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League of Legends Build Guide Author DasMudkip

Poppy is going Clubbin'!

DasMudkip Last updated on April 21, 2011
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Poppy is one of the least played characters in LoL and is sadly frowned upon. You hardly see a Poppy in a game and when the Rotation picks her, we can see why. Poppy isn't the easiest champ to play, but she isn't the hardest to play either. With the right skill coordination and timing, a well played Poppy often take on more than she can handle and still manage to get away or emerge victorious. So, why should you bother to test her out? The answer is pretty simple: Poppy dishes out ridiculous damage that (sadly) doesn't show until late game. Poppy can tower dive like no other and still manage to get the kill and (when late game comes) maybe even the rest of the team. With Poppy, the opposing team is likely to surrender, considering that you'll soon be the one man army that blue midgets look up to.

I strongly suggest you thoroughly read this build before attempting to play Poppy.

So, are you ready to go Clubbin'?

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Pros & Cons

Best turret diver
Nearly spammable 1k+ hits
Distance closer
Incredible Ultimate
Unstoppable when fed
Extremely fast
Difficult to kill (passive)

Picked on by ranged
Terrible farmer
Vulnerable to cc
Not very powerful early game

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Summoner Spells

The obvious choices for this Poppy build is ghost and exhaust. There is a tiny bit of flexibility in spell choices for Poppy, but I strongly suggest you stick to these two for many, many reasons.

Since this build focuses on Attack Damage and Attack Speed, Exhaust is a key spell for a few different reasons. Exhaust will either help you get your first kill or your first assist. Since you will be more than likely the fastest person on your team, the main use is to keep enemies from running as you dish out the big damage. 80% of you kills will result in you chasing down enemies as they are running away. The speed you get from Paragon, Ghost, Trinity Force, and Phantom Dancer in combination with the slow from exhaust will definitely get you the kill. Exhaust is also great for one on one fights with any another powerful melee characters. The reduction in damage that the other character will suffer from will often change the battle in your favor. Finally, with the mastery points set as I've shown, you also lower the opponents armor to deal some extra damage (And with Black Cleaver, they'll practically be at 30 armor!).

The most important skill for Poppy is ghost. Over 90% of your kills in early and mid game will come from you chasing enemies. Late game, nobody can really run away from you before they are dead (Guaranteed fact). However, ghost is useful throughout the game to stay alive as well. If used correctly with Paragon, you can maneuver around enemies enough to the point where you can quickly clean up a missed kill and manage to escape with little to no damage. Ghost + Paragon has saved my life so many times, I've actually made people rage quit because they lost countless kills due to Poppy's speed.

Ignited - For obvious reasons, Ignite will guarantee the kill/assist that you will desperately need early game. An underfed Poppy can be a pain to play with, but if played smartly, you can get back on your feet in no time, and Ignite can definitely help.

- I personally do not use Flash with Poppy, but it does have its benefits when you're in a sticky situation or need that extra range to charge and dev. blow someone to death.

Any summoner spells not discussed above are not recommended as this build does not support them. Use at your own risk!

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Some of you may argue that the 1 point in Offensive Mastery is pointless and should go to Utility Mastery, and I completely understand why you think that. Poppy relies on all buffs as they increase her chances of survivability and damage output, but you have to realize that Poppy is also a terrible farmer. That extra damage to creeps can help you last hit minions even when they are at 1/3 HP instead of waiting until they're at 1/4 or even 1/5. Getting creep kills with Poppy isn't easy until you have your Trin. Force and becomes even easier once you get your Phantom Dancer. (This is completely optional and I have yet to test this)

Masteries focus primarily on offense. Your primary role is to be a carry, so you need to be dishing out the most damage and getting those kills. If you plan on using Summoner Spells other than Ghost and Exhaust, those points can easily be replaced and repositioned.

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Poppy is one of the few melee carries that is actually extremely useful in a team fight late game. The combination of damage dealing and her ult allows her to take out one or two people before being able to be targeted. This can turn the tide of a team fight in a HUGE way, and make Poppy the most valuable member of your team.

Your passive gives you huge survivability throughout the game, but it is especially useful early game. This is the reason Poppy is sometimes used as a tank. Every single hit that does more than a tenth of your CURRENT health is reduced in half. This is HUGE. This means when you are at about a quarter health, all of the attacks you'll be taking from other champions is cut in half. This build uses Poppy's passive as a way to remain slightly less squishy and still be able to go all out with offensive items. Remember though, the passive doesn't work on turret shots!

