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Pantheon Build Guide by masashi23

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League of Legends Build Guide Author masashi23

Pantheon Spear Headshot

masashi23 Last updated on March 1, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome everyone to my Pantheon Guide this is my First guide But I used to really suck with him cause I have no idea What the hell at all then I started doing alot of different builds for him I even tried a AP build (Don't Try ever) Then it all came down to this one and this one is by far my best build for pantheon and it always works when I play with it Which focuses in AD and has a little more survivability.


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Pros / Cons


Great Farmer
Personal "Teleport"
Powerful Ganks
Strong Early Game
Fun to Play
Great Burst Damage
Has nice Finishing Abilities


Thirsty(Mana Dependent)
Vulnerable to CC
No Natural Escape

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Skills and How to use it

Aegis Protection

This skill allows Pantheon after 4 Basic Attacks or Ability cast to block a Skill Shot,Basic attack,Tower shot Etc. Completely taking no Damage Very nice Passive just to stay alive can save you from Across the Map Shots Like from Ezreal or Ashe

Once you have your shield up Attack your enemy champion and once they attack back you take no damage while they could of taken tons

This passive allows Pantheon to Tower Dive EXTREMELY well So if they are at Very low Hp get in there and finish off that beach and show your Manliness

Spear Shot

Pantheon Throws His spear at his enemy dealing damage This spell is used to poke champions in lane takes alot mana though. This usually Is what i use to deal tons of damage to ememy Champions Even though im supposed to use HSS.


Harass,Harass,Harass Repeat Forever

Spear Shot Can Be used to last hit minions very rewarding later on

Cast Spear Shot Then Aegis Of Zeonia you have the cool down way quicker and if you doing right it will land when you auto attack Which can Lead for very nice damage and with HSS he should be DIE

Charge your Passive With Spear Shot then Harass if you get hit its Blocked!

If the enemy is running toss this at them it will deal a Crit 100% is you have HSS

Aegis of Zeonia

Pantheon Does a Manly jump and Slaps His foe with his shield Stuning them and doing magic damage (WTF?) BUT it gives an INSTANT Block/passive. This skill is only used for its stun but I personally use it to jump and last hit if they aren't then i throw a spear. Use this to also stop champions you see Channeling skills.


1.Charge ur Passive once then unleash the fury on them if they go back cause they are low Tower dive ur passive will block a shot for the turret then when you Aegis this will block another shot.

2.Use this skill to aim HSS Pretty simple but Devastating

3.(If you read ANY of my Spear shot Tip you know where this is going) Spear Shot then Use this you have the cool down faster and does Crazy burst damage.

Heartseeker Strike

Oh god... This one Pantheon Makes 3 swift strikes in a cone dealing damage Double to ememy champions even worse give pantheon a 100% Chance Crit if the ememy is low (15%) even works with Spear shot. VERY IMPORTANT DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOOOT USE THIS TO FARM OR HARASS THE MANA COST IS VERY HIGH!


This Works to last hit minions so it should be pretty easy

This + Aegis of Zeonia (AoZ First) Deal Tons of damage

The passive combines well with spear shot to last hit minions

There are timess then you have to aim this without AoZ those times are...
When Someone is Coming right at you
When someone walks past you
in a Teamfight

Be Very Careful around champions who silence Because being silenced will cancel All of HSS Damage

Grand Skyfall

Pantheon Gathers his manly power and Leaps in the air and landing in a another location deal Extreme magic damage. Cast time is 3.5 which is enough to run out of it so always aim a little behind the ememy to prevent this.


When Enemys are runing away to base predict where they will be in three seconds while they run they run right in ur circle of death.

Great way to tower dive

Use this at base becasue you will have all the mana from casting back

You can use this abillty to escape fights (Twisted fate style)

You can easily gank other lanes with this

When you jump spam Aegis of Zeonia because you will jump down and stun who ever is in the circle

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Skill Sequence

Ok now you know how to use your skills now time for the order you master them:

Maximum Damage = Grand Skyfall > HSS > Spear shot > Aegis of Zeonia
This way Pantheon does his Maximum damage output but lacks the abillty to harass

Balenced = Grand Skyfall > HSS = Spear shot > Aegis of Zeonia
This Way pantheon has good but not great overall damage and can harass

Alternative = Grand Skyfall > Spear Shot > HSS > Aegis of Zeonia
This way Pantheon Spear shot HURTS and deals tons of damage to last hit but lacks overall damage

So whats best? It depends on what your dealing with if the team have tanks then us the maximum damage But personally I use The alternative because when you stun and throw spears and they hurt quite a bit

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Summoner Spells

I chose Flash Because it can save your life or you can chase your enemy if they flash flash after them.

Exhaust is another Choice I picked and is one of the many ways pantheon can escape or chase his enemy he targets.

Ignite is Always a choice for pantheon Depends on how aggressive you want to be you can use this to last hit and hope for the best.

So Ether Ignite and Exhaust or Flash you chose.

