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Yone Build Guide by Saitamaro

Top Rank 1 Global Yone Guide // Saitamaro // The Yone Bible

Top Rank 1 Global Yone Guide // Saitamaro // The Yone Bible

Updated on December 5, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Saitamaro Build Guide By Saitamaro 97 5 139,427 Views 16 Comments
97 5 139,427 Views 16 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Saitamaro Yone Build Guide By Saitamaro Updated on December 5, 2023
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Runes: Standard Yone

1 2
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Standart Summoners Top/Mid
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Rank 1 Global Yone Guide // Saitamaro // The Yone Bible

By Saitamaro
Im Saitamaro and Ive been playing League of Legends since Season 3 but just got lvl 30 in Preseason 5, so Ive been playing ranked since Season 5, Ive hit Master Rank for the first time in Season 9 and I also hit Grandmaster in EUNE at 65% winrate this year, could have done Challenger but I stopped playing on that Account

My main is in EUW which is simply named Saitamaro and Ive hit Rank 1 global Yone on my Smurf Saitamaro Int Acc

This guide is for anyone who wants to play Yone and learn how to get good at him, its not targeted at any specific Elo, so no matter what your Rank is, if you want to learn how to play Yone, I can probably help you

If you have any questions, I'll make sure to answer them just join my discord
Once I have a small community Im going to start streaming, so make sure to join

We also made our own Match ups Bot that looks like this
Pros and Cons


+ Outplay potential
+ High DPS and Burst
+ Versatile Builds
+ Rewards Micro Skill
+ Can Win any match up if played well
+ Punishes mistakes heavily


- Wont have frontline on Top Lane
- Ult is slow and easy to dodge
- Hard to Master
- Doesnt scale well in high elo
- Volatile laner
- Relies on his E ability
Early Game/Laning [Top]
The early game on Yone is a bit tricky because hes both a strong but also a weak early game champion. Specificly lvl 1 he wins into almost any top laner because of Lethal Tempo and his Q but lvl 2 he already falls off and at lvl 3 most of the times the enemy is already stronger. You will have to learn every match up in order to know when to play aggressively and when you have to be careful. What I recommend you to do, is to try poking lvl 1 with your Q, hit minions first so that you dont get minion aggro for hitting your oponnent with your Q, if they walk up to you and disrespect you for whatever reason and this happens a lot in lower elos, just straight up run them down, they do not win this ever. Lvl 2 I'd mostly poke with W but again if they disrespect you, punish them for it. Yone's biggest strenght is abusing mistakes not forcing plays. Mistakes are basicly the enemy laner wasting an important spell like Darius Q, Darius E, Renekton W, Jax E etc. if they somehow use any of these without any actual use, just aggressively trade them because you will win this but keep their cooldowns in mind. If you dont know all cooldowns by memory yet, use Porofessor, you can check your laners' cooldowns in the ingame overlay. from lvl 3 on you have your most important trading tool which is your E, I do not recommend doing stuff like stacking a tornado and then going in with E, thats what most lower elo Yones do and its objectively speaking really bad, its very predictable, easy to avoid and easy to counterplay, you should instead just either Q3 into them and use your E for something like dodging a cruicial spell ( Darius Q, Aatrox Q ) and to finish them off or you can do a trade like this: Do one Q on the wave and then E on the enemy, your next Q will give a tornado, they will less expect this than if you straight up rush on them with a tornado E.

Most of the times its best to simply push the wave and look for vision / avoid the enemy jungler or even look to kill the enemy jungler if they gank, your laner might be busy with the wave so that you can 1v1 the much weaker junglers. Top laners usually are the strongest 1v1 champs in an isolated scenario, this applies to Yone too, most junglers cannot 1v1 him.

