to squishy then get Command: protect.

Late game:
When in team fights dont go in 1st! Go in once your teammates are already engaged, and use your full combo: Q-R-W. use R before W because R gets them all closer to the ball if you dont try to use it to brig them closer to you if they run or if they chase you!

If you do get in a sticky situation and you're surrounded by enemies, use her ult first, followed by command: protect and command Dissonance (R-E-W) to toss enemies up in the air, protect yourself, and slow your enemies and hopefully get away. Use ghost if you have to.

Don't run around by yourself too much, try to stay with teammates. Remember Her ball can scout so if they have a jungler or a mia use it to scout its just a coupe of mp.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Flash are good but ghost can me swapped with teleport.

Another good spell is Clarity but not very good late game.

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I havnt used the second build yet and it is for pure ap i plan trying it but i havent tried it yet