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Miss Fortune Build Guide by skaterkid212

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author skaterkid212

★PLATINUM MISS FORTUNE★ (S4 in depth guide)

skaterkid212 Last updated on April 8, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Miss fortune was the first adc i fell in love with, When i was in low elo i would play her EVERY time i got adc! Miss fortune has a really fun and viable kit for both normals with friends as well as hardcore ranked play!

Miss fortune is really underplayed in s4! In my opinion she has the potential to be a very high damage hard carry adc! She plays a lot like lucian, Her ult is very similar(but a bit better imo) and her abilities are also very high damage! When played right Miss fortune can be one of the hardest carries in the game, And if you get peeled for you will wreak EVERY TEAM FIGHT!!

I will be doing a youtube guide and build on miss fortune soon so remember to check back for that soon!

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Pros / Cons


    Decent poke
    INSANE if she gets fed
    Huge damage in long fights
    Strong abilities
    Huge AOE ult that can wreak a team

    Low mobility
    Easy to focus
    Gets bullied early by some adcs

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Match Ups

-Miss fortune will consistently out trade ez!
-Mf out ranges and outpokes graves.
-Mf outpokes vayne and well wreak her in long fights!
Medium(skill matchup)

-Sivir can block a lot of mfs damage because she can spell shield your q!
-Caitlyn outranges mf and outpokes her.

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While laning as mf remember to keep poking with your Double Up! If possible try to hit both the adc and support with it. One advanced technique is using the support or a minion to bounce the shot onto the adc! Getting Double Up perfect takes time and practice! Save Impure Shots for engagements, I see a lot of new miss fortune players using it for poke. Try to save its cooldown and poke with Double Up instead. If you are getting pushed to your tower don't be afraid to use Bullet Time to wave clear, especially if you're low and need to base.

The best way to follow up on a gank as mf is to lead in with Make it Rain try to cut off their escape path so they will have to go around, or get massively slowed. After that activate Impure Shots and get as many shots off as you can! Double Up is a great finishing move.

Don't forget that Heal also gives you movement speed so it's great to help miss fortune kite and catch up to running enemies because of her low mobility.

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Mid/late game

This is where miss fortune thrives. Once you have your Runaan's Hurricane you will become the ultimate pushing and teamfighting machine. You gain the wave clear of a mage and are able to get your Impure Shots damage out to a huge group of people.

Teamfight technique

Try to stay at the back of a teamfight. Get Make it Rain off on a choke point or as many people as you can and activate Impure Shots and start shooting! If you're communicating with your team try to get them into a small space so your aoe abilities and auto attacks can shine! After Impure Shots wears off you can activate Bullet Time to pick off/hit people out of your reach. You can also do this in reverse and lead in with Bullet Time, Although i'd suggest not leading in with ult due to the fact that you can't move while in it and become easy to focus. Only lead with Bullet Time if you see a good opportunity.

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This is my first guide and i hope you all like it :)!
I'm hoping to get miss fortune more popular then she currently is. With the recent changes to her ability scaling i think she can become once of the hardest carries in the game!
I plan on updating this guide often as well as adding things to it!
For those interested my lolking is