I recommend to be careful from minute 2:40 on and ward the tribush at this point, most junglers do a full clear which would mean they dont gank you before 3:30 because this is when scuttler spawns and they usually full cleared their jungler but theres many junglers that gank before that which is why I recommend to be careful earlier than 3:30, just check your minimap a lot and stay in bushes or off vision, so that they do not try to gank you even if they are nearby, but always stay inside EXP range, though the EXP range is much bigger than you might expect

Try to not miss any CS because you heavily scale on Yone, so you want items as quickly as possible once you have berserkers and curved bow, you are an extremely strong duelist
Mid Game [Top]
In the mid game you need to expand your gold and lvl lead as much as you can, try to kill your laner but dont overforce it, you have to wait for their mistakes. Even if you have a lead by now, top laners can **** you over if you disrespect them. Always respect their strenghts even if they are 0/4

Try to push the waves and turrets 24/7, track the enemy jungler to kill him on his own camps to kill him + take his camps. You can also do solo heralds if your lane is pushed in. The true dmg thingy behind herald gets refreshed based on attacks so someone with high attack speed like Yone clears it very easily and very fast. The herald gives you 300 g + a lot of EXP on top of that a guaranteed turret which can be up to 600 g on a T2

Always be on side lanes, pre minute 20 you should always be top lane and post minute 20 you should always be bot lane. You cannot be top post min 20 because if you die on top lane post minute 20 you basicly give them a guaranteed baron, so it would be best if you take top lane t2 pre minute 20

If you are playing hullbreaker you shouldnt play too much with your team and focus on splits instead but if you dont play hullbreaker you should try to move down to mid every now and then if it looks like you could help out or impact it. You can also as example clear their jungle and then path from their jungle into the mid lane to get a sneaky kill on their mid laner, can even come between t2 and t1, they barely ever expect this while backporting

The mid game is all about generating a gold and EXP lead for yourself
Late Game [Top]
In the late game you should be mostly splitting because of your strong side pressure + push, you can provide a lot of pressure towards the baron with a strong bot lane split. But dont overforce splits because this will just result in you getting killed and the enemy having an advantage. Its very important that you pay attention to vision during splits. Dont start splitting if your team is not on the map or if they dont actively pressure anything. Because then you will jsut get 3-5 manned for free and your team cant get anything off it. So if your wave is already more towards their side of the map but your team is not pressuring any objective or arent even on the map, just wait in a bush off vision or a bit behind the enemy vision on lane. Dont show yourself before your team pressures something. This is EXTREMELY important. You can also tell your team to force baron if 2 of them come for you bot, since that results in a 3v4 for your team while you also very likely win the 1v2 + pressure their base. This is when your mechanics will make the difference. You will have to outplay them 1v2 1v3 sometimes even 1v4 but this is also where you can make game winning 1v9 moves by killing half their team, giving your team a free nashor while also pushing their base.

Regardless of that you should not ALWAYS split if you dont have hullbreaker. And even with hullbreaker you need to team up sometimes, being a good top laner is finding the balance between splits and teamfights. Your flanks can make a gigantic difference in a team fight, also Yone is really good at killing adcs which are the priority target. If you kill their adc you have almost a guaranteed won teamfight. Try to catch someone or flank when teamfighting. If you are already grouped with your team and the enemy sees you, dont be the first to engage if you have a proper engage / frontline. But you can try some E Q3 moves to catch them but be careful of their CC because they can lock you down before recasting E many times which is why you dont usually want to engage first.
Early Game/Laning [Mid]
Yone mid is very different to Yone top. Yone mid has barely any winning match ups so going Second Wind with
Doran's Shield is almost always better on mid lane. Its important to not use your Health Potion early, Doran's Shield and Second Wind heal based off missing health, so you will heal a lot more if you actually do get poked down, only use the Health potion if you are low enough for the enemy to have kill pressure on you. You dont want to be low enough to be a free kill.

Lvl 1 you should try to just last hit but if the enemy can easily bully you, its better to not walk up for the wave and let them push you in, you can bait them into auto attacking you or using their weak early game spells to waste mana on you, because your health will regenerate much faster than their mana while they also might lose the trades because of minion aggro. You dont have to trade yourself, let the minions trade for you and heal yourself back off with Doran's Shield and Second Wind.

