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Urgot Build Guide by Urpog

Support [OUTDATED] Urpog's Grandmaster guide to all Roles Urgot!

Support [OUTDATED] Urpog's Grandmaster guide to all Roles Urgot!

Updated on April 12, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Urpog Build Guide By Urpog 431 44 443,055 Views 50 Comments
431 44 443,055 Views 50 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Urpog Urgot Build Guide By Urpog Updated on April 12, 2024
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Urpog's Featured Video
Hey! I'm Urpog. I've hit all roles Masters playing only Urgot on the EUW and NA servers, all live on Twitch! I've wrote this guide in mind with introducing newer players to Urgot regardless of which role you are playing, I do my best to keep this guide updated to the current patch.

Twitch where I'm live everyday!

Twitter where you can find me any time of the day

or my very own Discord anyone's invited to join!
Urgot Mid shenanigans Urgot Fill shenanigans My main account !

Urgot Top Guide -
Urgot Jungle Guide -
Rune choice, strengths, early strats
Talking about runes for the respective role
Early laning phase & excuting it well
Lane specific guidance
Matchup guides & Synergy lists
Giving you the idea what you're best with

Welcome to the word-chunk portion filled of my guide, I'll be going over every role and giving you my best attempts at feeding you information so you're not completely overwhelmed in your attempts in off-rolling Urgot.

When you're reading you can expect to find information in the order of the graphic above for every role, I'm updating this guide every day in hopes to give you the absolute most amount of information possible, so feel free to contact me directly to ask any questions this guide doesn't answer!
Before the guide starts, just a mention that I do coaching! I don't do live spectating of games since I feel like that is a bit chaotic but VOD watching along side you in VC or watching through my stream with the rest of chat to witness, whatever you would prefer more. I charge £25.00 (GDP) or 5 gifted subs per session which usually lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the time of your game. If you're interested please approach me on Discord / Reddit / Twitter, all socials are provided above in the introduction.
+ Great options for invading enemy jungle
+ Great for splitpushing
+ Fun matchups like
+ Great access to
+ No control mages
+ Enables
+ Enables
- Lowest agency role
- Hardest matchups
- Very team reliant
- Losing early is a death sentence
- Struggles pushing leads
- Easily counterpicked
- Cheese laners like

Press The Attack

+ Great duelling damage

+ Easy activation requirement

+ Best rune for

+ Damage amplification

+ Great for short-long trade

+ Great for aggressive playstyle
Fleet Footwork

+ Easy activation requirement

+ Great for lane sustain

+ Great for team fighting sustain

+ Synergies with

+ works towards energizing

+ Stronger the longer fights go

Very rarely will you be choosing over it's a very niche rune intended for your hardest matchups or lanes where the enemy top-jungle are duo. Something with health only mechanics like and are what you want to run into.

When they're trading with you they only have health as their resource but you have health and mana which you're always trading, if you're running you can get away with mana-less trades which become beneficial for you.

is also exceptional later in the game and helps with the late-game team fighting survivability, this is mostly where will out-value since with you need to hold your on someone for one second to activate it, then it's just aggressive damage amplification on that target that doesn't do anything for you.

instead gives you a large chunk of healing and some movement speed allowing you to reposition yourself or press some more aggression to apply your stacks.

Generally speaking is the strongest level 1 champion with levelled. Bringing into this lane amplified this power level beyond belief, the only champions who can even attempt to contest this level 1 is and maybe . Make sure you're being as aggressive as possible, grab control of the wave and make your presence known in the lane. You want to goad people into fighting you as many people won't even bother checking your summoners, assuming you have teleport.

With this in mind, actively look to anyone if they get too close, in combination with your they'll pretty much implode, an early kill for means an early which is invaluable.

