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Poppy Build Guide by LeinaN

Poppy, The Indomitable Yordle

Poppy, The Indomitable Yordle

Updated on June 29, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LeinaN Build Guide By LeinaN 7,984 Views 3 Comments
7,984 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LeinaN Poppy Build Guide By LeinaN Updated on June 29, 2011
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This guide is under construction
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Poppy is a champion with many features, she can be a extraordinary great burst damage champion.
Or she could have a considerable sustainable damage. Even though it is much discussed she could go a full tank build and stand off extreme amounts of damage
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Attack damage, Ability Power, Hybrid or Tank

This is a decision not easy to make since all the options are soo very viable.
My personal preference is Hybrid, but often different variants.
What ever of these 4 build you choose to follow you will certainly
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Best of both worlds

With the tanky build you will get the best of both worlds. You will have the survivability of the greatest tanks but still you will be able to kill many squsihy casters in a matter of seconds. You will be a tanky-ish tripple killing monster. One of the many feats a poppy has is that playing versus a (for example) Katarina you can easily dive in with your charge to disable her ultimate, ofcourse before doing this you throw your ultimate at a enemy support or tank.
The ultimate - charge combo makes her a great counter-pick against champions like Katarina, Malzhar, Warwick and other champions with supress ultimates or ultimates similar to Katarina.
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Why and when to go a tanky Poppy`?

I "found" this build while playing a solo-que ranked game, i was last pick and we had Amumu as tank and then 2 squishy casters and a nocturne, I therefore decided to go someone quite heavy bruiserly-ish. I picked Poppy. At first i went my normal build, rush sheen then mercury's treads before picking up the phage and zeal combining them into a Trinity Force. Around the time I finished the Trinity the score was 16-13 in the others team favour. Their Fiddlesticks had a great amount of kills (approx. 7kills maybe). Therefore i rushed a Force of Nature, there were two reasons for it. First of all, the magic resist would increase my survavibility against Fiddle, but it would also give me an great amount of extra movementspeed which will give me the extra edge i needed in chasing down fleeing enemies. I then got a Thornmail for the 100 extra armor, after finishing these items i both had sufficent armor and MR soo i got myself a Rylais, mostly because of the HP but the passive also were to great help since 2/3 of my kills were from chasing down enemies. The items i had now; Trinity Force (Sheen), Mercury Treads, Force of Nature, Thornmail and Rylais are the core items of this build, your last item is sort of optional i went for the Hextech gunblade since it will gives you such a good amount of AD and AP, both of them benefite your Q ability, Devastating blow a great deal. The Spell vamp and Lifesteal is just a bonus.
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Runes, Masteries and Summoner Spells

For runes i go a pretty simple page, i mainly go Flat HP, Quintessence, glyphs and seals all go flat HP. Marks i go flat attack speed, this is only for making farmin a little bit easier.
Poppy is a great "First-blooder" her charge is a 1.5 sec stun and with the extra health from your runes i cant think of anyone that can first blood her, except 2vs1 ofcourse.

For masteries i make sure to hit all the mana masteries i can find in the utility spec, Poppy has a very small mana-pool but if you spec "Expanded Mind" 4 points, hit Meditation 1 and buy the Sapphire Crystal at the start you should be fine. But later in the game you should try to get the blue buff as often as possible. On the offense tree i make sure to hit Magic Pen, Armor Pen, AS and CDred. All of these help you out a great deal. This is not a "one and only" masteries spec but it is what i prefer to have.

The summonerspells i use are what i feel benefite Poppy the most. The Flash is a "most-have" on Poppy, i see many players going ghost, this is not good unless you are going some sort of a jungling/anti-jungling build. The reason i feel that flash is soo important is because you often need it to get into position when trying to charge someone into a wall(and its great for escaping). for example when entering the enemies brush at the start, i very often run into the brush then flash out so i can charge in. Ofcourse this requires your teammate to stay in the brush to give you vision (be careful not to flash out and leave yourself with no vision of the brush, since then you cant charge).
As for the second spell it often varies, I very often use ignite while playing normal games just for the extra 10 AP and the fact that it often helps you early on getting those vital firstbloods. But for playing ranked i always use exhaust.
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Adapt your build accordingly the enemy team!

Every game you have to decide what order to build your items, 85% of the time the order listed above works perfectley, But lets say you are playing against a team that has :
Mordekaiser, Jax, Malzahar, Fiddlesticks and Amumu, if you meet a team like this you should not buy the Thornmail, you should replace it with a Quicksilver Sash or a Banshee's Veil. I personally would have gone for the Quicksilver Sash because of its active. It can remove both malzahars DoT, Malefic Visions and Mordekaisers Ultimate, Children of the Grave. And if you are your teams only tank i would suggest not buying the Hextech Gunblade but rather going a Banshee's Veil or a Frozen Heart depending on what enemies you are facing, wheter it is most AP or AD
Changes like this might be good be its not necessary so if you are indoubt whether to change items or not, do not do it.
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The art of firstblooding

Poppy is a great side-lane champion. She is totally awesome laning with another stunner. I have personally played a lot with a Renekton. In the early stages of the game this is unbeatable, if Renekton gets in a good stun in the brushes you can charge into the brush and the target will be dead before your stun is over. Acctually often use a flash, ignite combo. This makes it so that as soon as Renekton gets the stun i flash out of the brush and charge in. I then throw ignite at them and give them a smack with my Q, Devastatin Blow, and then they are usually dead.
You do kind of need a good start, this build is somewhat expensive. Therefore you need a couple of kills early on to not fall behind other players going "cheaper" builds.
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Who to target in a team fight

Its pretty simple how to choose your target for the ultimate and who to attack in a team fight, but it is VERY important that you do not just attack a random meelee champion. you may very well turn the tide of a battle if you manage to quickly throw your R abilty, Diplomatic Immunity, at their tank (for example Shen, Cho Gath, Amumu and similar champs) and then quickly run behind them and go for their squishy AP champions, Since they cant deal damage to you. You then have 6 seconds of pure joy, you will **** up their main damage source (the casters)
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Get out there and try!

Go out to the Fields of Justice and try this build. I guarantee a fun time.

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