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Sejuani Build Guide by zorritoloco

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zorritoloco

"Im cold and i know it " Jungle Sejuani

zorritoloco Last updated on January 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my 1st build in mobafire. I play in North America. Plz, if u guys have a question, dont underrated this right away, ask. Maybe i can make some mistakes in this guide, so i need to know what to improve in this guide. One more thing, english is not my native language, so, i can make some grammar mistakes, sry.

I will being updatin this guide by new information if i discover any other good item.

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Why i want to play Sejuani?!?!

Sejuanni is my new favorite tank jungler, cuz of his ganks ( always succesful) and his speed in the jungle. If you like to charging into the enemy forces, u will like her. Good durability, damage and a initiator, all in one champ. And Tons of CC.

Time to answer some possibles questions !!

Why not Ap Sejuani FUUUUUUUUUUU--
Really?, i mean, i didnt test Ap in her. Just look at her Ap ratios, only the good one is her ult. The others are pretty pathetic. I feel putting some tank items and a bit of dps is good enough on her.

Sejuani can solo top?
I didnt test her in solo top, but maybe yes. Her skills doesnt consume to much mana (if u dont spam it, obviously)

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Pros / Cons


_TONS OF CC (Permaslow)
_Good durability
_Good damage
_Good initiator
_Can save people ***

_Easily kited by ranged champions
_If u miss ur ult, u are missing a huge adventage in a teamfight
_Not the best survability in the jungle, but at least she is fast
_Needs a Timon and Pumba skin (THIS NEVER WILL HAPPEN FUUUUUUUUUU)

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Frost: This is like having a free frozen mallet, which is good for ganks and catching up an enemy, really useful.

Artic Assault: A good ability, used for getting closer to an enemy and slowing it, so ur team can help to get the kill. This can be used to as an escaping tool or for jukes, but dont use too much for that porpouse, cuz it has a ******** long CD. I max this second for the damage.

Northern Winds: This is like the shyvannas Burnout, just more powerful. Enemies who have Frost or Permafrost, take 50 percent more damage frm this ability. I take 2 points in early game for the jungle and max this last.

Permafrost: My favorite ability. Enemies who have Frost, take more damage and more slow, pretty good to do some succesful ganks. I max this first for the damage and the utility it has.

Glacial Prison: Lets just say its a Curse of the Sad Mummy + Collateral Damage a bit nerfed lol. Your initiator ability, it rocks over amumu cuz is a skill shot. U can catch off guard an enemy and then everybody of your team rush in and **** them UP!!!... sry, but seriously, this ult rocks, but practice ur skillshots to get better results

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Armor penetration is always the best choice for ad champions, plus, this gonna help in ur jungle.

Armor is a fair straight for every tank champ, an once again, this is gonna help in ur survability in the jungle and in early fights.

Magic resist is good to reduce the damage of some damage of the mages in early game.

Health really help out in early game. Getting it, u can survive most of ur early ganks and the time in ur jungle

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Good item for the junglers. It give you a passive to be more fast in the jungle, some armor, some damage, some lifesteal and a free wards every 3 minutes!!!.

I usually build this too have some more health and the passive, then sell it to have a real good items.

Love this item, give u some CD reduction, which is good cuz Sejuani have a ********s Cd, so this gonna help out. It give u more mana, a huge boost on armor and a nice passive to cripple AD carrys.

Well u have enough armor for the moment, now is time to get some Magic resist as well. This item can give u a nice boost in MR, some health and a passive that can break down the combo of the Ap casters.

Time for more armor YEAAH! ok so this item procs with ur Northern Winds due to the passive. Give u more armor and a boost on ur health.

So, Sejuani is tanky and all, but u feel u need to have more power? then take this! give u some Magic Resist, more attack speed and a passive of doing 42 magic damage to an enemy. This with the sunfire cape and Northern winds procs greatly.

Other last picks
So, u dont need the wits end? lame, but is ok, u need to build which is good for u and ur team, example, if the other team have more AD carrys, then take more armor instead of MR, and the same thing with a full AP casters.
Too tell the truth, i didnt tested the items up there (Guardians angel, Force of Nature, Thornsmail and Atmas impaler) , but i find them other viables choice. I will update this if i test em.

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Summoner Spells

Good choice!
A must-have for every jungler, secure the dragons and barons kills.

This really helps out for catching up an fleeing enemy or for escaping.

I find this useful for your ult. Cmon, Flash over the wall and trow the ult. But naw, ghost is much better cuz u can close up and stick with the enemy.

[icon=Ignite size=40]
Yea, i like this. But you are the tank and u have an slowing passive, so anyone can escape from your wrath.

I like it too. It shoutdowns an AD carry or AP caster, just take this if anyone of ur team have this.


The rest is NO

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"Everyday im junglin!"

1_ Start with 5 hp pots + cloth armor. Take 1 point on Northern Winds and go to the blue. Tell your team to defenf it and ask for a leash. In the fight for blue, put on an hp pot. Dont forget to smite him

2_ Take Permafrost and go for the wolves. Always start hitting the big one. Put an hp poot if u feel they are doing a good damage

3_ Go for the Wraiths, again, take down the big one, they can do some good damage, so put another hp pot

4_ U can gank here, or go for Golems, make ur choice. If you go for Golems, then go for it
Put an hp pot and smite the big one if he is doing some dangerous damage. Then go to the base, buy a boot and return to the jungle.

5_ Go for red and GANK!!!!!

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Thanks for reading!

Well guys that it is, i will aprecciate some good criticism and less trolls downvotes.
You guys can add me: "zorritoloco" in north america server.
If you guys have a question, i will be free to answer it.