Lvl 2 you can trade back with W sometimes as it shields you + has high range but other than that you should play the same as lvl 1 rather passively

Lvl 3 is where you can actually start to do some really strong trades. Remember melee champions ALWAYS win 1v1s against ranged champions if they are in melee range. Ranged champions are not designed to 1v1 in close combat so if you are in their face you can do an extended trade and you will win it because you have much more dps than them, so I recommend doing Q1 on wave E towards them ( if they dont currently have a spell like Syndra E ) Q2 on them or minions, whatever is in your range, then you can Q3 them and end the trade with autos, Q, W whatever you can do, this is gonna be almost always a won trade but if they have any spell up that might prevent you from doing this, you may bait it out with your E first and look if you can engage them afterwards with a Q3 without E again remember melee champs win into ranged champs if they are in close combat. If they have no way of getting out of your melee range, they wont win this

You arent the best roamer in comparison to someone like Katarina so you shouldnt look too much for roams on Bot or Top. Its better to have constant pressure on your lane, so stay on lane as much as possible and pressure the Enemy laner into his turret, this way you always have prio for your jungler. a mid laner should help his jungler as much as possible, if you dont help them, they cannot play the game properly also Yone is really strong at 2v2s most of the times. If you can somehow push the wave in and provide prio for your jungler, thats great. You can also look to counterjungle the enemy jungler if your laner lets you push the waves for free, as example you may ward the enemy red buff and look to counterjungle the enemy jungle on it, many junglers are rather low when they get there, so they're easy to kill
Mid Game [Mid]
On Yone mid your goal is a bit different to Yone top. You should be sidelane to generate more gold but you should not be on the opposite site of the objective, you should be on the site of the objective, so if drake is the current objective you should be bot lane, if herald is the current objective you should be top lane. Also your goal is not to split push but to crash waves. You want to crash the waves into turret and look for flanks on mid lane or jungle, to help your team. Regardless of this your goal is still to get as much gold as possible so look for solo kills, look for scuttlers, gromps, krugs, enemy junglers and whatever else could possibly get you ahead in gold and EXP.

You should also look to build some vision around the lane that you are currently on and look at the minimap, you dont want to die / get caught before an objective fight or for no reason at all.
Watch this Video, BZ perfectly explains how to play mid game here, he may play Zed but this applies to most AD bruiser / assassin mid laners. This is how you should play the mid game
Late Game [Mid]
Your main objective in the late game as Yone mid is the baron. In lower elos people dont realize how strong and important the baron is but after minute 20 your one and only goal that you should have in mind is "How do we get baron?" because it lets you close out the game and win off it. After all you win the game after the Nexus is destroyed and Baron helps you greatly at this. On Yone mid you do not want to split nearly as much as on Yone top, you want to be with your team most of the times, your top laner will probably be the Splitter. Dont force dumb fights, dont engage randomly with R or E R, be patient. Let the enemy engage you or let your frontline engage them. Maybe you can get off a huge R to win the teamfight, maybe you can oneshot the enemy back line, you just have to play smart and not like a psycho

Also important to help your team clear vision around baron pit, they may get caught if they go for it alone.

My favourite move on a baron is to just stack your Q3 on the baron and E Q3 the carries or jungler over the wall, its extremely easy, they never expect or respect it and you win the game off it.
Skin Tier list
S Tier

A Tier

B Tier

C Tier

To tryhard and win use Base, Heartsteel or Prestige Heartsteel
If you want to lose use Dawnbringer Yone

The other skins are "for fun" or if you dont care enough to get the maximum advantage
Additional Tips

You should use ur E on the lane like this to be safe after hitting the turret for platings, that way you can backport efficiently while not giving up on Platings

Once you have a lead and you push the waves for tempo, theres no reason to stay on lane, just check the Enemy Jgl to either get their camps or kill them or even kill them + take the camps

You should always look for free heralds. If you have a lead you can just push the wave into the turret and do the herald real quick, it doesnt take long even if you dont have many items because auto attack based champs like Yone clear the herald much faster because the true dmg eye thingy comes more often if you auto attack more often, watch the video to see an example on how to get a free herald + how it heavily snowballs your lane
You can use your Q on the wave like this to kind of "animation cancel" your R, they will much less expect it if you connect your R instantly after using Q on wave like that

Patience is key, dont overforce anything, dont try too hard to kill someone in one rotation, take your time, stay chill and you will die much less while also killing your oponnent much more often, if I wasnt so calm in the clip above, I might have died or not gotten the kill