Since you don't have it's important you're managing your wave correctly, wave management with exclusively is very difficult due to your activating from minions, you're always shoving, if you're always shoving into enemies they're going to eventually get jungle assistance, so once you get this kill, make sure you slam the minions under the enemy tower by using your to wave clear, if you don't manage to crash the wave then you're dooming yourself when you arrive back to lane, as you'll be a level down with an item advantage but that won't mean anything if you die to the enemy jungle.

With you've become a sustain champion due to how interacts with your 3 auto-attacks per second uses the passive +3 health on-hit as if you've got a permanent ticking. Many people will debate if is worth it but using is a completely different monster, if you're laning with then get .

While is the best level 1 champion in the game, his level 2 and 3 are exceptional too, he's beatable but incredibly oppressive still if you're piloting your lane correctly if you miss at any point in the game you're most likely going to die, this is especially true in the early games, do not use your offensively unless it's guaranteed to flip the enemy, patience with this ability is absolutely core to being a great player, sometimes it's worth to lose 60% of your health bar before casting

Limit testing with is incredibly important since you need to lure people into thinking you're vulnerable, is one of the best champions on low health purely due to the need to land Full HP enemy champions will be confident about running down an with a slither of health but as visualized here the lower health is the better.

It's very important to note how important works when it comes with other abilities, is completely displacement immune while he's channeling in his

For a champion like who is incredibly CC reliant to get off the full damage and healing of his kit, you can often buffer two abilities from with a singular from you, while buffering CC it completely ignores the negative effects of CC and prioritizes launching you forward as if you were casting uninterrupted, When you're mid-dash you are no longer displacement immune, keep this in mind. The timing is incredibly important.

If you're finding you're dying way too much during the laning phase, I've made a little graphic showing where you should be in lane in proportion to how strong you are. If you're comfortable fighting 1v2, play at red, if you're capable of taking 1 down with you and able to fear the other away, play yellow if you want to get ganked by your jungle/be safe, play green.

+ If done correctly, overpowered clear speed
+ Great early skirmisher, Level 3/4 power spike
+ Great invader, kill camps quick & getting out
+ One of the best users of
+ Enemy thinks you're toplane
+ Countergank god
+ Most skill expressive role out of his 5
- Incredibly weak against coordinated teams
- Struggles from behind
- Weak when being invaded
- Squishier than your normal Urgot build
- New playstyle adaptation required
- Your team will probably flame you
- Weaker scaling

Fleet footwork

+ Great mobility
+ Faster clear speed
+ Works especially well with
+ Helps you survive tough matchups
+ Scales very well into the game
- Practically no damage up until

+ Strong 1 v 1 potential
+ Great early middle late
+ Easy activation requirement
+ Enables full precision skill line
+ Exposure damage works with teammates
- Much slower to path around the jungle

How do you determine between or ? It's mostly matchup dependent solely. If you think can brawl the enemy jungler then you'll run , if they're locking an counter like or then you'll run so you'll have more convinence pathing around the jungle and them. You should also take enemy team composition into consideration as well as yours. Below I've provided an example of where you should take due to being counterpicked by the enemy jungler however, your team composition doesn't require the utility - so you run regardless.

Example Team Composition

Identifying 's purpose in the lobby is the heaviest amount of skill expression you can show outside of mechanics with . He is a very versatile champion with many functions, finding the optimal function in the lobby is absolutely critical to making this pick work. You cannot do the same playstyle every single lobby with this pick and expecting great success with it, you need to be adaptive, so when you're going into your lobby look at your champions and the enemy champions.

See what they're providing or aren't providing for you, see what you need to cater and play against and then think about which runepage is more optimal. is the absolute king in the jungle though if you're able to iron out the weakness of early game.

To pilot , I've created an additional guide talking about the pathing, realistically what you're looking to achive and what you should expect on this peck, give this a watch.

Video guide here

After watching that video, you've got a couple of options from here. You can from either of those gank pathings skip scuttle and gank the lane sceeding the other side of the maps scuttle to the enemy jungler or prepare to fight for the scuttle, asking your teams to grab prio if possible.

