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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Papercut

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Papercut

Pokercards can hurt

Papercut Last updated on July 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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In this Guide, I will lead you on how to play Twisted Fate in my own style. This build is quite unique and not many people buy the items I would buy. The reason being is because many players play TF as AP or Hybrid. Here, you will learn an amazing build I use every game, a new play-style, and possibly a new way to get easy wins.

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You probably notice by now that the runes are all crit chance runes. The reason being for this is critical hits can be VERY valuable to Twisted Fate throughout the ENTIRE game. We'll get to that later.

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The masteries I have shown would be the masteries you would want if you decide to use my summoner spells. Otherwise, you should follow the same 21/9/0, but instead of improved Ignite, put it into another catagory that fits your summoner spell desire.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells. This is EXTREMELY vital.

Ignite: This is a MUST get summoner spell. If you don't, you have a VERY small chance of killing any support champion. Not only that, ignite gives you a huge advantage because it can easily finish off the enemy champion when you are hunting them down and they manage to get away. It also serves as a stop for enemy healing pots.

Any other spells can be by your preference. Many spells can go well with Twisted Fate, but there are certain spells you do NOT want.

Spells that you might want:
(Recommended) Flash is a VERY good option for Twisted Fate mainly because he has very little escape mechanisms and/or chasing skills. Flash can be used in MANY different ways such as to catch up to an opponent, go past the wall, and even close the difference between you and an enemy champion if you mis-teleported with Destiny.

If you are a very aggressive player, Exhaust might be the spell for you. It is a great chasing and defensive spell that slows down enemy movement and attack damage/spell power.

Many people prefer ghost over flash because of the lower cooldown and longer duration. It's great for chasing, escaping, and getting to battles quickly and efficiently.

Cleanse can be a very good defensive mechanism. It removes ALL debuffs from your champion, allowing you to escape easily, or continue chasing your opponent without fear of being stunned and losing them.

Heal is a decent early game spell. You can easily stay out in a lane longer and gain more exp and gold, but towards late game, it is virtually useless due to high burst damage, making heal nothing but an extra half second of life.

What you DON'T want:
If you are looking for a jungling Twisted Fate guide, this is not the place. Smite is useless to you.

I've seen many Twisted Fates use teleport as their spell. The reason is unclear to me, but it seems that teleport is used so that when you gank with Destiny, you can teleport back to your lane and continue farming. That is not needed. If you successfully gank with destiny, you'll have a lot of gold which you can easily use to buy boots and run back to your lane quickly enough to stop the minions from pushing too hard.

Your ulti is a global reveal and teleport. What do you need clairvoyance for?

Revive: You'll be reported quickly.

Rally: What do you need this for?

Clarity: If you really need mana, pull out a blue card and hit something.

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Early Game

Farming is extremely important to Twisted Fate. He needs his core items fast and early. The best way to do this is to go middle lane as Twisted Fate. Now, early game, his farming capabilities are extremely high. Your Stacked Deck can finish off a minion so easily, you won't realize how much of a good farmer you are until late game when you have all your items and no one else does.

The trick to farming with Twisted Fate is for the first 3 minion kills, wait for the minions get extremely low on their hp, and hit once. This will guarantee a fast Stacked Deck ready for you. Now, as mentioned before, Critical strike is VITAL to your role in early game. The reason being, it STACKS with Stacked Deck, so you can crit AND deal bonus magic damage in ONE hit. Instant loss of 125-130 hp.

That one hit, critical or not, will scare the other middle laner. They WILL back off and fight from a safer distance. Take this advantage and get in the middle of the enemy minion crowd. Attack the minions 3 times, go for last hits if you can, and wait for the enemy champion to get cocky and come to you. If he doesn't, use stacked deck on a minion. 25 gold or massive damage, it's a good spot to be in.

Now, as soon as you reach level 2, you should have your Pick a Card. When harassing, ALWAYS use blue card. ALWAYS. Why? It deals the MOST damage and it replenishes your mana. Not only that, Pick a Card also stacks with Stacked Deck. What does that mean? You being a cyber bully by dealing 200 damage with a single hit. 3 minutes into the game.

If you constantly harass, you will successfully scare the living (censored) out of them. That allows you to easily zone them out and deny them much exp and gold. Remember not to push too much. After maybe 7 or 8 hits, you'll be ready to kill them. Obviously, after the first 2 hits, they'll be smart enough to stay back out of your reach, meaning by the time you'll actually be able to kill them is around level 4 or 5.

Step One: Make sure they are below 250 HP
Step Two: Ready your Stacked Deck
Step Three: Pick a Gold Card (VITAL)
Step Four: Allow them to get maybe 5-7 meters away from their tower.
Step Five: Flash in, Stun, Ignite, Wild Cards, Basic Attack
With that, you'll get First Blood

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Team Work

Twisted Fate is a very good team player. His gold card and red card can change the course of the team fight at ANY time. During Mid-Game, he can gank at just about any time and turn a small fight from 2 v 2 to a 3 v 2 instantly. The best way you can be the success to your team is if you know HOW to gank with your ultimate.

