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League of Legends Build Guide Author OwenTheAwesomer

Owen's Guide Review Shop

OwenTheAwesomer Last updated on August 13, 2015
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OwenTheAwesomer's Review Shop

Welcome to my guide review shop!

Hello everyone, my name is Owen and this is my brand new review shop! Ive been looking for ways that I could contribute to the Mobafire community and considering I am not a very good artist, this is where I ended up. I hope I can help you improve your guides through constructive criticism and ensure your success in the future.
The cost of a review
All reviews are completely free but if you feel I have been a big help in your efforts to achieve excellence then a +rep is greatly appreciated! If there is anything else you think I could help you with don't hesitate to ask!

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I don't have many rules but it is essential that you follow them for me to be able to review your guide!
  • You have written your guide in English! English is my only fluent language and for me to judge fairly it is best I can understand your guide.
  • The champion (or other context) has been on live servers for 2 weeks. This way the community (including myself) have had time to play around with the new champion, item, map, or whatever it is your guide is about.
  • Your are willing to take constructive criticism to improve. If you are unwilling to take my criticism then there isn't much point to having your guide reviewed.
  • You are dedicated to your guide and have worked hard on it. You should have worked on your guide for a decent amount of time and have self revised it before submitting it for review.
Those are the rules, the only punishment for breaking them is that I will not be able to review your guide.

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Review Expectations

These are the things you should expect out of my reviews
  • I will read your entire guide no matter how long it is.
  • I will provide constructive criticism for each individual chapter.
  • I will give you a score between 1-10, and link your guide in the "Reviewed Guides" chapter below.
  • In some cases, I will upvote your guide or even give you a +rep if it is exceptional.
  • If I am reviewing your guide for a second time I will leave my remarks on how it has improved since last time I saw it.
If you realize that I have failed to do any of these things then send me a message and I will certainly go over anything I happened to miss.

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Judging Overall Quality

Your guide will be reviewed based on the following sections
  • Content: Does your guide cover a variety of basic tips, and advanced tactics to suit all levels of players? Does it cover all you need to know to excel at a certain champion?
  • BBCode/Appearance: Is you guide simply a wall of text or does it include a variety of formatting techniques and images that improve the aesthetics of your guide?
  • Viablity: Is your guide for bruiser Miss Fortune jungle? Unless your guide is aimed to be comical the champion you're highlighting should be played in a viable role. If your guide is off-meta then show reasons to support why that champion is strong in such a way/role.
  • Spelling mistakes: Spelling mistakes often drive away many people because they feel that if you cant spell, then your information is not reliable. Spelling is a very simple thing to fix so try to have it as perfect as possible.
  • Structure: Your guide should be structured in such a way that your reader should not be confused while reading it from top to bottom. A chapter about "Abilities" should be discussed before a chapter about "Teamfighting" so that everyone can follow along with your guide.
By evaluating based on these key points I will provide a score between 1 and 10
XXXXXXX1: Horrible - Downvote

XXXXXXX2: Really Bad - Downvote

XXXXXXX3: Bad - Downvote

XXXXXXX4: Needs Major Improvements - Downvote/No vote

XXXXXXX5: Decent - No vote

XXXXXXX6: Needs some work - No vote/Upvote

XXXXXXX7: Decent - Upvote

XXXXXXX8: Great guide - Upvote

XXXXXXX9: Awesome, needs few improvements - Upvote

XXXXXXX10: Perfect! - +Rep

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Form For Requesting

Please use the following format when reviewing
  • Summoner Name: What is you summoner name on your main account?
  • Summoner Level/Rank: What level are you, if you are level 30 what rank are you?
  • Server: Do you play on NA servers, EUW servers etc.?
  • Link To guide: Link me to your guide.
  • Special Requests/Anything Else: Is there anything you would like me to look at specifically in your guide, anything non review related I could help you out with?
Please use the proper format when requesting! It makes it much easier for me to track who wants a review.

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Reviewed Guides

All guides I review will be linked here with your score. Guides receiving a 9 or a 10 will be posted in the Hall of Fame as well as below!

Reviewed Guides:

  • Agoney's Vayne Guide - 9.5/10 Great guide, i'm glad it was my first!

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Special Thanks

I would like to send a special thanks to the following people:
  • Special thanks to jhoijhoi for her Guide on "Making a Guide" As it has helped me and so many other guide writers!
  • And a special thanks to you, the reader for being open to my criticism and letting me help you with your guide.
Happy Writing


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