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Warwick Build Guide by DigitalHallucinations

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DigitalHallucinations

Poor Mans Lanewick

DigitalHallucinations Last updated on August 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello and thanks for reading my build. This is my first build ever so constructive criticism is welcomed and encouraged. I don't play ranked usually, and this build is what I typically use in our premade 5's for the regular queue.

I play Warwick quite differently than most people and this build seems to work for my awkward play style. I think Warwick is a very versatile champ and has a lot of uses and there are different ways to build him, however, nearly all the builds on this site are jungling builds with the exception of a couple tanky WW builds.

Also, I do not know how to create those other fantastic Builds I always see with item pictures and mouseover descriptions and the spells with their descriptions etc. So this build will look bare bones until I figure this out.

So allow me to introduce to you my poor mans solo-top lanewick. (more on this later)

(this does not mean you have to solo-top with him, this build still works for jungling, in fact my runes are setup just in case I have to jungle with him and we don't have anyone else who wants to jungle.)

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Runes & Masteries

With these runes, as I stated before, you can still jungle, infact, I set them up for emergency jungle purposes. I don't feel like changing my rune pages all the time and since I main WW, this is the rune set I have come up with.

As you can see, with my runes he ends up with 6.6 armor pen, 18.7% attack speed, 12.7 armor, and 24.3 Magic Resist at lvl 18.

The reason I only have 6.6 Armor pen in runes is because you get another 6 armor pen from your masteries, and all the animals in the jungle from what I've read only have 12 total armor, so attack speed at this point is better imo, although you can feel free to take the bonus damage from an entire set of ArPen marks if you wish, it shouldn't make a difference.

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This item set was designed to give you the most damage and lifesteal bang for your buck. The total cost tops out at 11,559 gold. I understand that there are much better items you can get, but lets be fair, how many times have you ever completed your build when your total cost is 16,000+ gold? I'd venture to say it's rare. The average gold I usually get per battle is about 12k, provided the other team hasn't surrendered or my team hasn't surrendered. I build this around that mentality. If I am only making 12k gold how can I maximize this amount and be useful to my team?

Wriggle's Lantern: Good for jungling, good for the free ward, good for lifesteal and armor. This item is all around a good item and should be an essential part of anyones team. Infact, since I started using this over and over again another friend picked it up and loves it, and we use our wards wherever it will help our team most (Lane bushes, Enemy Blue, Dragon, Baron, etc).

Berserker's Greaves: Movement speed and Attack speed. Sometimes, if I notice they're caster or CC heavy, I build Merc Treads for the tenacity and MR.

Sword of the Occult: I know people don't really like snowball items, and that's cool. I personally like it with WW. He should be getting a lot of kills or assists mid-late game and if you get it early, those stacks are awesome. For those that do not like snowball items, or are not getting enough kills/assists, or are dieing a lot, I'd recommend The Black Cleaver as a replacement for the damage and armor shred.

Executioner's Calling: Just because of the lifesteal, and if you get a chance to use its active on a self healer, or someone getting heals, it cuts the healing amount in half.

<---- PLEASE NOTE ----> I get all of this by level 10 at the latest usually I can have it all by 8 or so. It's VERY cheap to get to this point, only 5,769 gold. The next 8-10 levels are working on your phantom dancers and any really late game items like Hextech Gunblade to replace Wriggle's Lantern and Executioner's Calling and The Black Cleaver to fill in the last slot for Armor Shred. Although I never get to get this far, the game is usually over by my second Phantom Dancer.

2x Phantom Dancer: These are pretty self explanatory, attack speed and movement speed. Both very good on WW.

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The Art and Idea behind Solo-top and my play style.

So there's various scenarios that work here. I don't always solo-top, but it's entirely possible. Let me explain in detail what I do.

So my team is almost always premade, I have about 15 dudes that I play LoL and various other games with on comms and we're all coordinated. We're all relatively new to LoL, and only a handful of us are lvl30. So we tend to play a lot of games currently in the regular queue. As I stated above, I have no idea if this works in Ladder/Ranked matches but I have a feeling it might.

Why Solo-Top? Well, it's simple, solo-top you're usually going 1v2 against unranked players, and you're leveling faster. If I am playing Solo-top my early game is VERY passive, I let them push me all the way to tower, and just soak up XP. I last hit when I can, and I try not to over-extend. WW has great lane sustain, and that's why I try and max Q first. It helps me gain back life as well as WW's passive which is just more natural lifesteal. If I need help, I poke my jungler and say "Hey can you come help with top? and it seems to work out.

There are a few caviats to this however. If you have 2 ranged champs at top like say Ashe and Caitlyn or even one of these and Maokai, this position is a bad idea for you, and you may want to ask a ranged carry to switch with you, or the other champ that's at bottom to switch with you. Another drawback is any champ or duo that can towerdive early game, like say Garen and Tryndamere. I've had a Garen Tryndamere combo tower dive me at lvl2, and just got angry as all hell. The key here is to know your opponents and to know if you can hold the lane or not. If you can, simply ask for a lane change.

Anyways, since you will be leveling faster than their pair, you'll get your Infinite Duress, and you'll be able to start pushing the lane back, going mid to orchestrate ganks etc. When I play solo-top, and I know I can hold the lane even with heavy harassment by some people, I usually build Wriggles before boots. It does help with my sustain, and it lets me ward every 3 minutes so I can see ganks coming.

Now, this is counter-intuitive to my play style, I am normally aggressive and harass and take chunks out of enemies whenever I get the chance. It took me quite a while to learn to play Solo-top passively and to know when I have to play passively. This play style is not for everyone, and if you can't passively play till level 6 you probably shouldn't try this.

So this is how it goes:

Early Game: with heavy harassment from the opposition, play passive and tower hug just last hitting when you can. If little harassment, hold the lane and do a bit of harassing on your own if you think you can. If you get tower dove, use exhaust before you die to make it worth it. Try to Q at the right moment to save your life.

Mid-Game: Gank gank gank. Play aggressive as hell and get your Stacks early on your Sword of the Occult, and build Executioners calling for the extra lifesteal.

Late-Game: Initiate after your tank has gone in and done his job, target squishies first and remove DPS from the field. Use your Suppress as a chained CC with a Xin, or an Anivia, Exhaust, and auto-attack with your W. Build your Phantom Dancers and just rape the other team like there's no tomorrow.

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Pros / Cons

Does 1244 damage in 1 second, and 6224 danage over 5 seconds.
Can run across the map in mere moments.
Can usually take just about anyone 1v1, provided exhaust and ignite are on cool down for them.

Glass Cannon in the respect that he can get bursted down by a lot of AoE
Easily Harassed early Game by Ranged champs
Counterable if they see you coming by stacking armor.

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So this is my Warwick build, I hope you like it. Leave comments below. Please don't vote until you've tried it, and let me know where I can improve it if you have some suggestions.