You determine which lane you should gank based on what the enemy laner is and what your laner can provide for you. If the enemy laner is a champion with multiple dashes ( ) and many escape options just visit your other lane which has lane setup for you instead then rotate back up to the scuttle.

The idea with your first pathing after full clearing is ganking whichever lane you think has most impact eg. If your botlane is the wincon for the lobby, start the buff parallel to them, full clear heading downwards towards them and apply pressure, if you can't gank your botlane due to their botlane being strong earlier or they don't have enough set up, play for Mid or Top instead, again starting paralell to the lane you're wantting to path to.

's level 4 is one of the best level 4's in the game in the Jungle, especially when paired with If they contest you're probably going to get one kill. If you get one kill but die it's still completely worth it. One kill with the full-path clear equals around 950 gold which enable your lucidity boots. Implying you'll be heavily invaded by an unfavourable jungle matchup, I've created some rather psychopathic pathing to avoid them completely while remaining relevant on the map, see below.

Pathing around enemy example 1
Pathing around enemy example 2
If the enemy jungler is stronger than you early game and you have the information that they're starting their red buff, do this pathing to have an edge on them. If the enemy jungler is stronger than you early game and you have the information that they're starting their red buff, do this pathing to have an edge on them.

Pathing around enemy example 3
Pathing around enemy example 4
If the enemy jungler is stronger than you early game and you have the information that they're starting their blue buff, do this pathing to have an edge on them. If the enemy jungler is stronger than you early game and you have the information that they're starting their blue buff, do this pathing to have an edge on them.

If you're struggling in the mid-game unsure of how you're supposed to make these ganks work, here's an example of a master-tier Viktor with his flash available.

This is master tier so I know this Viktor knows exactly what he can and can't get away from. The objective here is to let him use his kiting and see if he'll use his flash prematurely.

The clip shown uses which is also a viable runepage but not suggested anymore, the clip is more so to show you the potential of your pick.

I wouldn't gain anything from making a play on the map, he would just back to midlane if I killed him immediately. So what I did instead was limit everywhere he could walk to until he's completely vulnerable in the middle of the lane, if 's away then I can follow his flash with my + and he'll die in a trade-off that only benefits us. You need to be using your summoners on cooldown, if you have available, then you need to use it as soon as possible.

jungle is mostly a pick that functions from team play and getting leads, you are very team reliant and you should be giving as many kills to your laner as possible. You spike at , getting black, Getting and getting but anything after that and you'll start to fall off.

Here's my biggest win streak with
jungle from my climb of low diamond to high diamond. You can see purely from KDA some games where I've completely taken over lobbies but there are some tame games where I understand simply CANNOT do enough and the game isn't about me carrying, it's about my teammates.
+ An actually useful role, unlike toplane
+ Your matchups aren't as onesided as toplane
+ Great anti-jungle farming options with Tiamat
+ Great level 3, scuttle/dragon contest easy
+ Able to brickwall enemy champions who rely on being fed (eg Katarina, Zed)
+ Enables Ignite, E Flash + Ignite level 2 99% time kills.
+ Anti-assassin
- Gets demolished by control mages
- People think you're troll picked which leads to getting camped
- Low resource generation, if you OOM you're losing
- Hard to follow enemy roams
- New playstyle required, many new matchups to learn
- Your jungle will probably ignore your lane
- Stricter buildpaths available

Press The Attack

+ Stronger 1 v 1 potential
+ Great early-middle-late
+ Easy activation requirement
+ Enables full precision skill line
+ Strongest rune for Urgot
+ Great for teamfighting
Fleet footwork

+ Enables full precision skill line
+ W works towards activation requirement
+ The best for teamfighting
+ Sustains lanes, impossible to die
+ Strong throughout the entire lobby
- Less solo bolo potential

You're never really going to be taking over . For the most part, it's here to offer you the option as a viable second choice. mostly exists so you can survive absurdly mad poke matchups like , usually in almost every situation is better.

