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Veigar Build Guide by iTouchedYourButt

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iTouchedYourButt

"Unimaginable is the Power of Veigar!" [Season 6]

iTouchedYourButt Last updated on March 8, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Veigar with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ahri At the start she may be a bit aggressive and poke you a bit, but once you hit level 6 the only thing she can do is "Spirit Rush" away from your combos.
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia has a stacking ability just like Veigar that gives her AP out of thin air, and this just gives Veigar more power with his R because the bonus AP Cass gets will just make Veigar's ultimate stronger.
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Introduction to the Creator

Who is "iTouchedYourButt?"

My summoner name in League of Legends is iTouchedYourButt. I am currently a Silver II rank and have Rank 5 with Veigar for champion mastery.(<--- what an accomplishment :'D)You probably don't think you should listen to me just because I'm not that high of a rank, but I've played this champion ever since I started playing LoL. My best lane is mid lane, but I also enjoy jungling and supporting quite a good amount. Here are stats of my Veigar in Ranked and Normals. I haven't only played Veigar 50 times also if you can see by the stats in the pictures, it only records a portion of the games recently played. Of course I'm still playing the champions and not all these stats are up to date for what they are for my profile currently.

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Pros / Cons

Basically unstoppable when ahead
His Event Horizon is good for escaping/engaging
Has strong burst
Can have infinite AP through stacking his Baleful Strike
His premordial burst scales off his own AND his enemy's AP
Baleful Strike can double stack AP which can make him really strong really early on
Very strong in team fights
Can burst down and make any fed champion useless.

Weak against AD champs
Besides Event Horizon, has no escapes
Stacking is difficult if not practiced
Very squishy
Has counters that are very commonly played champions

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His Recent Update

At Patch 5.4, Veigar was somewhat nerfed/buffed at the same time and made many Rioters not sure what to think of what they did to Veigar.
Event Horizon costs less mana, given a higher range, and given a lower cooldown.
Primordial Burst was given a shorter cooldown and costs the same amount of mana at all ranks.
Baleful Strike is able to stack two AP at one use and given a longer range.
Dark Matter was given a shorter cooldown at all levels and costed less mana at all levels.

Baleful Strike is now a skill-shot and goes through the first target and stops at the second, making it hard to burst down champions if there's minion block.
Event Horizon was given a 0.75 second delay before the circle appeared and was able to stun the targets making it easier to avoid.
Primordial Burst was given a 1.0 AP ratio compared to the previous 1.2 AP ratio it had before the patch.

When this patch was released, many people were outraged because they found it stupid for them to "nerf" a champion that was already hurt greatly due to the removal of Deathfire Grasp. However, in my eyes, I found this to be a very fair change in Veigar's play style. It made it a bit more complicated but also a bit easy at the same time. The change of Event Horizon was rough at first, but through practicing with Veigar a lot in normals, I almost have mastered the art of leading my stun, making it much more easier to catch champions in the stun. The change of Baleful Strike was quite pleasing to me just because it made scaling so much more easier and gave him more range to his kit. The change of Primordial Burst's AP ratio really wasn't noticable whatsoever to me and the reduced cooldown of it is very useful in my eyes. The change may seem weird to some, but through practice, this change of kit for Veigar is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

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A MUST KNOW on Veigar's Passive!

This is mostly for people if they are new to the champion that is Veigar, but some other Veigar plays may not have realized this until now. What is so important about his passive is that basically, if you can't tell by how they describe it, the less mana Veigar has left over to use, the faster his mana will regenerate back. This is very useful as it'll allow you to constantly be having mana, so you can waste it as much as you want and not have to worry about running out and having to recall or just be forced to buy mana potions. Don't be thinking that you should save your mana because you only have so much, waste it as much as you can early on and try to stack Baleful Strike as much as possible. You won't need your mana for bursting anyone down at the start of the game because you should only be focusing on stacking your AP with Baleful Strike. Once you back once or twice and get a good power spike through your items, saving your mana is a good thing to do as it'll improve your chances of bursting down the enemy mid laner and allow you to lane freely and stack as much as you want until they return to lane. (Here are pictures of how his passive works in case you are still a bit confused)

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Stacking AP with Baleful Strike

What makes Veigar as strong as he is is the amazing ability of his that is Baleful Strike. You might be asking, "What makes it so special?" That's a very good question. If his Baleful Strike kills 1 minion, Veigar will gain 1 point of ability power. If it kills 2 minions which is known as a "double stack," Veigar will then receive 2 points of ability power. This ability makes him a one of a kind champion. Veigar is one of the few champions in League of Legends that can basically, gain an infinite amount of a stat. (Other champions include Thresh, Sion, Nasus, Bard, and Cassiopeia) By mid game, your Q will be on at least a 4 second cooldown meaning that you can gain so much AP to scale yourself unbelievably well into the late game. Practicing this ability in custom or normals is a good idea as once you get the hang of stacking this ability, you'll be a champion feared tremendously coming into ranked as him.