Many players waste Destiny to go back to middle lane and continue farming. That is the dumbest way you can use Destiny. A complete waste. Destiny is one of the best ganking skill you can have, and if you waste it to continue farming, then you have wasted a possible kill and extra gold. If you want to continue laning, you should just walk right back to your lane and kill whatever creeps you can. Twisted Fate requires MASSIVE map awareness. If you see a lane about to engage, prepare a stacked deck and gold card and wait to ulti to help. NEVER ulti next to your allies unless you are running. Instead, use your ulti either right behind them blocking their escape, or if they have multiple escape routes, right on top of them so you can guarantee a stun and a possible kill.

Another way to use TF's ulti is to be part OF a team fight. Make sure you stay back and take no damage. If they get within your range, attack and fight. If your team has absolutely won the team fight, and they are running, you can use your ulti, teleport ON TOP OF THEM so you can guarantee a stun for your team to catch up. This will allow your team either an ace, or, if they escaped, a very good chance to push down a lane all the way up to their inhibitor.

Pick a Card is a very vital skill for Twisted Fate. It has the ability to replenish your mana, slow the entire enemy team, or stun someone just long enough for you to kill em. This is why Twisted Fate players need to focus on learning to pick the correct card at the correct moment.

Blue Card: Good for Harassing and pushing down towers. Use this only during early game harassment, pushing towers, replenishing mana, or fighting epic neutral creeps (dragon or baron nashor).

Red Card: Good for team fights if they are all clumped together, pushing huge minion waves, and in desperate situations, can slow down more than 1 chaser to get away. Red Card can do so much for your team, it is completely underrated, and you'll surprise the enemy by all the damage you do.

Gold Card: Good for chasing/running, focusing down enemy champions in team fights, and for cancelling any deadly skill (Absolute Zero, Death Lotus, Nether Grasp, Infinite Duress, etc.) During Mid-Game and late-game, you'll find yourself using this card a LOT. It helps the team in so many ways. For instance, if your tank had just started a team fight, and he/she used an aoe stun on the enemy team, your gold card can bring one extra stun on the enemy team's main carry, helping your team focus and bringing that carry down. Without their main carry, they'll do a LOT less damage, allowing you to stay alive and continue stunning, slowing, and dealing damage all around.

Twisted Fate is also a natural pusher. Mid-game to Late-game, he can farm up so fast, you'll be surprised you were having difficulty early game. Twisted Fate is also very squishy, so when you push, enemy players are drawn to you, ready to gank and get a free kill. This is why Twisted Fate should never be out alone pushing a lane when everyone is Missing in Action. Instead, wait until your team has put enough pressure on one lane and start pushing another lane. To the enemy, they will see both you and your team pushing different lanes. They'll see your team as the bigger threat and defend the lane your team is pushing. This will give you ample time to push a lane down to the enemy turret and bring it down.

If at one point, a couple enemy Champs go missing while you're still pushing, it means they are coming for you. They have finally pinpointed you as the bigger threat than your team as far as pushing is concerned. To counter this, simply use Destiny and teleport across the map and push another lane. This WILL get them pissed off, and you WILL get free farm.

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In certain games, your opponent might be more of a match for you in middle lane. If this is the case, right after you get your boots of speed, buy an elixir of fortitude. DO NOT use it until you get back to your lane. Wait until your opponent gets cocky and attacks you. When they do, use your elixir as it heals your HP and gives you extra damage instantly. This will be a huge surprise to the enemy, and you can easily bring him down with your huge burst damage, whether it be a tank, caster, or a dps soraka, it doesn't matter, you'll get the kill.

During Team fights, if the enemy is smart enough to focus you down, then you need to learn to stay back. Whenever a team fight starts, do not go in until you are sure the enemy are focusing down another player. Then, you come in, bring down their carry quickly before they realize they need to switch their focus to you, and run. If they aren't chasing you, move on to the next MVP. They will soon realize they lost the team fight and retreat. Teleport in their face and kill em.

Many enemy teams tend to like CC. They'll stack them up and in game, they can be absolutely unstoppable. This is where you come in. Replace your Berserker Greaves with Mercury TreadsMercury Treads. This gives you bonus Magic Resist and Tenacity. If that's still not enough, go for either a Banshee's Veil or Quicksilver Sash depending on the CC they have. If there's a lot of AoE stuns and taunts, get a QuickSilver Sash. If there are single target stuns, get Banshees. The reason being is if an AoE stun is landed on your team, your quicksilver sash can quickly cancel that and you can continue fighting when they don't expect you fighting. A single-target stun can only lane a single target. When you have banshees, the enemy does not want to waste their stun on you, so they use it on someone else. Then you can fight without fear of getting stunned because they used it on someone else, and even if they have another stun,you still have your banshees.

Also, if you are finding yourself getting ganked a lot, it means you are overextending. You need to stay back and stick with the team. Don't be afraid to use your ultimate just to see where the enemy is. It's a good investment, especially when you find them preparing to gank you.

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Overall, Twisted Fate is a strong Team Player. Although he can 1 v 1 most champions, he can be extremely squishy and easy to kill. Just by staying at the back of the team, you can cause a great deal of damage and help turn the tide of team fights. Your stun has a short cooldown of 4 seconds, allowing you to stun multiple times in team fights and chase the enemy in the heat of a battle. Twisted Fate can push just about any time he wants, and he can escape very easily.

Have Fun and please give me some feedback, this IS my first guide, I hope I can make better ones in the future!