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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Pantheon Build Guide by Avatos

Assassin Pantheon - The Blue One

Assassin Pantheon - The Blue One

Updated on October 14, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Avatos Build Guide By Avatos 2,183 Views 0 Comments
2,183 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Avatos Pantheon Build Guide By Avatos Updated on October 14, 2013
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Hey there,

i love to play Pantheon and I figured out a build that works very well with me.
I do not like the way to go completly AD to be a Glasscanon, also i do not like to go the Tanky way with Warmogs and stuff like that...

So I had to find a compromise.

Please excuse my moderate Englishskills.

Have fun with this Guide and my Build.
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I like to play Pantheon with a lot of Armorpenetration.
So i took them as Marks and Quints.
Seals should be something tanky, like armor or health.
Manaregeneration and Magic Ressitance are perfect Glyphs.

It is on you.
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For my part i play Pantheon with flash and ignite.
Exhoust and ghost are also decent if you like to play with these.
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Masteries are relatively flexible.
You can go more tanky in the second tree or take some manaregeneration or cooldown in the third one.
You can shoose what is the best for your playstyle.
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Skill Sequence

For me it is important to have some poke at lvl 1.
In Pantheons case it is the Ability on the Q-Key.

Also i want to have some safety for ganks after.
The stun at the W-Key at lvl 2 rescued my life several times!

At lvl 3 go for your bread and butter skill!
For now on the Heartseeker skill on the E-Key is your priority number two next by your Ulti.

Aegis of Zeonia ist your one point skill.
So skill your Spearshot when you can not skill your Ultimate or Heartseeker!
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Now it gets interesting!

Pantheon is basicly an Assassin, his first role should be too out pick the enemys AD- or AP Carry. You can see him build as a Glasscanon or as a Tanky Bruiser.
I go a bit different ;)

My target was to stay at lane that long as possible.
To be able to open fights in mid- and endgame without dying in 3 seonds and to deal great damage. All in all to get him balanced during the whole game!

Build Order:
(Note: The order will depend on your team, your enemys and your playstyle.
This ist just one example!!! In this example i play in Mid!!!)

Start with a Faerie Charm, some Health- and Manapotions. Also you should buy one or two wards! If you take Manaregeneration in Seals und Masteries you should have no issues to stay along time without having big mana problems.

Next item you should get as soon as possible is the Tear.
You want to start stacking the Tear as soon as possible!


Boots of Speed should follow. Upgrade it when you think it is time.
The sort of boots depends on the game. In the most cases i buy Mercury's Treads.


Brutalizer next for a good burst.
And finish it after to a Black Cleaver.
This gives you a decent amount of health and damage.
10% Cooldown reduction is also included!


Next item you should focus is the Trinity Force.
If you are dominant at lane, buy Sheen, if you feel like you need more sustain, go with Phage.


After Sheen u should have a good manapool. Go and buy Manamune.


Finish your Trinityforce!


Because we have Manamune it would be great to have more mana!
Also you need some more tankyness, next item you should go for is the Glacial Shroud/ Frozen Heart. It also gives you a great Cooldown reduction boost.
With Black Cleaver you have 30 percent Cooldownreduction, compared with a big manapool!
SPAAAAM your skills!


Last item is optional. Last Whisper, Malmortius, Hydra, IE, Bloodthirster...

Now you have:

- great cooldown reduction!
- big manapool! No mana issues!
- decent amount of health!
- a lot of armor!
- a lot of attack damage
- great armor penetration!
- mobility and passive of trinity force!
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This build grants you a great potential to stay very long at a lane.
Make sure you have some healthpotions all the time.

With this big manapool and cooldownreduction u sould be able to spam your abilitys and do the best out of the trinity force passive!

The most items in this build working realy well with Muramana.
Sheen/Trinityforce and Frozen Heart giving you a good AD boost beside the great main stats!

Your job is it to kill the enemy carrys. With this build u can fight much longer then any other Pantheon build out there. In the most cases you go in, do all your abilitys, run out of mana, maybe kill some one and prey to good you stay alife when you melee the enemy team.

With this build you do not run out of mana! You can tank a decent amount of damage! You are very mobile with the movement speed of trinity, and the massive cooldown reduction to stun and jump around.

Fly - Stun- Hit (trinity) - Spear - Heartseeker - Hit (trinity) - Spear - Jump - Hit (trinity)... and so far.

The bigest win in this build in my opinion is the ability to be able to spam the skills without running out of mana. Also the Items fits very well to each other so u are very balanced in all cases!
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I hope you will test my build out and give it a comment!
In time I will expand this "guide" with some exra stuff ^^

Have fun!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Avatos
Avatos Pantheon Guide
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Pantheon - The Blue One

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