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Dark Matter Knowledge

This is one of the most useful skills that Veigar has in his kit. It has 100% AP ratio and is one of your main damage dealing abilities. Typically when you're using Dark Matter on an enemy champion, you'll want to stun them with your Event Horizon first, making your ability more likely to hit the target you're aiming for. Another good use for this ability besides bursting down enemies, is to use it for stacking your Baleful Strike. Typically what you'll want to do is either Dark Matter the melee minion wave or the mage minion wave, making them all low enough for you to almost always get a double stack and some free AP. This usually makes CSing much more easier as once you stack your Baleful Strike more and more, the likelier of the chance of you being able to double stack the minion wave that you used Dark Matter on.

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Veigar's Most Important Ability, Event Horizon

Veigar would be so much more difficult and probably played even less than he already is if he did not have his Event Horizon. This ability is what gives him the power to burst down and basically one-shot any carry he wants. If you can't hit this stun on your enemies, it is very unlikely that you will be able to hit your Dark Matter which will most likely leave you target with plenty of HP even if you hit them with your Baleful Strike and Primordial Burst. It was given the 0.5 second delay so I can see it being hard to use against your enemies, but once you have mastered this ability--you'll get fed almost every game that you play Veigar. I don't choose to max Event Horizon first because sure, it'll give a 2.5 second stun at max level, but if your Dark Matter isn't maxed and doesn't do enough damage, there'll be no point in having such a long stun if you're not able to finish them off with your bursts.

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Press R, Win Games

Man do I love me some good ol' Primordial Burst. Veigar is known as the AP Mid Nuker for many reasons, but the most important of all is this move. This ability at Rank 3, does 500 damage flat, this doesn't include all the AP that make this ultimate scale even more, but having 500 damage on it already is pretty unbelievable to begin with. Primordial Burst will do even more depending on how much total AP you have AND 80% of your target's total AP. Say you get to 1000 AP, and the enemy mid laner has 600 AP, your ultimate will be doing a ridiculous amount of damage. Let's do the math, 500 + 1000 + 480 = 1980. Your ultimate is inevitable going to make this champion as useless as possible because by the time they respawn that late into the game, your Primordial Burst will already be off cooldown and ready for you to use on them again. This ability is no doubt Veigar's funnest move to use because of the reactions you can get from people when you delete all of their HP in 0.4 seconds.

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How to Burst/Combo Your Enemies

In order to hit all your combos, a good Event Horizon is a must have. When you stun your enemy, you will have plenty of time to aim all of your moves correctly and do an effective amount of damage. Don't try and burst someone down unless you can lead your abilities into where they're walking or if they're standing still when attacking you. If you miss your stun, it is not worth wasting all the mana to try and burst them down as it will most of the time fail. Be patient and wait till you hit a good stun on them, then burst them down as much as you can. After you hit the stun however, always use your Dark Matter first and place it right on top of them. You have to do this because if you use this ability last when you stun them, the delay on it landing will be too much and you will most likely miss the intended target. Minions will sometimes be in front of the champion that you're trying to use your combo on, so you have to be patient after you stun them and not rush everything you're doing. You probably don't think so, but you will always have enough time to reposition yourself before using your Baleful Strike. Unless the target is fed or has plenty of AP, I highly recommend you save your Primordial Burst. Using it on a tank will never do as much as you hope it would compared to using it on a low magic resist AD carry or AP mid laner. One of the only times you should use it on a tank is if in a fight their is a very big tank that is latched on to you and none of your team is really defending you whatsoever. Usually this is the case in fights and you will be forced to spam your combo on a tank, sometimes resulting in a kill but not often. With the high AP ratios Veigar has on all of his abilities, bursting down will be very easy once you do practice it enough.

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Your Role in Team Fights

This is a very big part of the game for Veigar. No matter what. even if you are fed or not, you play a huge role when you are in a team fight. What Veigar is very known for is making a fed champion on the other team very useless in team fights. If he can hit a good stun on them, his bursts will almost always kill them or at least get them low enough to that they won't be able to stay in the fight. Without their carry champion in the fight, they are typically going to lose the fight unless they have another strong person in the fight that can step in and take control of what's happening. Never Primordial Burst a tanky person in team fights, always try and sneakily use it on their AD Carry, mid laner, or anyone else that is really fed on their team. You usually aren't protected too much in team fights, but you are never targeted very harshly either. People typically focus on protecting AND targeting the enemy ADC, but when their is a Veigar, you also have to put a good amount of focus onto them as well. You can't forget though, you also can play a good role in protecting your own ADC. Putting an Event Horizon onto your ADC when the enemy team jumps on to them can save your AD Carry and keep them in the fight so that you won't be the only person doing damage in the team fight. Don't go on tilt if you are doing bad in the early and mid game as you can still make a big impact to the game when you are a part of team fights. You can't ever feel you will be useless as your Baleful Strike's stacking can give you more AP so that you can start doing more damage to help your team in team fights.

