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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cymbaline

Overzealous Mundo

Cymbaline Last updated on September 29, 2010
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Overzealous Mundo

I've looked through a lot of high rated builds for Dr. Mundo here, and in my opinion, all of them get the essence of the champion completely wrong. Mundo is not a tank, he is a fast-moving, hard-hitting, beefy carry. He is made to run in, kill, and get away.

Builds that make a tank out of him by lending him obscene health, armor, and regen are rendered worthless by the fact that he has no taunt, no group damage ability (Burning Agony doesn't count), and thus only serves to live till the end of the group fight, at which points he dies, having contributed nothing. Builds that pick up a lot of extremely expensive items, including defensive ones, miss the mark on two counts: that he's very powerful in the early game if built properly, and that you're still sacrificing damage for survivability, when his survivability lies entirely in running away.

This build focuses on killin', cleavin', and killin' some more. Played properly, you should be going 12-2-5. You are a carry, and should build as such.


Another thing should be made clear: both Mundo himself and this build are for Twisted Treeline, not Summoner's Rift. TT plays to Mundo's strengths, and SR plays to his weaknesses. Mundo moves fast, which allows him to run across the small field that is TT and gank on request. He's also extremely hard for three people to take down or catch, and there's relatively little space between the enemy turrets and yours, even late game. In SR, five people can easily focus or stunlock you into oblivion, and you have to flee a long way to the relative safety of towers. When you play Mundo, play TT. For SR, find another champion.


They're pretty simple, really, and key into the overall build. The main thing we're after is melee damage, and that is most aided in Mundo's case by a little armor penetration in the form of Marks Greater Mark of Desolation, and plenty of attack speed by way of Glyphs and Seals . We want attack speed over crit chance because of Masochism , but more on that later. We round this build out with 100 extra health from Quintessences , which might seem counter intuitive. Desolation for Quints Greater Quintessence of Desolation is also entirely acceptable, but the health plays to one of Mundo's other strongest suits: the early game. As in, the first 90 seconds of the match, and the next five minutes to a lesser extent. But more on that later, too.


We're after damage, so offense is the way to go. There's not much else you can do with the Masteries, though the points in defense are sort of floaters.

Summoner Spells

There aren't many options here, either. I'd only consider three of them viable:

Ignite is beautiful for two reasons. The first, and most obvious, is for finishing off those heroes that are two inches from dead, particularly ones out of your attack reach and running back to their turret. Perhaps the most important, though, is in order to prevent heals. If you're up against a champion that you know has selected Heal , or has one naturally (Tryndamere, Soraka, etc.), pop Ignite on them halfway through a gank that you know will end with one of you dying. It'll cut the effects of their heal in half, which can be a tide-turner. Note: Ignite castrates the regenerative powers of your ultimate , so be aware of that.

Flash is also a thing of beauty, and also for two reasons, though they're different from Ignite's. The first, and most obvious, is to get away. And speaking of, yeah, teleporting ten yards in a straight line away from the enemy might save your ***, but it's far more useful when you've been ganked alone by three of them and you Flash through a wall. Combined with your ult , Flash can make you very hard to kill. There are lots of places on TT to use Flash well. Get right up against those walls before you do it, though.

The other less appreciated but just as valuable use of Flash is as an offensive weapon. If the enemy is running away from you, almost dead, your Cleaver is up, and there are tons of minions between you and him, flash past them, throw that Cleaver, and get the kill. You can turret dive and get away with Flash, too. Use it and the Cleaver to initiate a gank on someone you're laning against. There are lots of possibilities.

Exhaust isn't bad, but I prefer Ignite and Flash. It, too, will help you chase down targets, but Flash will let you do the same, and will also help you get away from a three person gank, where Exhaust is only good against one. Personal preference.

Everything else is worthless. You're not here to heal, protect, or even live (though that's always preferred). You're here to kill.


Dr. Mundo is a little odd in that he only has one truly active ability. The rest are all active, sure, but they're all self-targeting.

As Mundo says himself, follow the ABCs of success: Always Be Cleavin'. This attack is your bread, butter, bacon, turkey, and everything else. Use it as harassment to pull down the opponent's health before you move in for a gank. Use it to open a gank or a team fight. Use it to last hit minions for gold from a safe distance. Use it to kill a fleeing opponent. Use it to make sure a fleeing opponent doesn't get away. Learn to lead the enemy, throwing through walls and bushes to target where they'll be. Use it all the damn time. It's beautiful early game, the percentage-based damage makes it lovely late game. It is your one active skill, and it is awesome.

Burning Agony, frankly, sucks. It's useful if you're chasing someone down and need to chip away at their health, and it's useful if you're clearing out creep waves. Those two uses are very marginal, however. The best it truly offers is that it's another Mercury's Treads, so pop it if you're being chased by the opposing team. Careful, though - it does hurt to use it.

Masochism, along with the Cleaver, is what makes Mundo work. Late game, you get at least 100 extra damage per hit, more if you're low, which is pretty obscene. It also means that attack speed, not crit chance, is your go-to offensive stat. I mean, hey, crit chance is beautiful, too, but we picked the attack speed runes so that we can use Masochism to its fullest. Open with the Cleaver, kill with Masochism. If they try to get away, use the Cleaver. Use Flash, the Cleaver, and Ignite to ensure that no one makes it away from a gank alive.