Below I'll provide some compositions where I would run over . The idea is survival over thriving when you're using this rune.
Example Team Composition 1
Example Team Composition 2
Example Team Composition 3

Good matchup: Refer to match up guide below

Level 1 you should be immediately pushing the wave but be very conscious you're only using one of your legs. You'll be saving all other of your legs for pressure on your laner. If you've pushed the wave the entire time with your autos, actively trading with your laner whenever they've attempted to CS you'll have a large advantage heading into level 2. Don't worry if you can't push the wave, as long as you're getting gradual chip damage.

Once you hit level 2 you want to E + + then hold your W on them. You have ABSURD kill pressure level 2. Any mage without barrier or phase rush is guaranteed to die level 2. for example.

If you don't kill you're still going to burn their flash which enables your jungle to come mid. is one of the best champions in the 2 v 2 situation. You have an amazing gank set up in your . 50% slow for 1.25s allows your jungler to get into range, if your jungle has a stun then you're set up to use your E which almost guarantees a kill.

Level 2 you want to continue pushing your early superiority, there are not many champions who can contest 's level 1 or level 2 - control mages are the only champions who stand the fighting chance. What you're trying to achieve here is pressure. You want to push the minion wave under the enemy tower, you want them to drop minions to the tower damage, holding perma-priority over them so they can't rotate to scuttles without losing a large chunk of gold.

Champions who struggle against 's level 1's and 2's early game usually struggle to shove back against you. Your W can get you an incredible priority as it's an incredible shove tool. Force them to lose either 200 gold or do 200 damage to you, once your minions are under the enemy tower that's exactly when you want to start walking around with your jungle, you want to be actively looking for the 2 v 2 scuttle fights always, even if your jungle is comparatively weaker compared enemies jungle.

If you've picked up an early kill, you'll want to base immediately but make sure you're conscious about your wave management, wave management is the name of the game mid-lane. You cannot leave minions lingering outside of the enemy tower - even if the enemy has teleport available. You need to wipe out the enemy minion wave, get the rest of your minions that are lingering nearby under the tower so you can reset.

Once you reset you should pick up . is the most incredible item for but it's far too greedy to start as your only starting item. Many people will debate if cull is worth it but using doesn't fill into any of those categories due to how exceptional 's W is with onhit effects. uses the 3hp passive from on hit 3 times per second as well as being an extremely gold-value benefitting champion.

Bad matchup: Refer to match up guide below

Level 1 let them shove into you. You want them to be crashing the wave under your tower so you can farm it without taking poke from them. Anything with range should be actively attempting to zone you from the wave.

At level 2 you should be looking to hold the wave around your tower, level 2 is building up into where the jungles start doing something on the map, if the wave is at your tower you're putting passive pressure on the enemy laner for even being pushed up towards your tower.

At level 3 is when your bad matchups can become managable. In bad matchups you always take the skill order of . Once you've unlocked your , you can slow enemies for 50% for 1.25s.

Around level 3 is when you should start poking your enemy laner with . One of two of them will put them in the threshold to be deleted by your full combo of; + + + + . This combo should deleted any champion, even through barrier if you've poked them down significantly enough, your kill window with this combo lingers around ~800 HP which is extreme overkill on most mid laners HP.

Below I'll provide a video where I visualize everything I've said here. Showing how to put it in action, knowing what you need to drop to set up this kill window. It's also against your second-worst matchup.

Your first base should be based on your gold amount. Regardless of how much gold you have you pick up a . is incredible, especially in bad matchups. You become a bunker champion because you have and then on top of all of that, . At this point nothing can kill you unless you're making repetitive mistakes.

If you have extra gold after your first base, maybe you got first blood, maybe you've just farmed perfectly. Picking up the early and placing it in the mid-river to try and spot out the enemy jungle, providing yourself and your teammates some river control. When you're playing mid you're not just playing against your laner, you are constantly 2 v 2. It's very important to keep this in mind. ing enemy raptors, seeing if they're up and potentially stealing them away if you've shoved the wave under enemy tower etc.

