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Rumble Build Guide by Q l Q A n i v i a

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Q l Q A n i v i a


Q l Q A n i v i a Last updated on August 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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QLQ A n i v i a here bringing you a Rumble guide

Decided to play Rumble?

You're at the right guide cause I am currently the highest rated player with the most played games as Rumble in League of Legends . I wont be able to give you any flashy videos or flashy icons in my guide but If you take your time and read my guide il guarantee youl learn a thing or everything about rumble.

This is not an ap revolver spellpen type build. This is a build that i have focused on after Rumbles NERF
Rumble used to be crowned as this games most OP champion being banned in almost every dreamhack game. Since then riot has lowered his ap ratio on his q his ulti and lowered the revolvers spellvamp.
After trying out many builds I came to a conclusion that AP spellvamp rumble is not worth it anymore so I decided to build a tanky Rumble where I can go into whole teams and tank for the team while Decimating the opponents forces.

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Why play Rumble?

Rumble in my opinion is currently the BEST champion in League of Legends.

Rumble can be played in HUNDREDS of ways, you name it DPS, AP, AD, hybrid, support, tank and believe it or not they ALL work
Why? because rumble is the most versatile champion in the game who DOES NOT NEED MANA NOR AP in order to deal massive amounts of damage

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Ranked Play

I desinged this guide specifically for ranked play.
Thanks to Riot Games Rumble is now a non banned champion due to his nerfs. But dont fret his nerfs do not affect a Tanky/ap rumble at all.

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Honestly, Rumble does not need runes to be effective but since we are going to build him tanky/ap I decided to take flat armor yellows and flat mr blues so i can start with 48 armour and 51 mr with your dorans shield.
I take flat ap quints with magic penetration reds for your early damage.
Like I said in the paragraph above Rumble does not need a lot of ap in order to deal massive damage so ap yellows and blues are not needed hp quints are also not needed since you already start with 698 hp at lvl 1

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My masteries speak forthemselves the usual 9/21/0 tank masteries for the magic penetration early on in the game and the 21 in defense for your sustainability in lane and in teamfights

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells no matter which champions or players I am up against I always take FLASH AND IGNITE and from the 500 total games ive played with Rumble no other spells have fit him better as a tanky initiator.

First of all I take flash because if flash is timed right or used in the right situation it can be used as an escape method, a baiting method or an offensive method.
With flash you can go through walls flash towards your teammates who are targetted or FLASH INTO THE ENEMY TEAM why would I do that? well once you aim your ulti properly onto your targets if the opponents are squishy enough you should easily be able to flash over a wall or flash into a distance where you can q w e combo your opponents and receive an easy double kill * DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU ARE UNDERLEVELED , GOING AGAINST MASS CC OR DO NOT HAVE ANY MAP VISION

I also take ignite as my second summoner spell because .... because.... its just neccessary, for example you can ignite an enemy champion and if they flash away you can finish them off with your ulti or you can combo them and ignite the champion for a easy kill

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Item Sequences and reasonings

For items I start off with a
1. Dorans shield
For the extra hp regen , armor and health bringing Rumble to 698 hp at lvl 1, this item is key for Rumbles early laning phase

2. Boots and health pots or Merctreads
Why rush boots? I personally think that merc treads is the second most important item for Rumble early game since it gives him extra mr and cc reduction that he will not be getting until late game with his abyssal scepter or his FoN/GA

3. Rylais
Rylais is Rumbles core item which he can use in multiple ways, with Rylais you can kite your enemies with all 4 of your skills You can either w in or just q the moment ur q hits the enemy target for even a split second your target is slowed. after your target is slowed his natural reaction is to run back but dont forget rumbles q/ flame spitter is an aoe spell so it does not trigger minionsand continues to slow the targets in the area so feel free to run right into the target with your q.
Once your opponent is out of your radius harass him/her with your e RYLAIS + TWO E CHARGES IS EQUIVALENT TO TWO NUNU ICEBALLS PRENERFED all at the cost of NO MANA you will be able to respam and respam this combo every 10 seconds perfect for ganks and denying

4/5. Sunfire Cape or Abyssal scepter

You will determine which item to buy in progression from the opponents team. First you will have to revise the opponents carries. If they are high on AD then go for sunfire first if they are high on AP go for Abysal scepter first then follow up with whichever item you are left with.

