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Urgot Build Guide by Urpog

Support [OUTDATED] Urpog's Grandmaster guide to all Roles Urgot!

Support [OUTDATED] Urpog's Grandmaster guide to all Roles Urgot!

Updated on April 12, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Urpog Build Guide By Urpog 431 43 442,020 Views 50 Comments
431 43 442,020 Views 50 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Urpog Urgot Build Guide By Urpog Updated on April 12, 2024
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Sovereign Kitten (87) | February 3, 2022 4:39am
Hello Urpog! I saw you requesting a review for your guide on the forum. I'm Cat, a helpful author here on Mobafire.

We're going to be reviewing pretty general things that every guide should look to strive for.

Rather simple things that are simply looked over when new/existing users make guides, which are often for the purpose of self-promotion rather than actually assisting anyone outside of the "Runes" and "Items" section.

The following things will be addressed in this review:

STRUCTURE: This is basically how you code, place and use code from a tidy and neat viewpoint.

CONSISTENCY: Basically how often you switch things up. Some parts might be a mess and others great.

INCLUDINGS: These are things that could be added like Runes, Items, Matchups or entire sections.

MY CONCERNS: Things that I find not really interesting to apply to a guide or just filler.

This section of ones guide should be both detailed and easy to read without being too overwhelming.

Unfortunately you have so many things wrong here. Urgot is not "seriously" played outside of the Top lane, and for good reason he is 97% played top side, he's a really good Top laner, but not diverse enough to play roles like, ADC, SUPPORT.

I personally would drop every role you currently have and drop the title of "EVERY ROLE" it doesn't matter if you have (x) amount of Mastery on something, you should try to keep with the champions norms unless it's legitimately a sound strategy and not just "Haha, I wanna play Urgot Support!" I can understand going into the role as auto-fill and being a OTP, but it can be confusing to new players reading a guide and trying something someone makes out to be good.

Example: Yuumi Top or Janna Top. It's not the champions that are winning these games. It's the player often smurfing on lower players to climb back up to their normal rank, often times with a duo. Creating the illusion that it's working.

Basically what I am saying is: Urgot is primarily a TOP laner, 98% of the time. Where as something like Teemo is played everywhere with a 85% pick in TOP. But is usually excluding ADC, try to keep within his confines.

Things I would like to see:
Less roles, I can see the viability of TOP/MID but not other roles.
More notes in runes.
Better itemization, first backs, ahead, behind pathings.

This section of the guide is basically one big "Cheat-Sheet" meaning. You want the answers quickly especially while loading up a game. It would be best if you simply put in every matchup and give a brief description or lengthy description about why they are "Minor - Extreme" as directing them elsewhere is time-consuming effort most people don't wanna do.

Severely messy. Overwhelming with a lot of inconsistency. In short words: Walls of messy text.

Even though your matchup columns look good on the outside, the second you open them they become a messy squished mess, due to having too many in each column. There are many different ways to make this type of style look better.

Columns like this should be used to display images, not walls of text.

I understand, not everyone has enough time to run around and learn how to use BBCODE properly. But it would do you a world of good if you were to take a gander at any of the guides located HERE and HERE! While also taking a look at the top guides, to get a understanding on how others structure their work, and build something off of that.

You'll need to put in a lot of work. It's an overwhelming wall of text guide half the time.

It feels like you went a little too overboard with your playing him in every single role. I'm not saying it's bad to think like this, but for reference I've never seen Sup, Adc or Jng Urgot ever. Mid-lane on occassion, but never the others.

Cut back on the roles. Restructure and think out your guide to get a nice tidy reading for the viewer, instead of constant walls of text that overwhelm. If it continues to be walls, try to make it easier on the readers eyes, by making it look good.

It's just inconsistent. Especially the columned match-up information, which deceives as soon as you open them. Remember, most column styles are used to display imagery, what you're trying to go for would be better in tables.

Don't punch me! ~Cat

PS: I know it's an off-meta guide, but I wouldn't consider it as off-meta as one would think.

Something like Off-Meta Taric Jungle would be something truly off-meta.
If you include everything it would be a general guide, not necessarily off-meta.
Urpog (7) | February 3, 2022 9:06am
Thank you for the advice, I gotta stick with all the roles as it's kinda my identity since I'm masters on every single role but I'll try to implement your advice, especially about the BBCODE
7EyesNoSkills (3) | June 9, 2022 12:40pm
support is may possible to play due to your Q and Ult.
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[OUTDATED] Urpog's Grandmaster guide to all Roles Urgot!

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