If you still have extra gold after buying the early control ward, there are many things you can do here. Either way you're going to be building into but has three build paths. If you're against something like you'll want , and you'll be able to tank up a lot more damage than you ordinarily would.

But if you're feeling confident, maybe 's missing all of her abilities and you can abuse her regardless of being counter picked, you can go into . When you have that's when you start to come online, mostly against the enemy jungle. is exceptional at clearing the enemy jungle camps, shoving the wave in mid lane and then rotating to the enemy raptors, using your in the middle of them, then holding your will kill the camp in a couple of seconds.

If you've played your lane well then at this point you're an oppressive midgame god, once you have Titanic hydra you should be actively looking to invade the enemy jungle on your own, stealing camps away and putting some deep vision down.

Your goal with mid isn't just to lane against your laner, you need to be the one oppressing the enemy jungle if that's with your jungle or just by yourself, you need to understand your limits and it's a learning process for sure but there are some games where I've completely taken over games and averaged 12.5 CS per minute from just taking enemy JG farm and my lane.
+ An actually useful role, unlike toplane
+ Surprise factor against laner
+ + + kills 100% of the time.
+ Great bunker champion, usually unable to be dove, allows your support to roam and impact the map.
+ Incredible brickwall for any champions relying on being fed to be useful eg , , , etc.
+ Enables
+ Anti-engage champion
- Early game piloting can be rough
- Can lead to camping if people think its troll
- Recalling at 450 gold can be a disbenefit for early
- Support anti-synergy, some don't know how to play with you and there's many bad picks with ADC.
- New playstyle required, many new matchups to learn
- Your jungle will probably ignore your lane
- Hard to pilot

Press The Attack

+ Stronger 2 v 2 potential

+ Great early-middle-late

+ Easy activation requirement

+ Enables full precision skill line

+ Exposure damage works with laner

+ Strongest rune for

+ Great for shutting down fed champions

+ It's worth pointing out as it's incredible on ADC if you can enable it. Look to take barrier when you have enchanter supports like

+ Shielding champions are incredibly good with , , , , anything that can increase your time alive. It harmonizes very well with . amplifies too!

+ Bait tool, drop yourself to low HP, let them use their mobility which is restricting you from killing them, then when you're about to die to turn the fight!

You won't change your main rune of ever. You'll be changing your sub-runes on a game-by-game basis.

is for lanes where you're confident in your laning phase and it doesn't require anything else other than your survivability.

is exceptional with because you go every single game, has the passive of;
COLOSSUS: Gain bonus attack damage equal to 2% of bonus health.

Your core build involves health stacking items too. , , steraks gauntlet giving amazing value.

is intended for lanes when you've got a shielding support like . stacks with all shielding, including your and

also gets empowered the lower health you are, under 40% HP the amplification is increased to 10% rather than 5% which really ties into 's juggernaught identity.

also harmonizes very well with , one of your sub-core runes. The lower HP you are the more damage you're putting out, staying under 60% HP increases your damage while under, dropping lower increases your damage, dropping even lower you increase your self-shielding from

is intended for lanes when the enemy lane has a lot of crowd control abilities. ADC's like , , and against supports like , and

Generally speaking; if the enemy team has so much crowd control you'll never be able to move, this rune is the move. It also continues to tie in with 's unkillable identity as when you're under 30% HP, you receive 30% slow resist and tenacity buff. is probably the most exceptional champion at low HP, maybe outshined by , so becoming more unstoppable the lower HP you are is huge for

Strong enemy laners
Please refer to the matchup guide below to know what's strong against you.

Start Level 1 you're going to do absolutely nothing. The strategy against lanes that are stronger than you is that you want the minion wave to be pushing towards you.

You can afford to drop a couple of minions if they're completely zoning you under the tower. As long as the wave is pushing towards you. Ideally, you'll start to mitigate some of their early poking when you're going for the first couple early melee minions, you want to stay healthy preparing for level 2.

