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Karthus Build Guide by PILLZ_MADMAN

PILLZTHEMADMANS Guide To a Sucessful Karthus 1st Guide

PILLZTHEMADMANS Guide To a Sucessful Karthus 1st Guide

Updated on September 11, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PILLZ_MADMAN Build Guide By PILLZ_MADMAN 3,528 Views 0 Comments
3,528 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PILLZ_MADMAN Karthus Build Guide By PILLZ_MADMAN Updated on September 11, 2017
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


Threats & Synergies

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Hello i am PILLZTHEMADMAN im a karthus main And im wanting to share How i play karthus mid/top. why do i play karthus at the time i did not really know who to main so i grabbed karthus and started doing quite well with him and since then ive climbed from sliver all the way to diamond. if you like to torture the souls of your victims lichs and the abilty to kill everyone with one abilty karthus is for you
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my runes are 6 armor seals 3 health seals 9 marks of magic pen 9 glyphs of abilty power and 3 quints of abilty power this gives you enough survivebilty for laning and to farm plus a good amount of harass
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Rod of Ages For scaling Arcangel for Scaling sorcerer shoes for magic pen rabadons deathcap for boost in ablity power scaling void staff for bonus magic pen plus a little ap and a rylais crystal scepter for slows very good teamfights comes out of all these items
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Skill Sequence

Not really special in the skill sequence very basic
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i take 5 sorcery because why would i need fury karthus not a basic attack champion feast for some sustain. freshblood i don't take that cause again karthus not a basic attack champ some times i might take expose weakness for teamfights if they look like that they might be a bit rough. natural talent for scaling its optional to take vampirism double edged sword for the 3% damage. pierceing thoughts for magic pen and deathfire touch for the burn ive killed people from the deathfire burn before pretty good. savagery for bonus lay waste damage on minions so good to take that. biscuits are very good unless you want assassin for the 2% damage either 1 is fine by me though merciless for 3% damage below 40% health really good when using requiem. and last but not least dangerous game
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Pros / Cons

1.Karthus Has insane Level 1 Damage
2.karthus can excel in long teamfights making him a huge threat
3.Tops the charts in damage every game 4.Can be Dead And Still Cast Spells 5.the sweet global ult cons 1.squishy af escape accept flash 3.crowd control stops his ult 4. if you can't land lay waste zero damge 5.if built wrong you insta lose
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Ranked Play

Karthus has barely any ranked play hes a very strong pick if you get good at karthus. practice him his q is a small skillshot but if you can land it you do alot of damage landing atleast 70-90% of your qs will make you a god people will call you out for scripting which i think is pretty funny
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Summoner Spells are Basic Exhaust or teleport at all times ignite does give a bit more dueling power but its not really all that great barrier i guess if your starting out karthus cleanse no use for it heal might be alight. flash is a no brainer ghost is ok if you want more escape. smite you are not playing jungle no use for it
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Farming/Teamfight Tips

lay your q on the side of enemy minions for the double damage on lay waste you can use defile to flicker farm by toggling it on and off use requiem when the jungler ganks any lane to ensure your team survives and get a kill. in teamfights try to die towards the end or middle of the fight to get of 2 lay wastes a wall of pain and a requiem.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PILLZ_MADMAN
PILLZ_MADMAN Karthus Guide
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PILLZTHEMADMANS Guide To a Sucessful Karthus 1st Guide

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