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Volibear Build Guide by zbane1

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zbane1

Polar bears have you in season

zbane1 Last updated on September 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Voli is a great tank bruiser with high ks ability to stay fed and good AoE damage to be usefull in teamfights. He has good "attemp to escape" mechanics with a failrly high move speed and ways to make him go faster. He can dish out nice killing blows with his w and is easy to play but has a nice skill cap that makes him not boring. This is the season of champions!

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Pros / Cons

Some simple Pros and Cons.

- You are the opposite of squishy you have insane damage reduction,and health
- you have a lot of damage early and mid game giving you the gold needed to get your items so T that you don't become overpowered by carrys.
- you can solo most anyone if you use your w correctly
- you don't die unless you play stupid which you will or get ganked with high cc and ignite (IE ww ult)
- You can initiate team fights and if its wrong to do so you can generally get out without death
- your passive is cheap
- nice chase slow combo for securing kills
- Does a mix of magic and physical damage so harder to counter with items

- your big and are easy to hit with abilities and skill shots.
- needs health to be strong and their for needs to be fed (w scales off bonus health not total health)
-can be countered by champions with %hp damage or madreds easily (in that case rush negatron cloak)
-since you are expected to initiate will be focused and killed if not supported by high damge champs
- Main damage source is physical so armor can make your w be less effective
- Less usable with flash =,( (deals with size not so easily wanting to make more than half the champion go over terrain)

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Summoner Spells

These recommended ones are for damage and sustain. Most people think heal is nooby but how you play voli is make your opponets think your gonna die (ride that 40-50% hp margin) and then you prock your passive, heal just make it more likely that if your ignited or if your getting high burst your passive will be able to take its full course. How ever i tend to like running ghost or flash but usually ghost over flash because you can go a farther distance and since your tanky you can survive to go farther (your not a carry your just a tank who seems like a carry when the oppnet is almost dead). I never have used but would imagine cleanse a great spell and promote works if you llike a nice pushed lane. Other than that the spells may be up to team comp like teleport or clarvoyance. And as always if your gonna jungle smite it up instead of ignite.

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Skill Sequence

Now I generally choose my spell based on who I am laning with (even if its nobody which it generally will be). If its nobody I take w, if my team is invading blue or have a lane partner then i take q. The basics are provide CC when needed and damage when needed (W helps with last hitting if you were a tad off on damage because of the att speed boost). the rest is pretty stait forward max the damage then the slow then finnaly your charge, and the ult when possible. A thing to note is that your ult is among the best anti gank ults in the game esspecially early game. why? well I'm killing the guy doing all the damage and then the other guy is half hp when i have half hp and a passive giving me more hmmmm i think I win.

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Warmogs rush unless you need armor or mr in lane (say a darius or fizz start to counter then early on) and then your rush your warmogs after you get your heart of gold. Now I take out boots why? well i really dont, i just have to make the choice more damage or a team slow. I don't know why the Omen is not in every melay support build that with sharayas gives and instant run away in an out mached team fight with a nice cool down to do it again. So the build should be followed but you have discretion over 2 things when to buy something and should i get the impaler or the omen its up to you and how you feel you can best serve your team. Spirit visage may be good to add as you have crazy regen and it works epicly with your passive from what im told. I have not experimented with this on voli but have on mundo with great results. If you do post it on here and explain where it fits, when and how and ill see if its makes it here.

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Team Fighting

your a tank with over 4.2k hp and over 55% resists from everything eat damage and deal it that all your job is here.

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Defense heavy with a mastery and last hitting emphisis in offense, need I explain more (since none of your abilities scale with damage might as well get 2 extra damge off on minons last hitting is a big deal in the long run to doing 2 more damage to champions)

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this guide is detailed but very free reighned do as you will with it and always remeber if you want to have fun just get boots a frozen and 4 warmogs and eat people with about +6k bonus damagge (your w does over 1000 damge with no damgae dealt to people)