Why sunfire? Sunfire cape is a great item that provides armour and health that Rumble needs to tank with on top of 40 extra damage addded on top of your flamespinner
Why Abyssal Scepter? Abyssal Scepter is also a key item which helps rumble in too many ways. First of all it provides magic resist and AP which rumble both needs on top of that it provides spell pen not only for yourself but for the whole team. Scepter lowers the enemies magic resistance by 20. Yes only 20 BUT YOUR Q AND YOUR SUNFIRECAPE ARE PER SECOND DAMAGE ITEMS WHICH MEANS YOU WILL BE DEALING +20 MROE DAMAGE ON EACH OF YOUR SKILLS EVERY SECOND INCLUDING YOUR SUNFIRE CAPE

6/7. DeathCap/GA sell Dorans shield in exchange for last item
If your team is still in need of someone to tank go ahead and get GA cause I cannot stress how important this item is to me. With this item i can leisurely towerdive single opponents and initiate fights into whole teams 1v5 YES 1v5.
The other item choice is DeathCap this item is DEFINITELY a core item to all casters but do not forget we are building Rumble as a sustainer if your team already has enough tankiness then go ahead get a DeathCap and Decimate everything in your way

Other situational items
-force of nature instead of your abyssal scepter or sunfire if opponent has too much burst ap
-thornmail instead of abysalscepter or sunfire if opponent has too much dps/ad

If you have all of the above DO NOT FORGET you are now OFFICIALY AN UNSTOPPABLE FORCE you have over 250 mr 250 armor hell over 3000 hp over 100 ad and over 350 AP you are the tank you are the carry you are the initiator DO NOT FORGET items such as ORACLES and BLUE ELIXIRS The blue elixir gives you 20% cd reduction on top of your skills which are already around 5 second cd and oracles allows you to find stealth champs such as akali, wukong, twitch, eve and destroy them in 2-3 seconds.

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Skill Sequence

For skill sequence I max my
Q flamespitter first because it will be your main source of harrassment and farming

W to be maxed second for the extra movement speed and shield at the cost of NOTHING if you learn how to use your w properly you will not take any damage whatsoever

E last since it is just a harassing tool and not for damage

R and of course your ulti whenever possible. This skill is the most long ranged skill shot ulti in the game. Imagine an ezreal ulti that can be aimed and instantly lands where you desire it to hit. The chances of landing a Rumble ulti is over 90% and no its damage does not decrease based on how many targets you hit, it slows down all enemies in it and deals damage per second = OP

FOR HIS PASSIVE Junkward titan make sure you are keeping an eye on the gage meeter at all times cause once you are maxed out you will not be able to cast any spells. During my earlier games with rumble there were many times where i could have gotten kills if i did not spam my skills and used them at the appropriate moments. This DOES NOT mean that hsi passive is a bad thing. His passive is incredibly great for his w and e his slow and his movement speed greatly increases so if you can time it perfectly in ganks there you go you have a free escape card or a free kill.

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How to farm+harass with Rumble


If you did not already know 15 creep kills is equivallent to a champion kill for example if I had 150 0/6 cs and you had 0 cs and 6/0 kills You should be on the brink of losing your game

Farming and harassing can be done at the same time with Rumble but you must choose the priority farming. The reason you can accomplish both at the same time is because Rumbles Q is an aoe damage spell and does not attract any creep agro. Another important key is to LAST HIT THE CREEPS WITH YOUR AUTO ATTACK AND YOUR E What do you do when you over heat? well look around if you see any creeps at a quarter health or below go ahead hit it Rumbles AD SIGNIFICANTLY goes up while his passive is activated.

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With rumble you MUST be in a solo lane or mid
The main reasons why Rumble MUST SOLO is because bot is a lane for a ranged ad carry who needs creep kills just as much as you do, second of all you need to be one of the higher leveled players on your team so you are not in any kind of disadvantage during the teamfights. Do not forget you are gonig to be the one tanknig and dealing massive damage so you have to be overleveled orelse you will be on par with your opponents. Also feel free to use the brush to your own advantage. If you are going against a meele dps you can easily deny an opponent by staying in the brush and coming out with your combo whenever the meele champ tries to kill a creep

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Champions not to lane against

Rumble may be OP but there are a few champions that you should not lane against whatsoever
immediately ask for a lane swap from another lane if you are up against a LEE SIN or an ORIANNA some champions to also be wary of * fiddle sticks flash fear combo * malzahar and brand deal great amounts of damage that rumbles w cannot soak up