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Pantheon Build Guide by Gurgalur

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gurgalur

Pantheon- High Damage Early Game-Hard To Kill late Game

Gurgalur Last updated on January 1, 2012
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What I did in this build was make sure to give Pantheon his early game damage, while trying to compensate for his fall off late game. Basically you will have plenty of damage early and mid game while having a lot of utility late game (Stun, Slow, Great Initiation).

Edit: I dont know how to get colors and such to work :( i will add why i picked the masteries and the alternate 21/0/9 mastery build also. I wanted to get this out there so i can see what i did wrong and hopefully receive a lot of constructive criticism.

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Play Style

Pantheon is a strong solo top character able to hold his own against a lot of the popular picks.

In the laning phase of the game you should harass with your Q
Note* DO NOT spam it every time it is off cooldown you will go oom immediately

Make sure you hit as much cs as possible, Pantheon has an easy attack animation to get used to, try not to auto attack unless your getting pushed way back to your tower. If you are losing your lane you can forfeit your Q harass and start farming from long range with your Q.

Once you hit level 4 you can do your combo on your lane opponent, it will do a lot of damage to them, if they are squishy enough it can do 1/2 of their hp in a few seconds. It is very easy to pull off.




If you miss cancel the channel by moving and then auto attack. I see a lot of Pantheons when they miss Heartseeker Strike they will keep it channeling, wasting your time and your not doing any damage when they target is stunned.

Next do when it comes off of cooldown

This will do a substantial amount of damage to the target, but you won't be able to do your combo all the time since it uses a lot of mana.

Once you harass your openent low enough you can use this combo coupled with to quickly finish off your opponent. If they manage to get away Man Drop to where you think they are and finish them off, this is hard to do, but its fun when it works >:D

Mid Game

Mid Game is when you must abuse Pantheon, it is where hes at his strongest point. If a team fight breaks out since you have a semi global ult you can go in a little late and not be the useless guy who still farms while a fight at Dragon breaks out.

Your stun is VERY powerful and if someone is caught out of position, your stun coupled with your high mid game damage the person is dead-unless they are very tanky or blow Flash. If someone is with you when you do your combo the person you did it on will instantly die.

Try to gank often, push your lane fake going back (maybe they wont call mia)- This is easy to pull off Blue Pill where you know they can see you, bait them to attack you, then go in the fog of war. You will usually only be able to pull this off a few time before they notice. Then go to mid lane and use your combo. If you catch the mid off guard and your mid isn't sleeping this will be a kill. Blow your Ignite just to make sure they don't escape with a few HP.

Late Game

Pantheon falls way off late game unless you are fed :D, anyways late game I transition into an off tank. Pantheon's passive makes him naturally hard to kill,(But hes still squishy as hell without tanky items). So if you get items with resistances you become hard to kill. Your going to want to help your tank initiate, or initiate yourself because you can with this build when you are fully built. Stick with your team and in a team fight you can be deadly. You can lock down a squishy doing a lot of damage to them (Even late game).

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Item Build

You may be thinking to yourself Why these items? I will explain my item choices here.

Your going to want to pick this up after your boots for extra HP and allowing you to get more gold. *Get a BF Sword before this if you can ^^, but you cant win your lane all the time and this is the item you fall back on if you cant get the farm you need.

The Black Cleaver is an awesome item on Pantheon, It gives you attack speed which helps you stack your passive faster. So with this item you are getting a large boost in damage, plus you are getting extra survivability, but only when you are auto attacking.

This give you attack speed which go with Black Cleavers Passive bonus very well allowing you to stack up the armor debuf quicker. While also increasing survivability through stacking your passive quicker and increasing damage too. Use Mercury Treads if you are up against a team with tons of CC, but if not go for Berserker Greaves.

Makes you loads tankier and adding a great slow, allowing you to initiate very well either with a man drop or through your W. All you have to do is go in pop your Randuin's and if your team is backing you up your opponents wont be able to get away
hopefully giving you a won teamfight. *Try to get your Randuin's effect on an AD carry, it will cut their damage down by a fair amount.

A very underrated item in my opinion. This will give you a boat load of survivability dramatically reducing the damage you take by magic attacks, plus it gives you quite a bit of passive Regen. On top of that it gives you movement speed allowing you to initiate a lot easier with your W or to be able to catch the fleeing Vayne and stun her. (Don't Leave the fight to kill a low HP enemy no matter how temping it is your team needs you).

In the average game you usually won't be able to finish this item, it gives you a large chunk of HP, meshing amazingly with your high resistances from Force of Nature and Randuin's Omen. Also it gives you even more utility allowing you to slow enemies with your attacks. So lets say you Jump on a Vayne, you get a few auto attacks off on her she tumbles, but with your Frozen Mallet and Randuin's active effect she won't be able to get away and will feel the combined wrath of your team.

I usually never get to this item, it adds a huge amount of AD making you do more damage, also it gives you a lot of lifesteal.

Following this build you won't be doing a ton of damage. You still do a lot of damage though enough to take out a squishy at any stage of the game relatively fast. Make sure you abuse Pantheons Mid game Power to give your team as much of an advantage. Then late game when you start to fall off you transition into a surprisingly good tank, you can initiate for your team very effectively.

This is my first build.
Try it before rating
Most importantly HAVE FUN!!! its a game after all.