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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chrismead

QQ'ing and Game Etiquette

Chrismead Last updated on November 10, 2011
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It is not uncommon, actually, it's extremely likely that while playing League of Legends that you will come across Flamers and QQ'ers. There is a culture of people in game that will just constantly throw insults at players and cry in /all when they could just be helping the game get better.

This guide isn't really here to improve how you play, just to adress some real attitude problems that people in game seem to have. The main problem with QQ'ers in league of legends is that they are so horrible that most people will just associate all players as QQ'ers, but actually it will be one or two if you are unlucky people in a game at a time. The majority of players in LoL are actually very polite and understand the way a video game is meant to be played.

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In-Game Etiquette

In-Game Etiquette is something alot of players in LoL seem to have forgotten or never learned about. It doesn't hurt to just be plain polite. As a man much wiser than I always said: 'Manners cost nothing'. Now, let's say Renekton is getting beat down by jax in, let's say for the purposes of simplicity, solo lane. Renekton has 2 deaths and a poor farm at this point and the poor fellow can't get his farm up. The perfectly wrong response for this situation is:


Now I'm not saying that the player was justified in feeding jax, actually the opposite, there's no reason for someone to be feeding jax in LoL it's basically suicide. However, my problem is the way that this is conveyed to the player. Obviously not all LoL players speak english in the european realms, so you can't turn around and say:

'Excuse me renekton but can you play a little more defensively? You seem to be giving Jax kills'

Although this would be the perfect way to ask someone to play the way they should, not everyone speaks English. (I'll get to that point later) Something simple like:

'Renekton defensive, jax fed, I gank soon'

This is a short burst of simple words that anyone should be able to understand. You are telling renekton to back off until you get there for a gank (I'm assuming you're in the role of someone in a position to gank before any of you turn around and go 'LOL WHAT IF I WAS SORAKA LOLOL')

Now, we'll reverse the situation. Well, we'll just do a role reversal. You are Renekton and you are in the exact same situation. What do you do? You're obviously not having fun being surpressed so hard by jax, the junglers have ganked you and you really need help. You do NOT, however, say this:


This is not how you get team-mates to help you in game. LoL isn't a game about trying to cover yourself so you look better. You have fed jax in your lane and insulting people is not the proper way to go about it. The proper response would be:

'jax fed, need gank'

There are two key points about this statement. One being the non-insulting manner and the way it has been conveyed, and the other is a key point that almost all players seem to miss.

It is human instinct to make something seem like it's not your fault. However in LoL almost all advantages and ganks happen because someone made a mistake. It can become incredibly fustrating to see a whole team crumble because one person has made a crucial mistake, however League of Legends is not the blame game. If you have made a mistake you should admit it straight away and work to fix it. The statement 'jax fed' tells everyone that you have made a mistake, but 'need gank' tells everyone that you want to fix it. In LoL massive amounts of time can be wasted on people crying about who's fault it is that ryze got fed and who didn't ward what, but really it's time that you cannot afford to waste. And to most players that are here just to enjoy themselves playing a video game seeing someone react so negatively is a real put down, it impacts on the mood of the game alot more than most QQ'ers would think.

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I covered alot of this in the above point, however it's worth going over this again. There is no point in crying over spilt milk, especially in League of Legends. I don't understand where this idea that you need to tell everyone that your team is bad and that akali is fed and that tryndamere is op comes from. Sure, fiddlesticks might have died more than he should have, akali has done really well in the ganks and tryndamere is tryndamere, but these are thoughts you should just keep to yourself. For players that are here just to play the game and have fun it really does make us feel bad.

A lovely quote from Nicholias summarises QQ'ing beautifully: 'Y U NO PERFECT AND NOT MAKE MISTAKES?!'

Now, let's say you've said repeatedly in /all that tryndamere is OP, now what? He's still doing damage, he's still got his ulti and you've become so focused on tryndamere that you have forgotten about the 9 other players. Now, I'm playing Cho'Gath, having an average game on solo lane and really trying to concentrate on making sure I'm not hit by Gragas' barrels while at the same time checking how everyone else is doing. Do I really need to read an essay about why you hate tryndamere? Does anyone need this? It's selfish, pointless and really irritating and it's something that needs to stop. The proper response is to do something about it, get a counter item or organise a gank. You should not be QQ'ing about it.

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Reacting to a QQ'er

Now we've all been in a situation where someone has been putting the team so damn low with their constant moaning that we have to say something. There are proper ways to react to someone like this, saying the wrong thing could cause them to feed or just go afk, which of course is reportable. The proper way to deal with a QQ'er is to politely ask them to stop, explain that they are ruining the game experience for all of the team and explain a few things people on the team could do to turn the game around. It is important to strike a middle ground with people like that, as most of the time they are QQ'ing for the right reasons, they are just having the wrong reaction. If someone refuses to stop, there is always the ignore button at the end of the game. This will ensure that you will never play with this person again. Other than that there isn't much you can do apart from muting them in game, which is always a really bad idea in a game where communication is key.

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This is something that really bugs me about some LoL players, again being the minority, but some players simply won't 'GG'. GG stands for Good Game, it is said at the end of a game. It isn't, however, a literal meaning. It is more of a handshake to the other team to show that you have been beat. It's just plain polite to GG at the end of any competitive game, even if you got completely smashed.

However, it is plain not acceptable to say 'BG'. BG is a phrase which means the opposite, 'bad game', and is just plain rude. It's impolite and impacts not only on the other team but on your team-mates as well. Do you ever see any tennis players going up to the net to moon the other player at the end of a tennis match? Ever see a boxer punch someone in the face after the fight is over because they lost? Ever see Soccer playe- don't answer that one.

My point is that it is plain polite to GG at the end of every game and completely unacceptable to BG.

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Now, because I've gone on and on about being polite in game and being pleasent, it doesn't mean that you can't have a bit of banter in the first minute and a half. Most players at the beggining of a game will say:

'Gl Hf!'

This is a perfect gesture of sportsmanship, it means good luck and have fun and is pleasent to see, giving a warm atmosphere for people to competetively play video games in. However, some people will say:

'Good lags, have feeders? You too!'

And this is also acceptable, it's a friendly poke in the ribs and a good bit of banter at the start of a game to get competetive juices flowing. I just wanted to clear the air that there's nothing wrong with a little friendly banter, but however plain insulting and crying are not acceptable. A little banter does not include:

'U play jax!! NOOB CHAR!!'



This is just creating a horrible atmosphere to play in, there's already an air of negativity hanging around that just isn't pleasent to play in and the game hasn't even started! A GLHF will do just fine at the beggining of a game.

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Reporting for Feeding

I'm sure this must bug the riot staff something awful, but everyone seems to want to report that one guy with 15 deaths for feeding, and of course he feels the need to tell everyone else to do this too. However, you can't just report someone for dying in a game, you can only report someone for intentionally feeding in a game. This means if, say, nidalee says:

'NOOB team won't surrender, i feed'

and then dies 20 times, you can report that person. However, if fiddlesticks happens to be having a bad game and dies a silly amount of times that's just not reportable; it's either bad luck or bad play. Again, your time spent telling people to report a feeder could be better used on telling him how not to feed, or giving some advice.

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Alot of problems with players in LoL is simply people being impolite or inconsiderate to other people's experience. Manners cost nothing as a wise man once told me and you would be smart to consider the same. I hope this build has been at least an amusing read or provided a link that you can give to a few players that could use the attitude adjustment, I know I could name a few! If there is anything I can add to the build or any points I could consider please leave them in the comments box, I'll be sure to read them. Thank you very much for reading and good luck improving the attitudes of people around you!


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