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Taric Build Guide by PoolPartyTaric

Support Pool's Closed 😎 Taric Season 13/∞ (Never need another guide again!)

Support Pool's Closed 😎 Taric Season 13/∞ (Never need another guide again!)

Updated on November 9, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PoolPartyTaric Build Guide By PoolPartyTaric 8 0 5,717 Views 0 Comments
8 0 5,717 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PoolPartyTaric Taric Build Guide By PoolPartyTaric Updated on November 9, 2023
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Runes: Pool's Frozen

Glacial Augment
Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Approach Velocity

Shield Bash


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Real Taric Players Take Ignite
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

Pool's Closed 😎 Taric Season 13/∞ (Never need another guide again!)

By PoolPartyTaric
Who am I and why does it matter?

It doesn't. I don't.

But I am the best support Taric in North America.

The two other dudes with the most popular guides for taric don't even play him anymore so don't listen to them.

I'll let my winrates and K/D/A speak for themselves.
The Basics
Please practice your stun flash "combo" in practice tool. Do not flash stun. You ****ing moron that's not how it works.

Press E, wait 1 second. Flash into the enemy with the tip of your stun.

Taric's value is his passive. You need to be autoing with your passive always. Whenever possible. Do not wait for cooldowns like some bonobo.

Level 1 is ok.
Level 2 is alright.
Level 3 is money.
Level 4 with 2 points in Q and you can all in any lane.


You'd be surprised how many champions you can solo by just autoing them with your spell rotations.

Press ALT+W so your autos can be seemless please. Also don't right click for autos. Use A or whatever you have attack-move set to.
My Philosophy on Taric
For anyone who cares to read. (nerds)

Taric is a unique champion. He is stifled by the lack of gold and the fact that you more often than not get a brain dead adc to lane with.

Despite these setbacks, his kit has so much utility.

Let me explain:

There is no other champion in the game that can heal, stun, and make a everyone invulnerable. None. Bard, who? Get real.

So. He's amazing. Right?


That's the difference between my K/D/A and yours. Or any other Taric.

You might be thinking to yourself "KDA doesn't matter, winning does". True. But your champion's win condition is to stay alive and heal everyone as much as possible.

Listen to me. Teamfights are your bread and butter.
Knowing that you are an un-stoppable teamfight machine is when you will begin to climb with taric. Positioning, timing and knowledge are what seperates mediocre tarics from the greats.

Know 2 things. The enemy will try to kill you. Your only job is to survive this.

You are not a front-line tank. You are not a 10000 hp Sion. Stop leading the dance. Let the music settle and find your rhythm.

Allow the enemy to come on to your carries. Time your ults. Let your team know when it's up. Try and save it for objectives such as drag or baron.

The enemy knows how valuable you are or sometimes they just want to pad their K/D's by killing the squishy support. Again, your job is to survive this. Either by being far back or positioning yourself strategically.
Warding AKA K.I.S.S.
K. I. S. S. or Keep It Simple Stupid:

You wanna die today?

Go ahead and facecheck a bush that doesn't have vision near dragon pit or baron pit.

Grey screen time. Oh boy!

Aggresively ward the enemy jungle when your team is ahead and your jungler can invade w you. Defensively ward your own jungle when your team is behind.

Ward and sweep baron entrances when it's likely to be up for grabs.

Ward and sweep dragon entrances whenever a dragon is coming up.

Control wards are only 75 gold and they may save your life. Think about it.

Keep it simple stupid.
Play passively. Understand that your champion is countered by a lot things. Mispositioning will kill you dead. Don't ruin your ability to scale by setting yourself back with early deaths.

Abuse bushes and vision in lane. Especially into a melee support and weak adc.
What I mean is, bounce in and out of a bush and bait skillshots from the enemy.

You can abuse your level 2 powerspike by tanking a lot of damage from the enemy botlane. They think "cool I've chunked the enemy support".


You have succesfully closed the distance. Their abilities are on cooldown. You can either press onto them with your stun and glacial and kill with ignite OR you can heal with a Q+auto+auto+Q rotation on the minions.

If you can stun? Great. Do it.
If you can't? Don't.

Don't let your bitchass ADC whose only purpose is to right click dictate to you when you should or shouldn't engage. They don't know anything. Chances are, you probably won't even use them in mid to late game teamfights.

You are the team's backbone.

Pushed in the whole laning phase? Farming under tower? Good. Let it die. Sync up with the jungler or mid laner, somebody who is fed and roll the enemy team when they dare pull-up.
Your main weakness is your lack of mobility.

This is why shurelya's is critical to your success.

These other guides or troll *** individuals suggesting Locket? LOL get ****in real.

You're just gonna stand there with your **** in your hands watching the zed blow up your adc cause your locket gives a whopping 200 hp shield!!!111!!

No. You need to prioritze shurelya's and you can opt for meme-swiftness boots because your freeboots+swiftys will give you a decent amount of movespeed.

However comma space. Building shurelya's makes you extremely squishy.

Squishier than the waifu pillow your degenerate *** curls up with every night.

Do not walk around thinking you're a ****ing tank. Cause you're not.
Silence. Violence. Silence.
When you've incorporated everything you know into taric and understand your champion, the rhythm and timing of things every team fight should look only one way:

The enemy team sees you, but they can't reach you. You're perfectly positioned in the backline next to a carry.

A teamfight errupts, they dive in to kill your carries. You stun them. You pop ult. Your carries are invulnerable. You heal everyone with your AOE Q. You pop shurelya's to mop up the stragglers.

Take the objectives. Reset. Rinse and repeat.

That's it. That's all I got. Thank you for your time, I'm Kevin Hart.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PoolPartyTaric
PoolPartyTaric Taric Guide
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Pool's Closed 😎 Taric Season 13/∞ (Never need another guide again!)

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