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Anivia Build Guide by Mehulk20

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mehulk20

Pushy pushy Anivia

Mehulk20 Last updated on February 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Woot! first guide i will try my best :D now a word of warning. This guide is just my OPINION on how to build Anivia. This one fits my play style plain and simple. This is not for everyone. This is an intro you don't have to read this if you don't want too :) Now, i am kind of a pushy anivia player. I will move forward when given the chance but if i know the enemy is coming up soon i will hide in a nearby bush and basically attack as soon as they are next too me or just a little past me. I have gotten my Ability Power into the 600's before when i was summoner level 19 and couldn't get my tier three runes. For some reason its not taking into account the masteries because i can definitely get it higher than the number it is saying. Whoops! kinda went on a rant. i will try not to do that when i describe the pros and cons of each. onwards to the guide part! :D

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My runes are based on the fact that her ulti eats up mana. And i love dealing out the damage. Since she is a mage Ability Power is a must. So, every single rune is dedicated to either Ability Power, Mana, or Mana Regen. There have been many a time where i would be in the middle of a fight and discover to my dismay "ohs noes! no more mana D: " and her basic attack doesn't deal a whole lot of damage. Any other runes seem kinda not needed? Its up to play style of course. Just the way the character was made implies that you really need to focus on giving her mana. You probably could sacrifice a few of the mana and mana regen runes for health or armor. I was tempted to do that. But, as i will explain later, her passive eliminates that need at least in my opinion it does. I know kinda short but its my first time writing a guide.

Pros of my runes:
High ability power
High mana
High mana regeneration

Cons of my runes:
Low defense
Decent health
Ok speed

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Ummmmmm i don't know how to add in the pictures like in the other guides you will see so sorry about that. If i can, i will add them in at a later date after i figure it out. Anyways, because of how i play her, offense fits really well for her. The first one you do is aim at the Ability Power. Dealing bonus damage to minions and monsters, attack power (she doesn't deal a lot of physical damage), and summoners wrath aren't worth it. Mostly because of the two spells i would recommend. Next in line would be knocking down her cooldowns. This is a good idea for any champ but anivia's cooldowns are already fast so if you knock them down more your gonna be a very happy guy who is launching an ability power pretty quickly. Arcane knowledge is a must. She does like 80-90% magic damage. 10% magic penetration? Sounds good to me :D I did havoc to basically give me enough so i could move onto the next main one of my build. *shrugs* i mean might as well right? it does help her out. Now blast is basically a free rune that doesn't take up space. Per level? definitely better than a flat one. Archmage may be flat but it helps boost that Ability Power up some more. Her abilities can now do some massive damage even without runes. Now onwards! *crosses fingers and hopes i am doing a good job*

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*winces* a lot of people are gonna flame me for this but oh well. The recommended build? Just do that. First item should be the Sapphire Crystal. Its used in a different item build too but its also the cheapest and helps give more mana. I have NEVER used one of the buns or potions so if you want too feel free. Second item is da boots of speed. Start building that sorcerers shoe! she is a slow character so get her to at least a decent speed so she can chase down those almost dead champs a bit better. Third item is more up to you but i would say the Meki Pendant. start up that mana regen. Quick personal experience. I once went a good portion of the game without dying or recalling. I had nearly 5000 gold by the time i went to the shop. And i spent. Chalice of Harmony, Sorcerers shoes, and (my main man) Catalyst the Protector. Yes you want the Catalyst. It helps heal you and boosts your mana regen when you level up. After that its more up to you. Just save the Archangels Staff for last. Ok! so final order of the final builds (aka what you should aim to finish first feel free to buy the builds for the later ones. In fact i encourage it cuz thats what i do)! Chalice of Harmony, Sorcerers Shoes, Rabadons Death Cap, Void Staff, Rod of Ages, and Archangels Staff. ummmmmm i feel i messed up saying the order? but ya i tried my best. Just look up at the pictures i did the exact build order.

Pros of the item build:
Seriously boost her Ability Power (once had it in the 600's)
Mana regeneration very high
Mana is very high too

Cons of the item build:
Doesn't do much else really
Makes her weak to physical damage cuz it doesn't boost defenses at all

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Skill Sequence

The Passive: rely on it heavily. Run to the turret and hope they forget about your pa***ive when your low on health. Make it seem like your a very weak and squishy player. Sadly they won't be fooled twice. It takes 4 minutes to cooldown yes but if you harass the enemy champs enough to make them think twice about approaching you you can last long enough for it to come back.

Flash Frost: Put levels into it asap. This stuns them for 1 second. And its damage increases as well. One of the most used abilities in my opinion so take advantage of the fact its the most used.

Crystalize: ugh. ew. I only put levels into it when i am forced too. However, depending on my team and the map i may put 1 level in it at level 3 because it provides sight around it. you cast it over a wall into the fog of war and you can see around it. basically a free sight ward for 5 seconds. and in the jungle lanes a low level version does fill up the entire lane easily. Especially in Twisted Treeline (fave map!). Other than a few rare cases i don't put levels in it until its my only choice. I do admit it has saved me a few times by stalling fast champs while i run away into the turrets safety.

Frost Bite: oh baby the main part of her deadly ability combo. It deals double damage when an enemy unit is chilled. That includes the ice effects from Ashe, Nunu, and Sejuani. So if your in a team with friends you want to lane with another ice character. I once teamed up with a friend who was playing Sejuani. It was a deadly combination. Level this up along with flash frost as often as possible.

Glacial Storm: *rubs hands together* om nom the minions! lol perfect lane control ability. large radius and does a good chunk of damage. fire off the Q ability, quickly launch the storm around them and hit them with E asap. If they are confident they will stay and try to fight you. Otherwise they will run. To face melee enemies place Glacial Storm around yourself.

So ummmmm yeah. hopefully a good attempt? :D

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Summoner Spells

Heal and Clarity. Need i say more? Very basic spells but very good. My version is pretty squishy. She needs health. And it certainly works if you launch it when she is almost dead. Clarity is also very nice cuz she eats up mana in a very large way. It has helped me a whole lot. And my allies. Go for whatever spells suit your style though.

Pros of the spells:
Low defense so can boost health when your low
She eats up mana very quickly use it to restore some of it to make you last longer

Cons of the spells:
Takes up space for other useful spells

Now i have never used any other spells with her before so i don't feel qualified enough to talk about how good or bad they are. Basically whatever combination works for you. When i get the chance i will experiment with other spells and i will edit this accordingly once i have.

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Yes its very basic. Its my first one. As soon as i figure out how to add some of the images other people have on theirs i will be doing a lot better job. don't judge too harshly please :( i did my best. and if you have any advice on how to make this guide better (not how to make the build better) please feel free to say so! i accept criticism as long as it helps me get better.