Level 2 is when you're able to start doing something. You've let the enemy laners push you under the tower, letting them exploit their level 1 advantage, you've lured them into the sense of security.

What most ADC's in this situation who are aiming for early pressure will do is auto you under your tower now, dancing around tower aggro, abusing their superior range on you, let them do it one or two times, you'll heal with and , you want to continue to let them feel like they're safe this far up. Once they're going for the auto under tower again, that's when you've won the lane. As soon as you hear or see the visual queue of their auto-attack being cast, use + .

The auto-attack they've used to harass you under the tower has now worked against them drawing tower aggro, most ADC's in this situation will panic flash away from you but by then it's far too late for them. If your support is something that gives you movement speed like , or at a minimum you're killing the ADC and burning the enemy supports flash. If your support is something stun heavy then you've guaranteed killed both of them as most supports individually cannot escape, especially if you're paired with a , , or .

On my base I pick up . doesn't exist bot lane without his summoners up, you're a glorified farming machine at that point, tell your support to roam, you can't be dove because you've got and

Don't get cocky just because you've secured an early lead though, this doesn't mean you're in any better position against champions who outrange and kite you. You need to play these lanes slow and calm, what I like to do when the enemy lane will win regardless of it being 1 v 2 or 2 v 2 tells my support to roam.

Once your summoners are back up, tell your support to rotate back bot lane, you can play hyper-aggressive by + onto the enemy ADC or whoever else is misfortunate enough to be in your way and secure yourself another kill.

Weak enemy laners
Please refer to the matchup guide below to know what's weak against you.

Start . Level 1 grab the priority of the wave by starting . Use your frontal legs to the wave and annihilate the first wave's melee minions, don't overextend too far forward by trying to immediately kill the ranged minions or you'll get poked back far more than it's worth, as long as you don't drop below 80% HP for doing this on the first wave you're absolutely fine though. The objective of pushing this first wave is to have a huge priority going into level 2.

Once you're about to hit level 2, make sure you're walking forward before you've hit level 2, positioning yourself on the minions dying, level up your as soon as you levelled up, , and then auto attack before activating your . Whoever you've grabbed most likely will die. Just be mindful of what survivability options they have. If they're an with lane you cannot make this play expecting a kill, so with this in mind you're not going to a kill, so do not contribute your

You will trade one summoner ( ) for their , probably and which I don't need to say is worth. Also keep in mind some supports run . is incredible against denying your kill windows, you can proc from range with one of your IF you land it on both of them. This can be a little frustruating to proc sometimes but patience is the name of the game.

If you've pulled off an early kill which is very likely when playing try to base as fast as possible but don't neglect your wave, there are many ways you can leave your wave state but just to be uncomplicated, I'll show you a good wave state vs bad wave state.

Good lane state
Bad lane state
The reason this lane state is good is that these minions will crash under the enemy tower, you will be making the enemy ADC miss the experience from not being near these minions as well as making them drop the gold from not last hitting them, you can safely recall once your wave is under their tower like this because the minion wave will push back into you. If you leave your wave like this the enemy team will freeze the wave there and then it doesn't matter if you're stronger than them or not, minion waves early game do an extremely high amount of damage so you cannot fight them in the middle of it. You will be forced to farm with your mana hungry and continue to hold their freeze for them, kill those minions and get your wave under their tower.

Send your support off to roam around with your jungle but make a note that the enemy bot lane doesn't have summoners right now and you can make a play bot lane, if they don't come bot again it's no issue since you're contributing more to the map and you scale better into the midgame with your .