You can "surprise" your oponnent by killing the last minion for lvl 6 into instantly skilling R to kill them by surprise like this
Match Up Guides

- Space his Q lvl 1 > Try to engage him with Q3 and run him down if he allows you to by overstepping, you win extended fights because of lethal tempo
- W his Q2 to reduce his "poke" dmg
- Match his push, dont be afraid, dont let him get lvls up on you, dont give up prio on lane
- if he hits W on you, E out of it, you dont want to get hit by multiple sweet spot Qs just because you were hit by his W
- Harass him with W and max range Q3s but only if you have E up, to stay safe, dont use your E for the harass, just have it up in case he hits W on you
- whenever his Q1 is up, you need to be cautious and space it, after he uses it ( and missed it ) you easily dodge the others and then you can walk up again
- When using E after you used it to dodge his Q2 Q3 or W, use the movementspeed to dodge whichever spell comes next, dont just run at him
- can engage him with E or R to fight him, he struggles if you are on top of him but again be cautious of potential Qs
- You can build Cloth Armor whenever you have 300 Gold left, to counter Aatrox' lethality and reduce his dmg
- You can R his Q3

Video footage will be added once I have it

Start with Doran's Shield build Kraken Slayer Infinity Edge and Bloodthirster

- Bait her into auto attacking you lvl 1 to take minion aggro, she will deal less dmg to you than the minions deal to her because your dorans shield + second wind heal you back up
- Please be confident, dont be scared to trade HP for minions + push/prio, dorans shield and second wind heal you the lower you are, so dont use pot until you are literally ONESHOT, I usually even lane on 200-300 hp because at this point, if they auto attack me, Im healing a lot more than they deal dmg to me
- Push the wave lvl 1 and 2 as hard as possible, you want this wave under their turret, so that they have to use their spells on the minions, not on you, this way you can farm way more safely
- Use W as often as possible to tank her poke
- You WILL get ganked and this is good, you want to get ganked, by making yourself the target of the enemy jungler, you take away pressure off the map, just make sure to either kill them or survive, just be constantly aware that the enemy jungler is looking to gank you
- Dont ever do E Q3 into her, dont ever Q3 into her, she will just E Q W and you lose the trade
- Bait her E out by simply using E towards her, she will use E to protect herself, make sure to cleanse it with your E, afterwards stack Q3 and go in, abuse that she has no E anymore
- You can ult her E, try to R her every now and then when its unexpected, jsut do auto or Q on wave to hide R animation, once you are on her, she struggles

Video footage will be added once I have it

Start with Doran's Shield Go Kraken Slayer into either Infinity Edge or Hexdrinker and then either Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge depending on which item you took 2nd

- Space Q / Wait for her to use Q on wave
- make sure to never get hit by her E at any given moment, use your own E if needed to dodge it
- If shes in her W, just walk away, you cannot damage her anymore but she can damage you
- Lvl 1 hard push the wave, doesnt matter if she hits you, you can regenerate it with dshield and second wind
- try to poke with W and Q when shes pushed into the turret but make sure not to get hit by her E
- Abuse dshield and second wind healing, dont go back just because you are low, you kind of get low on purpose lvl 1 just to regenerate a lot of hp when they trade you with weak lvl 1 lvl 2 and lvl 3 spells
- shield as much dmg as possible with W
- as long as you dont get hit by her E, shes unlikely to kill you
- be careful about lvl 6, Akali has insane burst lvl 6, always be careful when her R is up

Video footage will be added once I have it

Start with Doran's Shield go Kraken Slayer into Infinity Edge and then either Bloodthirster or Immortal Shieldbow if he still has too much burst

- let him push into you, this is one of the only few champions that you cannot tank with dshield and second wind
- pre 6 you just try to farm as well as possible while not dying
- try to interupt his E with your Q3, once you are on top of him and he has no E to escape you can do some really good trades
- After 6 try to hit him by surprise with R, he will panic E, but you stop his E by either just bodyblocking it or use E into him, so you stop his E, if you have Q3 up, you might aswell just Q3 him
- You need to do all ins after 6, you can win in an all in but its hard to win "poke" fights
- Can get early Cloth Armor to reduce his dmg