Sadism requires perhaps the most attention. Like Mundo himself, Sadism is misunderstood. Actually, Mundo is misunderstood because of Sadism. This ability is not for tanking. It regenerates your health, yes, but it also gives you a 35% movement speed increase at cap. That is ridiculous. This is not an ability you use when sitting in the middle of the fight. This is an ability you use to chase the almost-dead down, to turret dive those near death, and to get away when you're being focused in a team fight, which, if you play Mundo correctly, will happen.

If you see a team fight coming, pop Sadism before it. If you get surprised and things are going poorly for you, with all the opponents focusing you, pop Sadism and run away. Your opponents will waste time trying to catch you while your teammates hit them. After six or so seconds of running, your opponents will focus on your teammates, which is precisely when you've recovered a lot of health, turn around, come back into the fight, and mop up. Sadism lets you live because it lets you run away, and it lets you kill because you can chase opponents down.

Please, do not misunderstand Adrenaline Rush. This is not the skill you build your character around. It helps keep you in lane, but it does not make you a tank.


Here's the meat of this guide. Mundo is wonderfully streamlined, as he has no mana and gets very nearly nothing at all out of ability power (a weak synergy on the worthless damage from the not-that-great Burning Agony is all). This means that we can go for the two things that make Mundo the killer he is: attack speed and movement speed. You should be an inescapable ball of purple-muscled death. As mentioned previously, Mundo is for Twisted Treeline, which means that games should be short, the early game is critical, and we're building for a twenty minute win. Ten, if possible. The goal is to get rolling early and avoid ultra expensive items until the end, if it comes to that. Nine times out of ten, it won't.

Start with the Ruby Crystal. Combined with the Quints, you'll be sporting almost 900 health at the start of the match. This will aid you and your team enormously in the early gank.

Boots of Speed should be your next item. With any luck, you'll get a kill to start the match, and you can buy these right off.

From there, build into a Spirit Visage and Boots of Swiftness. The Spirit Visage is the only defensive item we'll allow, since the Ruby Crystal is incredibly valuable as a first purchase, and the Visage works so well with Mundo's ultimate. The Boots of Swiftness, combined with the Zeals, will have you flying around the board, scoring ganks and running down virtually anyone. If the other team is stun or snare heavy, grab the Mercury's Treads .

From here on, it's Zeals, Zeals, Zeals, as far as the eye can see. Well, almost. They have movement speed, they have attack speed, and they also have crit chance! And, most importantly, they're quite cheap. Load up on them. By the time you get three, the game will likely be over. Target the Dagger first of the two components. Attack speed is more important than crit chance.

If you end up going home with 1,200 gold prior to completing the boots and the Spirit Visage, you might want to consider just springing for a Zeal. I usually do.

The last slot goes to Stark's Fervor, which fits the build and also helps the team, which might be necessary if the game is still going. Grab the Vampiric Scepter first of the components, followed by an upgrade into the Emblem of Valour .

Should your game actually go this long, which is probably bad for you, you can upgrade those Zeals. There are only two options, really, both of which are delightful.

The Phantom Dancer is a great choice, obviously, and I'd build the first two Zeals into these, if you have the opportunity.

The Trinity Force is also quite nice, and the slow is helpful. Hell, if you have the money sitting around, go for this first if you like, and you think the slow will be a big factor. A couple of the stats on the Trinity Force are wasted, however, so keep that in mind.

Play Style

This build only really works with one type of play style, and that is aggressive. Kill early, and kill often. You win the game by seeing to it that it's effectively over at the ten minute mark, even if the opponent has to wait till seventeen to surrender. A few of the finer points of your strategy:

  1. Get a start-of-the-game gank going. The Spirit Visage is in your six quick slots, so click on it, and then purchase a Ruby Crystal . You should be out of the base in seconds, and hopefully your teammates will be, too. Grab the Cleaver , and then wade into the bottom brush and get as close to the opponent as possible. You have tons of life, tons of damage dealing capability, a slow, Flash, and Ignite. You should be able to score a kill if the opposing team attempts a start of the game gank as well.
  2. Lane bottom with a partner, preferably another melee type with damage dealing capabilities, and even better, one with a stun or slow. Poppy, Tryndamere, maybe Garen, whatever. The idea is that when you decide to attack, you throw that Cleaver, and as soon as it hits, it's too late. As you rush in with Masochism active, your teammate should charge in as well, and between the two of you, you should be able to kill the target in no time. If you have any health left, you should be able to take out the remaining bottom laner.
  3. Sadism and Flash are offensive tools. Use them accordingly. They'll let you turret dive to get the kill on a fleeing enemy, and they'll let you catch up to one who's running. Being killed at the turret is extremely demoralizing, so the more of those you can get, the more likely you are to win the war of wills. Dominate the opponent. Make them long for the second that they can surrender.
  4. If there's no one around and you're in lane or in the jungle, use Sadism to regenerate health and keep yourself there. For the most part, however, you want to save it for when the speed boost will be useful.
  5. Wards. Use them. They'll help you get as many kills as you can.
  6. Use the Cleaver to last-hit minions, particularly if you're laning against a nasty ranged opponent.
  7. Use the Cleaver to zone and deny, especially against melee-only types, and especially if you get a few kills early.

Always Be Cleavin'

Mundo, if built properly, is a fast moving, fast hitting gank machine. He gets away from everyone, and no one gets away from him. The health regeneration he boasts is a decoy that can work to your advantage if you realize that that's all it is; his main weapon is speed. Throw yourself around Twisted Treeline with reckless abandon, and rack up those kills.