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Ezreal Build Guide by Portal-Life

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Portal-Life

Portal-Life's AD Ezreal

Portal-Life Last updated on September 11, 2011
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Portal-Lifes AD EZ - A Intro

I'm Portal-Life, a Level 30 Summoner trapped in ELO Hell. It sucks. However, I know how to play one champion who is a rather difficult one at at. Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer, and today, I will show you my way of playing the Explorer.

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Pros and Cons of Ezreal

Good damage early game
Can secure first blood easily
Very Useful Ulti
Good Escaping

Cons -

Extremely Squishy
0% CC
Once CC'd, your pretty much ****ed.
Focused in team fights.
Early game mana problems
Difficult to learn due to his skillshot realiance

With that in mind, do you want to still play? Of course you do!

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For your runes, I normally go with the ones I put at the top. These runes are good, and I'll give my reasoning why.

Desolation - ArP for Ezreal is best, you'll get the most damage out of these.
Clarity - Ezreal is mana hungry early game, this will help him before you get Tears of the Goddess, which will end your mana problems.
Shielding - Ezreal is squishy as hell, and casters like Annie will just mop the floor with him, so some Magic Resist will help him last longer.

However, you may swap the runes around. For your Glyphs you could use Clarity or Focus, and for you're seals Armor isnt a bad idea either.

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21/0/9 Will be your best bet for damage as Ezreal. If you feel your too squishy though, 21/9/0 will be a viable pick for masteries. There is no real wrong build for Ezreal, just pick your masteries wise.

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I will give my thoughts on why these items are best for Ezreal!

Lucidity - Spam your Q more, more stacks of your passive = MOAR DAMAGE!
Manamume - YOu can build the mana pool easy, and for its price, its a good amount of AD.
Trinty Force - This gives Ez everything. AP, AD, Health, etc. Why wouldn't you want this?
Bloodthirster - 100 AD, 25% Lifesteal when maxed. Awesome.
Black Cleaver- Get through those annoying tanks stacking armor!
Banshees Veil - The best defense item for Ez. Health, Mana, Resist, a spell shield. Will help you stay in a fight longer.

These items aren't set in stone though. As you can see, I don't pick up Infs Edge, and you might want to. Don't follow these big 6 like a reglion, play around with it as you want. I just find these six work well on Ez. Other boots you may want are Merc treads and Berez Greaves.

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Item Alternatives

As said, Merc Treads is good to take against a AP team/CC team, but there are some other items you can take.

Last Whisper - If they have ****tons of armor, take this instead of Cleaver.

Quicksliver Sash - Take this instead of Veil if they are CC/Supress heavy.

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Your 6th

So you made it to the end game, you've got all 5 of your items. What should you build? Heres my reccomendtions.

Black Cleaver - for Armor heavy Teams
WIts End - for AP Heavy Teams
If your doing awesome and want even more damage, an d you think you can take them down/survive fine, why not another Bloodthrister?

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells for Ez -

Ignite - First Blood, True Damage, 50% less healing (KILL THAT SUPPORT!)
Ghost - Run run til the cows come home.
Cleanse - Troll-lolol that Ashe with her arrow.
Teleport - Save that turret!
Exhuast: Curb stomp the Melee AD Carries!

I wouldn't use these on Ez -

Clarity - While he might be manahungry at the start, Manamume and Clarity runes see to it that its not bad enough for it, leave this for Galio.
Smite - We aren't jungling.
Fortify - Leave that to the tanks.
Clairvoyance - Leave it to the supports
Revive - Your meant to kill, not die! Dying is a part of LoL, why waste a slot on your spells with this? 9 min CD.. no.. just no.
Rally - It'd probably get nuked down and not do anything anyway.. doesn't give alot..
Heal - It wouldn't really make a difference if you got focused..

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Skill Sequence

My skill sequence is mainly around getting Mystic Shot up, and also trying to keep Arcane Shift even. I don't take Essence Flux until Level 14 because.. its not really that good, but it has its uses. Take Trueshot Barrage whenever you can obviously.

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Exploring the Gameplay of the Explorer

Okay, now I will detail how I play Ezreal through the phases of the game, and the items I buy and such, and cover 1v1ing and Team Fighting.

Early Game - I start with Dorans Blade and head to my lane. Ezreal can take a solo or duo lane, he is fine in each. For the 10 minutes, I focus mainly on farm, and if I can, harress the other enemy champions. If theres a squishy in lane with me, I most of the game go for First Blood to get ahead in the gold department. If you find you are struggling in your lane, call for a gank or play defensively. Or if you want, you can gank/snipe from when your Level 6, with your Ulti.

Mid Game - So you've got your B.F sword and Boots and Manamune, time to build trinty force! I normally hit up Sheen first, as it'll give the most damage out the 3 parts of the TriForce, then Phage. After building the Tri Force, you should be able to take on most enemies at this part of the game. Ezreal has the most power in mid game, so make the most out of it.

Late Game - So you've done Bloodthrister and your finishing off the items you chose to build. Ezreal late game loses some of his power, but his ulti hits sky high if you've built good damage items, use it to get free farm on minion waves.

1v1. Ezreal is a strong 1v1. He can duke out damage with his Q and passive. With red buff, this is even better as he can kite. Watch out for the enemies with CC though. I tend to keep max distance possible using Arcane Shift to stay away, especially if they are melee. However, if I dont use Arcane Shift to get away, I use it to finish them off, normally. Or use my ulti if they get too far, and get the kill that way.

Team Fighting -

Ezreal can do some good for his team, buffing his team with Essence flux and debuffing theirs with it. He can also damage their entire team and get max stacks of his passive easily, meaning he can do the biggest output he can. You are the carry, so you are sure to be focused. Go for the squishiest target on their team to try and rack a easy kill up. If things aren't well, you should Arcane Shift out of there instead of risking death by staying around. If you didn't use Trueshot Barrage, you can use it to clean up any low life enemies.

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...Yeah. xD

More win.

"First and only good ez" - a man in ranked