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Information to Know for Ranked

Before going into Ranked with Veigar, make sure you have practiced him enough and feel comfortable with playing him. Without practice on Veigar, it is very likely you will be stomped going into ranked. When in champion select, always remember that people are going to try their hardest to counter pick you. Unless you know for sure that they have picked their mid laner already, I highly consider not first or second-picking Veigar. Don't let normal games make you think that first-picking this champ will have no negative result as the people in ranked are typically much more smarter against a Veigar matchup than some of the people in normal games.

Now into the actual game. Don't be nervous if you end up going against a counter, but don't get cocky if they're going against you as their counter either. Just focus on stacking your Baleful Strike and not getting poked too much by the enemy laner. Sometimes you'll be forced to farm under tower and it will be hard and annoying at first, but never forget that you can quickly come back when it comes to the mid and late game.

Some games, you'll have teammates that are either losing lane really hard or just being very toxic to each other. It is quite annoying to everyone, but you can't focus on what the rest of your team is fighting over. Focus on YOU. Focus on YOUR lane. Never forfeit at 20 in ranked as Veigar, you get so much more stronger the longer the game lasts which means it's always possible for your team to make a comeback. If you're winning your lane early on and have already killed your enemy laner or they just recalled, try and take your lead into other lanes that might be struggling or losing. Taking some of your time and putting it into other lanes is always a good thing to do and can help that lane so much. However, never roam too much. If you're winning your lane but not pushing whatsoever, there is no pressure being made and you give the enemy mid laner time to CS alone, catch up to you, and even push your tower. Never forget about taking objectives and don't let the enemy or your own team get into your head and make you do bad/stop trying.

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Ward Placements

On Blue Side
On Red Side

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Lore and Fun Facts on Veigar

This isn't anything important that you have to know, but it's some fun things to know about Veigar that you might not know or you might just find interesting.

Lore: "As a child, Veigar was a normal yordle with one small exception - he had a deep curiosity for the world beyond Bandle City. The young yordle spent much of his time studying the rest of Valoran, and he jumped at the chance to join a business that traded with other major city-states. Unfortunately for both him and the world, a deal with Noxian traders turned into shady business and went bad; Veigar and his companions were subsequently set up to take the fall. Arrested by the authorities, he was imprisoned within the walls of Noxus for years. Such isolation is very dangerous for yordles - undoubtedly why his cruel jailers did such a thing - and Veigar was slowly driven mad. He eventually escaped, having become a twisted version of his former self. Instead of returning to his people and Bandle City, he sought tutelage from dark wizards across the land. With his demented will focused on one task, he quickly became a dangerous and powerful wizard in his own right. Now he seeks to end all conflict on Valoran by bringing all of the city-states to their knees, regardless of their affiliation." ( Veigar has one yordle friend that is Lulu, but also has one yordle enemy that is Teemo.

Fun Facts: Veigar is named after Veigar Bouius, who previously worked as the Senior QA Analyst for Riot games. Besides Baleful Strike, all of Veigar's abilities are a reference to space. Event Horizon is a reference to the edge of a black hole, the point at which light cannot escape. Dark Matter is a reference to the undetectable matter in space. Primordial Burst is a reference to the Big Bang, the prevailing cosmological model that explains the early development of the Universe. Equilibrium is an important concept in stellar and orbital physics. Veigar is one of five champions that is thought to be able to infinitely increase a stat. Veigar possesses the most laugh emotes of any champion, totaling at a number of 6.

With Veigar's classic skin, he has up to 22 in-game quotes. With his Final Boss skin, he has over 80 in-game quotes. When Final Boss Veigar buys an item such as Rabadon's Deathcap, Guardian Angel, and many others, he says a special quote for them. All of Veigar's quotes in his Final Boss skin actually tie into another game that as well use the quote. (Examples such as "All the cake is gone!" being from Portal 2 and "Super effective!" being from Pokemon) Veigar in total has 9 skins, some of which no longer are available for purchase. Veigar has one of the cheapest skins in the game which is White Mage Veigar, costing the small amount of 390 RP if you don't include sales of skins that take their cost down to 260 RP.

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Thank you for taking the time to look at this guide. I'll be sure to update it quite often with changes that I see to make for you guys to make Veigar as strong as possible. Hopefully all these tips and lessons can help you guys master this champion and make him a bit more recognized and popular. Try to follow some of these tips as I have taken quite the time to write them all grammatically correct and make them sound as simple and easy to understand as possible. If you have any suggestions or questions, don't forget to leave them as they can help me make changes to the guide and even maybe help you with your playstyle in-game. Thanks for reading!