Video footage will be added once I have it

Start with Doran's Shield go Kraken Slayer Into Infinity Edge can later build Blade of the Ruined King aswell if they also have a strong frontline because Anivia builds high health items

- Match wave, dont let her get lvl 2 for free, dont let her push you in
- Its fine to lose health, dshield and second wind keep you healthy
- keep cs up and you can try to poke her with Q3 and W
- Once you have R you can just look for all ins and kill her, as always ranged champs struggle once the melee champion is on top of them and Yone is really good at getting in someones face
- You can try to "fake" some E + Q3 engages and just cleanse the Q with ur E to engage afterwards

Video footage will be added once I have it

Start with Doran's Shield Go Kraken Slayer Into Infinity Edge Can get Wit's End later but not before your core build

- Can use E to bait her stun and cleanse it
- Always use W to block her Q poke dmg
- Push the wave in, dshield and second wind keeps you healthy
- Poke with Q3 and W under tower

Video footage will be added once I have it

Start with Doran's Blade go Kraken Slayer Into Infinity Edge can build Blade of the Ruined King later because he builds a lot of HP Wit's End is also a good option

- Play extremely aggressive, he cannot match you at all
- You can use your Q3 to stop him from getting away with W
- Asol cannot handle at all when someone is on top of him and you can force this with 3 spells // Q3 , E, R
- He does not have any deffensive ability like other mages as example Syndra E, so its really easy to jump on him, all he has is his W which you can interrupt easily

Video footage will be added once I have it

Start with Doran's Shield go Kraken Slayer Into Infinity Edge can build either Wit's End or Maw of Malmortius later into the game

- Always remember that he can only move the soldiers with his Q, so if he just had used Q he cannot move his soldiers again, especially in the early game he cant move them often
- Instead of getting poked constantly by the soldiers, just stack a Q3 and jump on Azir, hes rather defenseless if he just used Q to move his soldiers on the wave or you
- Pre lvl 6 he has no defensive ability other than his E but he needs his Q to be able to use this, so if he used Q on wave, he is defenseless, abuse this
- If you know he has his Ult, only ever all in him with E so that you can jump back to E after he ulted you

Video footage will be added once I have it

Start Doran's Blade go Kraken Slayer into Infinity Edge might also consider getting Hullbreaker if Garen built it aswell

- Dont get hit by his Q lvl 1 for no reason, it deals a unreasonable high amount of dmg
- Try to stack Q3 while harassing Garen on the first wave lvl 1 to engage on him with it and just run him down with auto attacks and Q afterwards, he cannot win lvl 1 ever
- Always pay attention to his Q, if he runs at you and you cannot escape in time, just use E its important to never get hit by his Q because if you're silenced, you're defenseless
- Once his Q is on CD, try to run him down, hes not going to be able to match your dps
- Dont let him regen with his passive, you need to be constantly hitting him with W and Q3s
- Respect his R but he can never kill you if Q and E dont hit, he wont ever get you low without Q and E so his R is not a threat if you play properly, always kite his Q and then look to trade him once its on CD

Video footage will be added once I have it

Start with Doran's Blade go Kraken Slayer into Infinity Edge no need to go Hullbreaker honestly, she deals true dmg anyways and HP is countered by her Divine Sunderer

- She can never win lvl 1-5 so try to aggressively trade her a lot
- lvl 6 is when it gets a bit annoying because her R entirely stops you from recasting E, so even if she would die by recasting E, you sadly cannot recast it, ive died many times because of this
- Use E to dodge her E if you cant just sidestep it but also space her empowered Q with your E movementspeed or use E to dodge it, if you dodged her E normally, just make sure not to get stunned by E and not to get hit by empowered Q
- If you cant dodge her W poke just match it with your W to minimize poke dmg

Go Kraken Slayer into Infinity Edge into Bloodthirster but can chose to go Blade of the Ruined King instead of Bloodthirster if he builds a lot of HP