Weakside is an invaluable strategy in the current meta, especially when you're playing bot lane. is one if not the best weakside champions purely because he's not looking to be hyper-accelerated in the game to function. gives you a net gold gain of 180, on top of that 180 you're getting solo experience, levels aren't as important on any other champion as much as they are on . 's strongest time in the game is at level 13 when his legs are on 2.5 seconds cooldown cap.
+ Surprise factor against laner
+ Multiple fun playstyles
+ Great laning while summoners available, great roamer when summoners down
+ ALWAYS useful due to 25% execute
+ Enables
+ Anti-engage, thrives against meta engage like
- Terrible from behind
- People think you're griefing
- Once behind, hard to recover
- Anti-synergy with half the ADC roster
- New playstyle required, many new matchups to learn
- Your jungle will probably ignore your lane
- Stricter buildpaths

Press the attack

+ Stronger 1 v 1 potential
+ Great early/mid/late
+ Easy activation requirement
+ Boost to all damage sources
+ Catch enemies off guard by solo killing people as Urgot support!

+ Great laning damage
+ Great laning survability
+ Great gank-turning potential
+ Great early - mid
+ Surprise enemies by never dying
- More frontline/tank playstyle

+ Mobility
+ Early-mid game powerhouse
+ Enables roaming
+ Great for teamfighting
- When fed pretty easy to shut down
- Much squishier than average

support is his most unique role, with the most unique role comes the most unique play styles. These playstyles are all incredibly different and are enabled by each separate rune, there is no other lane as versatile as support .

is the best keystone in general for if you don't want to experiment too hard, not looking to be completely optimal and don't want to put too much brainpower going into a lobby, you can safely take without too much concern about anything. If you're looking to take your gameplay to the next level while playing support though you need to be open-minded about and especially

Taking means you're confident in your laning phase, you don't believe the enemy laners will pose so much threat that you'll be unable to use your . You want to trade with them and end up killing them, you have an ADC like who's exceptional at laning with and you're able to push leads. is also great against bruiser carries like , since increases ALL damage sources coming from yourself and your teammates, you can burst down these usually tough to take down champions.

Taking means your team is lacking the frontline and you need to absorb all the damage possible in a team fight. When you're playing with you need to be much more sacrificial, as your purpose in the game is a global taunt. People don't expect the to be completely homicidal because 's always want to be skittish around ~100 HP. Your purpose is to permanently team fight and benefit your teammates by dying to give them kills, just be mindful you aren't feeding a champion that's incredibly good with kills like a or , and especially not a .

Taking means you have no faith in your lane ever functioning and you're playing for the map rather than the lane. You want to take whenever your laner is someone incredibly weak and scale heavy like or . With the playstyle, you're playing to be anti-jungle. You'll be putting yourself vastly behind in experience, which sounds like a terrible idea- but if you've identified that another lane can carry and end the game for you through the lead you're able to give them, your disadvantage ends up amounting to nothing.

Press the attack lane example
Laning advice when you're in a strong lane

Level 1 you shouldn't even consider contesting the lane, will get outranged and out bullied by the majority of bot lane champions level 1, so if you aren't sure just do absolutely nothing. Don't use your minion quest item on the wave, save it for the second one so you can hit level 2 quicker by executing minions with more health.

As soon as you're about to hit level 2, be conscious about what the enemy has done or what they have currently available. If they've wasted some of their core abilities trying to get some poke damage onto you or your ADC then you now have the pressure, it's up to you to abuse that.

Don't sit back and wait for the enemy to make the play, be aggressive, assert dominance in the lane. 100% of the time at level 2 your + + + Auto + will kill, you don't necessarily have to do it immediately on level 2 but if they're being wastefully aggressive, you need to exploit their weaknesses. After you've made this play you want to be resetting as soon as possible, so push the wave with your ADC, it doesn't matter who last hits these minions so just hold your on the wave and get it crashing under the enemy tower. Your purchase will always be

If you can afford it, then kindle gem, it's the perfect early game item for . From here you need to consider what you need to bring and do for your team, kindle gem builds into two items loves. and . You want if your ADC is something immobile and needs peeling. If the enemy team has ways to kill your ADC in any regard buy . If they can't do much due to your ADC being mobile and kite heavy, amplify their damage by rushing a .

