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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Heimerdinger Build Guide by killerpig

AP Carry Raise Your What? Heimerdinger- Season 4

AP Carry Raise Your What? Heimerdinger- Season 4

Updated on April 27, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author killerpig Build Guide By killerpig 15,162 Views 0 Comments
15,162 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author killerpig Heimerdinger Build Guide By killerpig Updated on April 27, 2014
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Pros and Cons

Incredible laning phase
Hard to miss CS with turrets up
Pushes lane and zones your opponents hard
Auto attack pokes will add up
Reliable Stun
Great throughout all stages of the game

Long range champs counter you hard (think Karthus, Ziggs)
Vulnerable without turrets up
Long stun cooldown
No escape
Very squishy
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Item Build Explanation

A great start for Heimer. Doran's Ring provides great mana sustain and the two health potions is all you really need for the entire game with Heimer's passive.

Rush your Needlessly Large Rod ASAP. Once you get your rod, your damage increase 3 fold. Poke with your auto attack and finish off with an UPGRADED rocket swarm. Ward up if you have extra gold/ can't afford boots yet.

DO NOT rush Rabadon's. The passive on Zhonya's is just too good. Jungler comes to gank with your turrets set up? Drop an UPGRADED turret, hit your stun, and activate Zhonya's. DOUBLE KILL!

DO NOT get Banner of Command; I'm begging you. Athene's provides you with the cooldown and mana regeneration to keep spamming rockets and turrets.

Gaurdian Angel is a must at this point in the game. Everybody's out to get you if you pissed them off enough in the laning phase. Void staff is your final item to build, providing you with insane magic pen. to counter all the magic resist everyone is building up against you. Finish up with Homegaurd and a couple elixers if you even manage to get this far in the game.
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Summoner Spells

These are the only summoner spells you should even consider. Flash is your most important skill. Because Heimer has no escape, this is mandatory. Ghost is a reasonable substitute if you're below level 12, but you must upgrade to Flash when available.

Your second summoner spell is completely up to you. Because of the recent buffs to Heal, it has become a very viable summoner skill. Barrier acts as a ****py version of Zhonya's and can keep your enemies in range of your turrets longer if they decide to dive you.
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Skill Sequence

Pretty self explanatory. Priority is R > Q > W > E.

Maxing your turrets first will push your lane INCREDIBLY fast. If you're against an aggressive laner, push your opponent up to their turret to deny them CS. Ward up if you decide to push, however. If you don't see their jungler coming, you'll get wrecked instead of getting a double kill.

If you're a more aggressive laner, max up your rockets first and try to force your enemy out of lane with the harass. Otherwise, use it for clearing up the caster minions (you should be able to 1-shot them once you get your Needlessly Large Rod).

A grenade level 1 is all you need. The stun time stays the exact same through each upgrade so upgrading it passed level 1 is pretty pointless.
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Heimer in Lane

Things to take care of when the game starts:
1. Buy items
2. Immediately help your jungler by placing a turret in the buff they want first
3. Explain to your jungler to LET YOUR TURRET TANK the first few hits (this is very important; if they let your turret survive, they run the risk of your turret stealing the buff)
4. Head back to lane and set up your turrets

When setting up your turrets, consider setting them up in such a way so that a single AOE spell will no hit all of them. However, you must keep them close enough to each other to where they can CS effectively. Where is the balance? I recommend this formation:

[picture coming soon]

With the triangle formation provided, you achieve the perfect balance. CSing becomes ridiculously fast and easy and you're protected by a wall of turrets.

Once you've hit level six and pushed your opponent out of lane/taken down the primary turret, start roaming. If a lane is having difficulty, gank with an UPGRADED stun grenade and shut down the problem. Set up a turret or two once you hit the stun. The last thing your team mate needs is for you to feed their laner if they're already having trouble.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author killerpig
killerpig Heimerdinger Guide
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Raise Your What? Heimerdinger- Season 4

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