This skill will be your bread and butter throughout the game. It's what makes Poppy one of the most frustrating carries to play against, and possibly the best carry in the game. With this build, your devastating blows will be hitting for over 1k damage. Trinity force works perfectly with this item, making your damage huge. Also, the cooldown is around 3 seconds! This skill makes Poppy's DPS just plain ridiculous. Grab the blue buff as often as you can, and the cooldown will drop even further.

This skill gives you an increase in attack damage and armor for as long as you keep attacking or being attacked. This can make a big impact early game, as you can deal a lot more damage without having to invest in attack damage items yet. The real benefit to this skill, however, is the speed boost it gives you. It's like a mini ghost that recharges very quickly. Use this skill to get in and out of battles. Early game it helps you farm a bit faster and get out of tough situations.

This skill has many uses, and its what you'll start off with. It's great for closing distance between you and an enemy and will be your best friend throughout the entire game. While ganking in the beginning of a 3v3 you can easily hide in a bush, charge the enemy into a wall to stun them, and take them out quickly. Remember, when you tackle an opponent into a wall or turret, they take more than DOUBLE damage what they normally do from this attack and are stunned for 1.5 seconds. This can make a big difference. Always try to set up the tackle into an object.

Poppy's ultimate is incredibly useful. You use it on one target, and you deal extra damage to the target without taking ANY damage from ANYTHING else in the entire game. This includes turrets and other champions! This is how you will pull off some ridiculous tower dives. Be careful though; once the target is killed your shield goes away, leaving you very vulnerable. A great idea for a 5's team fight is to use immunity on a tank or mage that's out of mana and then kill their carries first while they can't harm you.

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Greater Quintessence of DesolationGreater Mark of Desolation or

Quint - Self explanatory, it's a build focused around Attack Damage, do I really need to explain?
Marks - See above explanation.
Seal - Explanation above, again.

    Greater Glyph of Alacrity - I've been contemplating on whether or not to maximize Poppy's attack speed completely, seeing as more attack speed early game will let you take down creeps faster and help you get that first kill as the enemy is running away with exhaust on them.

    Greater Glyph of Celerity - Cooldown reduction is also a must for Poppy, especially if you plan on dishing at the maximum amount of damage you can with a 2 second cooldown for Devastating blow. The choice between the two Glyphs is purely based on personal gameplay.

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These items are vital to success as Poppy. It allows your devastating blow to deal a massive amount of damage, but also allows your basic attacks to destroy just like any other physical carry.

Start off by rushing either or . The obvious pick for most players is to rush first to get that extra damage early game against champs. The only reason I added as a consideration is to get the extra bonus on attack speed so that you can farm creeps better. Once again, this is purely a personal pick.

Come on now, must I really explain this? Attack Damage + Attack Speed = Happy Poppy = Raging enemies.

The bread and butter for Poppy. Extra stats, even MORE movement speed, and it only takes 1 inventory space! I can't stress enough the role that you play when it comes to playing Poppy. You'll be chasing enemies around the map, past their towers, up and down river, through the jungle. You'll be winning the 500 yard dash in a matter of seconds and STILL manage to get 2-3 kills in the process.

This item is a need for all DPS champions, but, combined with this build and Poppy's abilities, it's full potential shines brighter than Poppy's hammer, and that's pretty bright.

Once you get your Phantom Dancer and the opposing team knows to target you first in team fights, it only makes sense that you get a lifesteal item for those precious seconds that can either land you a kill, barely help you escape, or die for the glory of Demacia. Mmmm...lifesteal, but did I mention it adds a lot of damage too? :D

*drools* If only I could replace this beauty with Poppy's hammer...oh well. Every team should have at least 1 tank (Not that it matters once you get this far into the game) but even if they don't, it doesn't hurt to completely nuke a Lux from full HP to 0 in a matter of 3 seconds. The self confidence that follows is so thrilling, you'll feel like you're untouchable.

The last item that'll make you hit like a train, even for Poppy's small size. This is the icing on the cake (no, the cake isn't a lie in this scenario), the cupcake all fat kids go for, this is what'll make you down a decked out tank in a matter of seconds. But honestly, if you have to get this item during late game, either the other team is really good and can hold their own or your team isn't coordinated. Either way, it's fun to be powerful. :D

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This is indeed my first build ever and any positive criticism is greatly appreciated. Also, for the sake of trolls and haters, you're going to have to comment in order to vote. Haters gonna hate, hahaha.

Hope you guys enjoyed this build and hope it works out for you.

Special Thanks to the countless Poppy builds out there and for making me want to play this champ. Happy Clubbin' Summoners!