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Teemo Build Guide by aochte

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League of Legends Build Guide Author aochte

Poison Power! (Ap Teemo)

aochte Last updated on September 14, 2011
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So.. first guide here, and i choose it to be one on teemo!and i love to build him Ap the little badger we all love with the shrooms we hate, unless its your shrooms...

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Can easily disable an AD carry, does serious dmg, even after the battle and ofcours his shrooms

Cons: verry squishy at the start doesnt do an incredible amount of dmg untill late game

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So, i like magic pen, A LOT. it gives you true damage, which often result in your enemies underestemating you dmg, leeding into a kill for you. and there for, i go with magic pen, some flat mana reg(only run out in low lvl) and then a little CDR, more shrooms=More kills!and quess whats last? Magic pen!

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I all start of with an Amplifying Tome aka "the book" and a Hp potion, to say in lane longer.when i get back, i buy the Boots and the Book into a haunting guise ASAP. Following it up withHourglass for som AP and armor to make myself a harder target, and for its awesome active effect(which i often forget to use..). From here i go with a Stinger which is built into a Nashors Toothto give you some more attack speed and AP for your poison, it also have CDR, which means more shrooms! and then, for some more durability: a Gunblade it really helps you to survive with both spell camp and life steal, also gives some extra AP and dmg. and then for what any ap champion should have: a Rabadons Deathcap at this part of the game, any one(exept the tank) will be as good as dead it they step on a shroom, and your Blinding Dart will deal nearly 700dmg, resulting in their carry going down instantly due to the blinding.

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Shrooming/ 1v1 combat

So..i like enemies hate them. but where to put them? a little help(yes, the dots are small but visible):so..keep the river shroomed, includeing baron and the dragon, and the entrences to you lane(and the others if posible) shroomed at altime to prevent ganks. if your team is beeing pushed, think of any route a fleeing enemy might take, and shroom it so that no one can survive an teamfight. Also, there is no idea putting two shrooms next to eachother, it will only give out one of the shrooms effect.

If you how ever would get ganked, allways lay down a shroom on your enemy, and then bling him, spray arrows and repete if he would survive. If you dont have any shroom on you, try to pull him into one, specially if you have the it will keep you alive since the huge spell vamp gain.

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Farming/ afterlife

Farming i guess is pretty stright forward, but remember, you only have to shoot one or two arrows on a minion and it will die. mst people doesnt notice this but the poison dmg is huge! at the end it does like 60 dmg under 4 secounds, that means you do almost 250 dmg AFTER you have stoped shooting and this togheter with ignite, will surely an enemy if he tries to flee and if it doesnt, one of your shrooms should.So dont be sad if you die first, the rest is soon to follow... But note that the blinding dart does NOT give poison, and there for it might be best to haress with the auto attack due to its posin effect.

some people like to farm with the shrooms, i dont, save them for the real enemy insted unless you have 3 shroomes and the entire team is dead.

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so...that would be it, i think.. it isnt so much, but pl remember, its my first guide. pleas comment with any improvents you can think of or just speak your mind, and i will see if i can get some videos up so that you can see how id like to play Teemo-The Swift Shoomer