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Volibear Build Guide by XDogg

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XDogg

"Involibear" The involible Volibear Damage Tank

XDogg Last updated on September 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is a great guide to making one of the best Tank/DPS characters in the game. I get a carry score and I tank for the team... Tired of being forced into being the teams tank... well this will make you feel like you mater as much as anyone damage wise.

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These runes are important, you may even want to try hp runes instead if you want more bite.. but I regen like a boss with this setup on most of my tanks. Soloing is pretty much Easy as pie.

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This is a touch of Offense with a good amount of defense.

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Skill Sequence

It is important to get Clarity and Heal with Volibear... Not only are you the awesome all in one Damage Tank you are also a bit supportive with your heal and mana bursts. This will aid your team as well as aid you in tight situations. Clarity because you soak mana like a champ, and heal because well its great to have when your massive bear regen fails or just to peak it off.

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Start with Dorians... why? because it is awesome, you will keep your lane secure as well as having a bit more regen and defense.. I can usually keep 2 ppl at bay even soloing a double top... Unless they are both strong range. (You will replace this item later )

Next pick up some boots, regular boots of speed for now. You need to get away a lot by using your charge (Q) so boots are important to help speed you outta stuns and slows.

After that you need to work on the Heart of Gold (turtle shell), if needed get the Health stone first because it helps your bite even if you can't afford the heart of gold.

Now you need to either grab another health stone or finish off the boots with either the recommended Mecury Treads (magic or stuns resist) or Ninja Tabi (More Armor) or even the Ionian boots of Ludicy (Cooldown). Depending on the enemies you pick which boot you want. If they dont have strong magic and you dont need the armor the cooldown from ludicy boots may help. (but i dont recommend the ludicy boots in this build)

Next lead your way up to the IONIC SPARK... you wonder why? This is your bears Speed item and damage... On top of your Awesome ult this little spark goes a long way. A lot of ppl recommend the Atmas Impaler, and this can also be included later but earlier this spark is effective specially since your Bite (W) requires you to slap something 3 times.. which meants more bites.

After that a nice Warmog.. if you cant afford the belt first then grab the healthstone because it is important to pound on the HP (For your bite Damage) following a second warmog with the same steps.

Now that your have two warmogs your bite is prolly real krazy, you have decide however what item next... (THIS ITEM REPLACES THE DORIANS) I recommended the Force of Nature but this is only if the team hurts you with strong AP... because if they fail with AP then you can swap it for another Warmog or the Atmas Impaler for more auto attack damage.

The last Item is the Randuins Shield it will be your extra armor and is finished last so that you get the most out of your Heart of Gold piggy bank. You could mix it up and swap this item out with another warmog or the Atmas now I like it's abilties however. Use the slow to catch getaways.

I hardly ever finish this build as well I end up on not completing the Randuins shield at the end because we win.. ocassionally lose.

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Skill Sequence

The reason I have this pattern is because Charge is the best ganking ability to start with. Then get bite next because that is your strongest attack. Roar next because it is needed to slow fleeing ppl or mobs to suppress them. After that pretty much stack bite ASAP as much as you can, add to roar to incress the effect and charge is least priority but still work it up when you need to.

Bite however is your "FISH HIM" move so you need that stacked up quickly.

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You will need to harrass strong dont be afraid you are very tanky, if all else fails then fall back and let your regen work it's magic... I do best as a solo with this build, with a teammate in the lane they often steal the kills. You will still be unstopable but the rewards will take longer.

Hide in bushes let the enemy push then charge them (Q) then use (E) to slow them from running. If they are far from a turret use your ult (R) to electrify yourself and then Bite (W) order may vary depending on situation.

(E) is your roar also your mob control using it to help turrets or allies.

On mobs use your (E) Roar and your Ionic Spark will do the clean up often.

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Pros / Cons

PROS:This build is a very good tank with very good Damage Do to the speed of your BITE and Electricity. You will be the master engager in fights if your well farmed and be able to sometimes solo 3 people assuming that your a fed and they are squishy. I can most of the time take 2 ppl on, I once even cleared 4 ppl alone it was epic and rare and I was fed well.
If your team fails you still probably will have an even Kill/Death Ratio if not Carry.

If other people pick a tank it can work but if your team doesnt follow with good damage as well and AP you may not be able to survive..

Just like any game if your teammates fail you will not engage properly and get killed in big fights/ganks.

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(This game team fed early and carried them to victory)