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I take 22/8/0

Which is Weird I know but I take 8 in Defence to improve my Survivilty and just to Help Pantheon live and take the rest in Offence to do some Crazy damage You might consider 0/21/9 Because Pantheon CAN easily die

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Build 1 = Tanky But Powerful

This build allows life steal and crit chance but your crit will be weaker than expected but the life steal can save your life at certain momments you are tanky with some magic resist


Your crit is godly you don't have life steal but you can attack faster meaning more damage but less tanky you have awesome movement speed also

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Pantheon Starts With ait helps Pantheon Lane Easier Plus you can Deal nice Damage

Now you get Its useful in many ways to chase down your enemy or to run away from them ether way it get upgraded later

Get another Pantheon can do even better the lifesteal and HP and AD is perfect and you can sell them later

Now get a to get a lot of damage here you can get 100 ad if you stack it and you really wouldn't die much.

I would Like to note if you have 1650 gold Buy aThe Damage output is Very high

Now you get a This item can't be upgraded to a Youmuu's I found out its not really worth it But this item will help you do even more damage it has all that Pantheon needs AD ArP and CRD

Now time to upgrade the boots to a This will get you out of battles Farly quickly and chasing is WAYY easier

After all of that it time to build a little Tanky Buy a Gives HP and AD And a passive to allow no one get away.

Rush the After Because this gives us a Even better stats of the phage and the health is all worth it when you get the next item

Now you build the This Really Synergizes with the whole build Give some armor and Crit with some Nice damage

Now time for the last item Which you probably won't get to because they tend to surrender by now Build (Other item Section) And after every thing is Done grab yourDon't Forget to use its Active

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Other items

Instead of bloodthirster you can get many other that can help in certain games

Bloodthirster > Life steal and 100 ad This is nice you crit is weak but you can stay alive much longer plus once you just got out of a team fight you can jungle a little and heal you self for 200 each basic attack and 400 for crit ( Which you will be doing alot)

Infinty edge > Epic crit and you have a pretty good chance to do this since atmas and youmuus give crit chance it really goes well with Frozen mallet because you can be criting and slowing them at the same time.

Trinity force > Instead of the Frozon mallet get this because this goes with everything Movement speed Attack speed (which is nice if you get infinity) Health Crit chance ( Nice with infinity) and other awesome stuff you got to use the sheen part of it with spear shot but still a nice item to have also you shield slap does more damage

Beserker Gleaves > THIS IS A MUST WITH INFINTY!!!!!!! Beacuse its attack speed allows more crit meaning more damage and plus you will just be a little slow that your first build but thats ok beacuae 20 on occult will make oyu toss spear to finish them

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In Game

Early Game
Once Minions Have Spawned Just farm and harass for the next 15 minutes and Always last hit with spear shot once the enemy just gets too close to the tower Stun (if you have it Yet) and this will result in a free kill.

Level 2
If you have been tossing spears at the enemy and they are about half life then get your stun ready and throw your spear and stun once that is done pop ignite and love your first blood.

Level 3
You should have all Three of your abillty If they are kinda low maybe a little higher then half life then Once you see a opening Unleash your 3/4 Combo

NOTE: When im pantheon i been mid alot lately because you only have one person to deal with

3 Combo = Aegis of Zeonia > HSS > Spear shot
This results in a good harass use the four combo to kill and execute

4 Combo = Spear Shot > Aegis of Zeonia > HSS > Spear shot
This BURNS your mana. this can get you the kill
If you don't have a kill when your Level 2 or 3 Ur Doing something wrong.

Mid Game
Now your Level 6 Go back to base and do some shopping and now if the tower is gone then you can gank other lanes

End Game
This is where Pantheon is the hardest to play the enemy has Crazy damage now but you PROBABLY have more and Decent HP. If you see a HUGE crowd of minions in other lanes Take em all out with HSS 1k Gold instantly. If you have anything else then a bloodthirster then you don't need to read this. If you have a BloodThirster then Power it up to release maximum damage ether farming a bunch of minions of jungle it gets easier as you kill. In Team fights Just HSS and hit as many champions you can If you die then use Grand skyfall to turn the fight around. Note Don't Go STRAIGHT into there like a Gladiator Wait for your team to start and then Support them When a Enemy Goes tow far out Stun and your Team will Eat him like zombies

Infinity Edge Playstyle

You do very good damage but you can't run up to people and attack them so you have to farm and wait for your team do fight and kill as many people as you can with HSS and basic attacks.

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I Guess thats really all to Pantheon please TRY before you vote and make sure to report anything thats wrong is my first after all ;) Thanks! Have fun With Pantheon

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1/2/12- Made Guide
1/3/12-Change Item Build to suit easier kills. And Editing items for reasons
2/15/12 - Added more detail and Other Items list (in PROGRESS)
2/16/12- Made small changes in all chapters mostly other items
2/17/12- Made Few changes to grammer and stuff that just did't make sence
6/9/12- Updated build to suit recent patches
6/20/12-(Birthday) Skills and guide made neater and easier to read and make the other items and how to use them
3/1/13- Updated build to suit recent patches