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Quinn Build Guide by GrandpaDoosiz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GrandpaDoosiz

Quinn and Valor - View From the Top (Bruiser Top Lane)

GrandpaDoosiz Last updated on April 7, 2013
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While most folks seem to regard her as a poorly built ADC, Quinn has an insanely awesome kit for top lane ownage. She has a really good passive (dmg boost) and Q (blind) as well as the benefit of being ranged, for trading harass. Her E is pretty solid for chasing or kiting, whichever is needed. Her W is a great AS boost + reveal. This guide is to showcase her awesomeness top lane.

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Masteries, Runes, and Summoners


I like 21/9/0. Taking AD stuff from offensive, and HP, Armor and MR in defense. You can probably tweak it a bit for more defensive stuff and run some kind of hybrid off/def setup if needed, but 21/9/0 should be fine for most things.

For Runes: Pretty standard AD setup. AD Marks and Quints, Armor seals, MR/lvl blues. You can swap in flat MR blues if it's looking like you'll be top against some kind of AP.


I like Flash/Ignite.

As with most things, it's personal preference. I could see Ghost, Exhaust, TP, Barrier, all being useful in certain situations.

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Starting items are usually personal preference. I usually start w/ boots/pots, but depending on who you'll be up against, you can vary that accordingly.

From there, depending on how laning is going, you can pick up brutalizer if you're pretty well ahead and have gotten a kill or two from successful ganks. If you're getting beat on pretty bad, you pick up something more defensive like a chain vest/neg cloak etc.

Black Cleaver and Iceborn Gauntlet are the two main items I usually go after. BC is a great bruiser item. Iceborn synergizes really well w/ the rest of Quinn's kit. The sheen bonus is great w/ her passive. With Icebonrn, If you can land a Q > auto on a marked enemy, you're looking at a good chunk of their HP gone. The slow is awesome for chasing and goes really well w/ her E.

From there, I'll build situationally. Offensively, I'll go after a Last Whisper. Defensively, Hexdrinker/Maw or Banshee's if needed for MR, or Randuins for HP/armor. All of this depends on what you're up against in lane and the comp of the rest of their team, but this should give a general idea of where to go.

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CS should be pretty easy since you're ranged. Harass/trade as you can, using your passive. If things go sideways or they get ahead of you in harassing, you can use your Q to blind them, then E to put some distance between you. Use your W when necessary to check for ganks if you don't have a ward up.

Your ult is pretty good for chasing since you ignore unit collision and get an MS boost. If you can, save it for when they're low and starting to run away, as the dmg at the end is based on the amt of HP they're missing Timing it just right could secure a kill.

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Team Fighting

You should be pretty beefy, but don't just hang out in melee range if you can help it. Do what you can to focus/blind their carry. Use your ult near the end of the fight if you can to try and seal up some of those low HP folks. It's worth noting that your ulted Q is an AOE blind, which may prove useful in some situations. If you can get a clear LOS for your Q skillshot, you can ult and E to the carry, then Q to blind them.

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Other Thoughts

This is a work in progress sort of guide. I'm sure there will be new things added, things removed, etc.