- Contest the push, dont let him get lvl 2 for free but be careful, because of the recent Lethal Tempo nerfs you do not win lvl 1 anymore as you used to
- Lvl 2 is when the lane gets a lot easier because your W allows you to poke and tank
- Lvl 3 you are simply superior to him in any kind of way but dont force anything on him, just farm the wave, dont miss any CS and if he happens to use his E on you, do exactly what the video below explains

Dr. Mundo is a very easy lane, you win it by default if you just dont do crazy stuff. Just farm well, try to poke him whenever W and Q3 are up, taking his passive with Q3 down deals a high amount of dmg to him. All you want to do is farm, stay safe, dont get ganked by the enemy jgl and try to poke him until hes low enough to dive him with R but even if he stays safe and doesnt actually die, it doesnt matter, you naturally win, you outscale him too. Once you have Blade of the Ruined King hes never gonna win 1v1 anyways. Watch the video to see a sped up example on how I do exactly just that. Farm. Track enemy jgl. Poke. Dive him lvl 6

Against Teemo you should take Doran's Shield and Second Wind Also dont use your Health Potion Until you are VERY low because their regeneration scales off missing HP. How you play this lane depends on the Teemo player, some go E lvl 1 and some go Q lvl 1, if they chose to go E, you can actually fight him and win it if they go Q you usally shouldnt fight it because you will be simply deaing no dmg because your entire dmg output relies on auto attacks. As you can see the Teemo lane can be very easy but what do you do if they dont do a bad trade lvl 1 or skill the Q? Well nothing. You are Yone, you want to scale off gold and exp, so you do just that, you can pretty safely farm against Teemo and your Doran's Shield and Second Wind will keep you healthy. Just let him push towards you, which he will pretty much always do and then just farm and abuse mistakes. A mistake would be as example if he wastes Q on a minion to last hit, if you see him do that, engage him INSTANTLY because he has no chance to win this without his Q

Renekton is not nearly as hard to lane as most of you believe. He has counterplay and if you lose to him, you simply didnt play the match up correctly. You have to look at his fury whenever you decide if you want to fight or not. If he has no fury, his W DOES NOT break your W shield and barely deals dmg, if he has no fury E and Q deal no dmg either, with no fury hes a literal joke of a champ, so wait for their mistakes and trust me THEY WILL make mistakes. Ive even seen Renekton OTPs in Dzukills stream use his W on a minion and guess what Dzukill did as a response? Ult into them and kill them. As previously mentioned Yone is insanely good at abusing mistakes. Watch the video below to see how I abuse exactly that and even early dive a Renekton as Yone despite having 0/1 stats lvl 1: Try to space his Q, so that he doesnt hit you with it, contest the wave, dont let him get lvl 2 first, you can walk very safely up to the wave, as you are MUCH stronger than him lvl 1, if he tries to aggressively trade for no reason, kill him
lvl 2: Look at the fury bar all the time, you never want to take a trade if he has fury to use empowered W, you can poke with W from range and again just try to space his Q and match the push
lvl 3: You can use your E to kite his W, you can also always use W on his Q but again the most important part is, take a close look at his fury bar and depending on that, you abuse whatever mistake he does
Focus on farming well, if you just go even, thats great and you will outscale him later. But if they make mistakes, abuse them and get a lead to snowball

Rammus is really easy to lane, I even consider him one of the easiest lanes for Yone. All you have to do is not hit him while he has W up and you cannot lose. Dont waste E or R, you need to keep it to chase him, theres literally nothing else to this match up. Kite him while he has W active, run him down after W is down thats the entire match up, its super simple and easy. Watch the video below

Its honestly hard to even make a guide for this lane because you kind of naturally win it. You just have to be careful lvl 1, Kayle is one of the only few champions in the game that actually win any lvl 1 fight, so its better to not fight her, she heavily falls off lvl 2 and 3. Thats basicly all you have to look out for, dont int lvl 1 and you will auto win later. Heres a video that shows how easily you can literally run her down if she dares to walk up

Volibear match up is all about not allowing him to hit his W twice on you, always make sure to kite him with your E and Q3 / R as long as you make sure, he never gets to W twice, you should always win, so dont take too long trades. You should trade like in the video below
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