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League of Legends Build Guide Author AtomicStryker

Proper Jungle [VID]

AtomicStryker Last updated on March 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my Nocturne Jungle Build. There's a ton of Nocturne builds popping up recently (well he is a badass champion) but i really dislike the way most people think you should jungle, and the Nocturnes i meet are never a match for me.

So ... i'll take you through my thought process on how to build him and how to jungle. Hopefully it will help some people, they certainly need it.

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Nocturne - Is he your nightmare? OR THEIRS?! [Pros/Cons]


    Great Jungler and Laner both
    Excels at chasing and escaping
    Spell Shield against clutch spells
    Can Disable
    Ultimate that is epic and evil both
    Darkness, with A CHANCE OF PAIN

    Low natural Health Pool
    Has no actual Slow or Stun
    E usually drives enemy AWAY from you
    Spell Shield is a one time stunt
    Wrong use of Ultimate kills you
    Dance looks really stupid

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Many people suggest Attack Speed Runes and even Quints. SO VERY WRONG.

You're not Udyr, your lvl 1 Attack Speed is just fine. If you do pick AS runes, your Jungling will slightly improve, but you lose so much potential.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Greater Mark of Desolation
THIS. THIS. THIS. It will improve your Jungle, dramatically improve your early damage against heroes, and is one of the best lategame runes.

25 flat Armorpen reduces most heroes early on to next to NOTHING.

Since you're not going for Nimbleness, pick this over Dodge. You'll have over 60 armor at lvl 1, which is very very nice while Jungling. You'll even be capable of diving and safely surviving one or two turret shots before lvl 6.

You don't need CDR all that much. Attack Speed Glyphs? They are jolly and fun, until you try to gank Anivia/Annie/LeBlanc and get nuked to the face. So take these.

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Offensive. Armorpen. Damage, crits, extra Creep damage. Improved Spells. Obligatory Jungle XP masteries. There's not much to say really.

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Standard Jungle setoff. Some people go Vampiric Scepter first ... i ask WHY. It's not like your life steal can keep you in Battle, or something particularly useful would come of it. Only slightly faster Wriggle's Lantern.

I usually go Madreds before boots, but thats up to you. The only kinds of Boots i deem useful on Nocturne are Boots of Mobility and Mercurys Threads, since you're a natural Roamer and CC is your worst enemy.

Building Frozen Mallet allows you to stay in combat longer and become a Bruiser additionally to an Assassin. Youmuu's Ghostblade is the physical carry item. Chalice of Harmony bumps your MR up to 100 and provides late game mana. Infinity Edge would be what i'd get above that ... but none of my Noc games has lasted this long yet.


Quicksilver Sash
Banshee's Veil

To counteract CC

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Skill Sequence

The Spotlight build with going Shroud of Darkness first is a lot less efficient compared to going Duskbringer first. It gives you +20 AD ontop of the 20% AS, and you wont run out of mana until you reach the Golem.

Priority is R -> Q -> E -> W with one point in W at level 4. Even on level 5 Shroud of Darkness and with max CDR it cools down too slow to be used constantly.

In Batlle, you usually initiate with Paranoia, immediatly slap Unspeakable Horror onto your victim and pop Shroud of Darkness whenever you have the feeling youre about to get spelled. Once your target tries to run, Duskbringer into it's flight path and chase it down. Don't forget to trigger your Youmuu's Ghostblade.

Paranoia is the best Diving/Initiating/Target Swapping tool there is. You can walk up normally from a side, quickly kill their one champ slightly behind, then ultimate past the three now trying to kill you onto their tank in front, and be with your teammates again.

Ward enemy buffs and jump onto unsuspecting Junglers. Generally ward spam is a good idea for you. Try not to lasthit-killsteal from your allies, they need money too and it makes you a douchebag.

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Creeping / Jungling

See video.

Finer Nocturne Micro:
- Keep as many enemies alive as long as possible so your passive heals for more
- Fear the strongest enemy and focus him
- Dont forget to use Q, make sure to hit all enemies with its really small arc
- Make sure you are close enough to all enemies to passive-swipe them all

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Team Work

Use Unspeakable Horror to break channeled Spells like Malz, Nunu or Kat Ultimate

Always go for the enemy teams tasty DPS/Nukers

Your Ultimate can screw up enemy global Ultimates such as Shen's!!!

It generally causes the enemy to retreat for a couple of seconds, perhaps giving a teammate the edge to escape certain death.

Always help out a teammate in a 1on2, you should be able to turn the fight immediatly