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Tryndamere Build Guide by Exter62

AD Offtank 『OUTDATED』[AD Offtank] Trynda Commmebraaaack' !

By Exter62 | Updated on May 8, 2016
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Hi guys ! I update my first guide. Sorry for my bad english.
It was a S4 guide, then I ask myself " Why not try this in S6 ?! ".
So go for It ! Before. I just want to tell you I'm not a pro. I just propose you my Guide for playing a Trynda jungle. That's all D:

If you want to suggest me something to add or remove, tell me.
I can quote you in a "Credits" Chapter.

I think it's still possible to play Trynda jungle (in my Elo ! I need a High-Elo'ed Guy to test that D:).

I don't want to make a "Wall-text" guide , but if you need more infos ask me ;)
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Pros / Cons

+ Tryndamere have good sustain with Bloodlust in jungle !
+ Tryndamere fast clear !
+ His Spinning Slash is really useful for gank : He can cross the walls.
+ His Mocking Shout is a great slow and a good AD-debuff.
+ Tryndamere can dive with his Undying Rage and his Bloodlust.

- Needs items to be useful.
- Tryndamere is vulnerable against CC.
- His chase aren't really effective.
- It's pretty hard to solo Carry if you don't have a decent team.

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I use a 12/0/18 masteries page !

I take Oppressor in order to deal 2.5% addition damage with Slow ( Mocking Shout, or Laner CC). But you can also take Bounty Hunter , if you think you can make a lot of kills.

Runic Armor allows , your heal to regen' more and you to got a better Injungle-Lifesteal. So take it ! >_<

Grasp of the Undying

If you can synchronize this passive with your Q. You can surprise your opponent with an High Regeneration.
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Summoner Spell

Take a Flash or Ghost depending of ennemy composition.
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Use your Q when your fury is full for your sustain, his passive allow you to get more AD.

Mocking shout

Use your W when you need to slow an ennemy when you're in his back or in TF for decrease AD of ennemies team ;)

Spinning Slash

Use your E in order to dash on an ennemy , for gank , or for cross walls.

Undying Rage

Use your R at the last moment. When you see your ulti will dispear: Use your Q for heal and use your E for cross walls.
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Skill Sequence

Bloodlust is really efficient for sustain and for give you AD in early. So max your Q :p

Mocking Shout is important spell for jungle Trynda' , because it'll give to ennemies an good AD and move speed debuff !

Spinning Slash is great for dash on ennemies after a Mocking Shout in Ganks !
  1. Spinning Slash

  2. Bloodlust

  3. Mocking Shout

  4. Bloodlust

  5. Bloodlust

  6. Undying Rage

  7. Bloodlust

  8. Mocking Shout

  9. Bloodlust

  10. Mocking Shout

  11. Undying Rage

  12. Mocking Shout

  13. Mocking Shout

  14. Spinning Slash

  15. Spinning Slash

  16. Undying Rage

  17. Spinning Slash

  18. Spinning Slash

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Q: Why did you set Boots of Swiftness as core item ? '-'

Because , as i said. Tryndamere haven't a hard CC so for chase a mobile ennemy combine Ghost + These boots + Spinning Slash

Q: Is Blade of the Ruined King really useful ?

Well, BotRK is less worth than before. But if you need more CC and move speed for chase. It can help you.

Q: And Sterak's Gage ?

It allows you to temporize your ulti when you get bursted !
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By Crumbsy :
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February, 2016:


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About me

My summoner's name is Rei Azir Kami. I was Gold in S5 , for the moment I'm Silver in S6, i'll try to rank up fast. I'm not a pro but I'm not a bad player (I guess xD). I also play Counter Strike : Global Offensive.

Prefered S6 Champion :
League of Legends Build Guide Author Exter62
Exter62 Tryndamere Guide
『OUTDATED』[AD Offtank] Trynda Commmebraaaack' !
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