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Lucian Build Guide by Calboy70

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Calboy70

Preseason 5 Lucian AD Guide

Calboy70 Last updated on January 5, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Lucian with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ezreal This is a fairly even match, when Ezreal inevitably comes to try and burst you down, use Relentless pursuit to dodge his skillshots the unleash your combos onto him.
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Hello, and welcome to my Lucian AD carry guide. My name is Calboy70, I am an amateur Twitch streamer and ADC/Support main from NA. Lucian is by far my favorite AD carry because of his high mobility (Relentless Pursuit) and his high burst damage, and don't we all love burst damage? In this current season, even through all the nerfs that Riot has fired at the purifier, he still is a late game BEAST and can carry everyone if played correctly. Let the guide begin!

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Pros / Cons

The Pros of Playing Lucian

    He has extremely high burst damage
    High mobility mid-late game
    Can make AMAZING looking plays
    Basically the most badass AD Carry in the game

The Cons of Playing Lucian
    Not good at poking if you miss Piercing light
    VERY reliant on his abilities combining with his passive
    Squishy if you use my build
    Low mana pool early game
    Have to use Piercing light conservatively early game

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(Passive) Lightslinger- Lucian fires two consecutive auto attacks after using an ability. Both of these shots can crit which is what makes the Infinity Edge such a useful item on Lucian. Late game, you can dumpster opponents with your high damage Q then two consecutive crits.

(Q) Piercing Light- Lucian's Q, Piercing Light, is his main damage source besides autos. This ability fires a line of light after a 0.4 second delay, damaging all enemies in it's path. Use Piercing Light in the early game by angling it off minions to poke enemy champions hiding behind the creep wave. Use it late game to deal massive amounts of damage and harass targets in the back of team fights.

(W) Ardent Blaze- Lucian's W, Ardent Blaze, is his secondary poke tool if you can't hit any of your Q's. Ardent Blaze fires a a bolt of light in a cross pattern that does damage to the first thing it hits, or after hitting max range. Because it scales only with AP, it won't be very useful as a poke tool Early or Late game. The second more useful use of this ability is as a long range escape tool. When enemies are hit with Ardent Blaze, they become marked, when Lucian deals damage it consumes that mark giving Lucian a small burst of move speed. Use when kiting or escaping.

(E) Relentless Pursuit- Lucian's E, Relentless Pursuit, is his most straightforward ability, basically it is an amazing escape tool and kiting tool because it will pop your passive. Relentless Pursuit is a small dash which cooldown is reduced by one second for every hit of Lucian's passive. When in a pinch, Lucian can dash over some walls for a quick escape.

(R) The Culling- Finally, Lucian's Ultimate, The Culling. This is one of the best kiting abilities in the game, in my opinion. Lucian fires a bunch of projectiles that do less damage than autos, but double the range, faster, and don't waste time using. Lucian can also proc his Lightslinger passive and consume the mark from Ardent Blaze making it a kiting tool to be feared.

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Starting Items-
Doran's Blade- This is a basic starting item for AD carries
Health Pot- Needed for early game sustain
Warding totem- A free ward while you can't afford to buy them

Core Items-
Infinity Edge- Very important item for Lucian, crits are a main source of damage besides Piercing Light
Bloodthirster- This item is useful if you want a lot more damage from your autos, as well as high sustain so you don't have to keep buying health pots
Static Shiv- The Static Shiv is a good item late game by helping out in team fights with it's unique passive, and the additional attack speed gives you an amazing dueling advantage
Berserkers Greaves/Boots- Gives Lucian even more mobility and the Berserkers give Lucian even more attack speed in addition to the Static Shiv
Last Whisper- This item gives Lucian even MORE AD and the armor penn lets him absolutely SHRED through enemies
Scurrying Orb- Let's you spot far off enemies so you can pick off isolated targets and snowball

Laning Phase Consumables
Health Pots- Gives you early sustain before you can buy a bloodthirster; When you run out, the lifesteal quint will give you a tad of sustain early game
Wards- Protect your lane and use deep vision to snowball the lane and the jungle

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Early game and Laning

Farming with Lucian depends on who you're laning against. The best general strategy for farming with Lucian is to use Piercing Light to lay down some damage to the creeps and poking your lane opponent then using the proc from Lightslinger to pick up one or two creeps quickly. If playing against someone who has a scary late game like you, push them out of lane by poking with your Piercing light, then when they're at about half health engage with your support to either get an easy Flash or pick up a kill. After that just freeze and snowball the lane til you're fed as hell. If your jungler happens to be on your side of the map, push the lane under turret then pick up an easy Dragon. Back and pick up your first items. If playing against an opponent with a good early game, the most you can do is play passive, using the creep wave for cover and not trying to get any risky farm, just wait for your opponent to make a mistake. You're playing against someone in Solo Queue, not DoubleLift; They will make a mistake eventually. Once you have the kill advantage and the lane is empty of enemy champs, you are free to finally get all the CS and back with a monstrous gold advantage. Remember, Lucian loves kills, so try to snowball your lane and get nice and fed.

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Mid Game and more Snowballing

Okay, now that Lucian has picked up a kill or two on his lane opponent, it's time to snowball your way through the first turret, and the jungle. You should try to get the bottom turret after 15 minutes but before 25 minutes; This will allow you to get CS under the enemy tower while the other AD carry has to cry and watch his own turret destroy his CS. Basically, this increases your advantage, while decreasing your opponents. If you find yourself staring to put too much pressure on the turret, buy some wards or use your scurrying trinket to catch the enemy jungler while he's low from clearing camps. Once the target is located, start attacking while they're in the middle of clearing a camp; This will force the jungler to either keep trying to clear the camp and take free damage from you, Turn his focus to you and take free damage from the camp, or run away like a wuss giving you free gold. Either way, unless the jungler is amazingly strong, you should either get a buff, kill, gold, or all of the above. Now you will progress into the mid game, with Lucian, this is the part where you walk your fed *** up to other lanes to help out with pushing or shutting down enemies who have an advantage. Most of the time you will want to do this right after, or soon after getting you're own turret. Since most games are won from pushing down the mid lane, you'll want to start your roaming career there. Help your teammate secure a kill, then help them get either one turret, or two if you're feeling ballsy. Top lane will be your lowest priority; This is especially true if your teammate is high damage.

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Late Game and Winning

The late game is where Lucian shines. Once you've reached this point, the enemy team might as well surrender; But don't get too cocky. This is a team game, and even if you think that you can solo carry, Lucian is very VERY squishy. What this means is that if you get caught in a 2v1 against someone with high DPS and someone with high CC, you will be destroyed most of the time. The key to wining with Lucian is to force bad teamfights for the enemy team, then stay on the edge of the conflict dealing high burst damage and high DPS to squish targets while the other team is distracted by the rest of your team. Before they know it, ACE. They've been purified. Take this advantage and use it to pick up a tower, dragon, or Baron. One thing I see a lot in lower Elo games is teams forgoing taking free towers, instead opting for a Dragon buff if they're behind. This is a HUGE mistake, sometimes, leading to many a thrown game.

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In conclusion, Lucian the purifier is a late game beast and can become a hypercarry if played correctly. I hope you enjoyed my first guide on Mobafire, hopefully I'll make more guides in the future on supports such as Braum and Nami. Be sure to check out my Twitch stream to see if I'm any good at the champ I'm making a guide for. Have fun in normals, and best of luck in Solo queue.