Coming back to the lane, you want to always be aggressive on the person you've pressured. 99% of the time people will always try to away from your combo due to panic. Now that they have no way to escape you, all you have to do is wait for them to make another mistake.

If they walk up too far, punish it, if they're again wasting their abilities, punish it. There's no time in the early stages when you're with a strong ADC that you should feel nervous walking up, you can tank a surprisingly high amount of damage with the kindle gem you've bought.

Remember that your can buffer the majority of crowd control in league so even if they've still got a strong peeling tool available, that doesn't mean they're unapproachable.

Predator lane example
Laning advice when you're in a weak lane.

Level 1 you'll want to be conceding completely, you need to convey this to your laner and let them know everything you're looking to do if you're on comms or if they're completely random to you. support starts his because it gives the best leash in league, you're going into this lane with both of you understanding you want the wave to be pushing into you.

The reason you want them to be pushing is you want them to have that feeling of security and control, no one thinks they're at a disadvantage when they have a grip of the wave completely and you're showing yourself as a nonthreat, as soon as the wave is under your tower that's when you've won, they've pushed themselves too far up in the wave from escape from you.

Since you don't actually have a keystone available yet due to requiring as it's activation requirement, you're genuinely pretty weak, which is why you need to manipulate them into shoving into your strengths. Let your laner know you're about to unleash your combo of + + Auto + +

If your laner doesn't follow this play, this lane is even more doomed because of ADC diff GG, if they do though you've snagged yourself a free kill on the enemy support or ADC or both, which is perfect! intentionally makes your early levels weaker due to the immediate payoff in scaling you get on your first recall, shove the wave don't let them have a favourable wave state, help your ADC up until you see your minions attacking the enemy tower.

Reset and pick up at the minimum to get your online. When you're playing you're looking to get yourself as well as your other lanes ahead, you're weak siding your ADC so they can comfortably farm and build up their lead through level advantage as they'll be farming solo experience.

Grab as you're coming out of the fountain, don't path bot. Start immediately playing the map, since you don't have summoners now you're most likely not going to be able to interact with your laner counterpart, look to patch top then middle, if you can't make something work start pathing down towards the middle, use the advantage people aren't expecting to be ganked from their topside of the map if they're warding against support, they'll be warding the bot river.

Don't activate your from far away wait until you're just about to be in vision, then use it. This way you're not tipping off the enemy laner that you're coming to gank.

Aftershock lane example
Showing you how to tank it up

With you do start rather than start, you won't give as good of a leash for your jungle but you can tank one auto-attack for them while pushing aside the buff, so it's still a crazy good leash. When you're coming to lane you want to be aggressive, there's nothing level 1 that beats with as long as you land , if they're something mobile then you can just sit back and wait for level 2.

Keep in mind with it can buffer the majority of crowd control abilities when you're channelling with it. You are displacement immune which means knock ups, roots etc doesn't affect you. You can buffer for example and even dragon rage, so don't be afraid to get up in their face and force, with you're unkillable and you have insane damage output still due to your passive

This is one of the most powerful abilities in League. Many people won't know the interaction of this ability so you're going into the lobby with a passive advantage about everything; you know how to pilot this lane, you know what your champion can do to enemy champions, you know interactions with , so make sure you're abusing the lack of information by constantly surprising your enemies!

Get a reset off after pushing the wave and buy, with the build you're going to be going either or , both build from so pick up + , or just if you can afford it. Once you come back to lane you want to be instantly shoving the wave and setting up a dive.

is great against turrets because turrets don't do true damage, it does AD damage. gives you a ****ton of armour once you've activated it, even if you die pulling off the dive it's completely worth because you'll be denying the enemy ADC so much resources early game and early game is king in league, you benefit a lot more from trading 1 for 1 or if you've managed to live, 1 for 0. If your play has gone bad the dive option is still very viable but you may have to set up freezes near your tower instead due to the lack of pressure that isn't in your lane.






































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