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Tahm Kench Build Guide by ToplaneProfessor

Top RANK 1 Tahm Kench eune guide 14.4

Top RANK 1 Tahm Kench eune guide 14.4

Updated on February 26, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ToplaneProfessor Build Guide By ToplaneProfessor 224 6 277,993 Views 43 Comments
224 6 277,993 Views 43 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ToplaneProfessor Tahm Kench Build Guide By ToplaneProfessor Updated on February 26, 2024
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Runes: Default best runepage

Grasp of the Undying

Magical Footwear
Approach Velocity

+10% Attack Speed
+10-180 Bonus Health
+10-180 Bonus Health


1 2
Always ghost
LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

RANK 1 Tahm Kench eune guide 14.4

By ToplaneProfessor
#1 kench eune

Why pick kench?
•One of the best blind picks for toplane .
•Even worst matchup is killable solo , not many champs can do that in top.
•Least boring tank to play in the game next to K'Sante.
•Very unkillable in lane .
•The best gank setup in the entire game , your ult stalls until jungler arrives , your w will cut off the enemies path so they cant run to tower its insane.
•In teamfights you are basically malphite you can w engage in 5 ppl or turbo peel a fed carry with your ult .
•Even if lane is bad you can always cs from away with q.
•Good mobility
•10/10 lore
Is a demon (based) (literally me).

Cons :
•Insanely weak before lvl 4.
•Your w rarely lands without setup.
•Gets demolished by Blade of the Ruined King
•Mobility can be interrupted
•Needs knowledge on how to perform the combos to reach max potential
•0 wave clear (big problem).
•#1 If you Devour an enemy an wait for the last possible second before Devour runs out!!!NO SPIT BUTTON INPUT, LET IT RUN OUT!!! And then cast Tongue Lash it will make Tongue Lash un-dodgable even if they Flash. I use this in 100% of my games and every chance i get its the most guaranteed way to confirm a kill. Here is also an example of me doing the under tower kill combo with un-dodgable q at the end ,also if you want go to my channel in yt (the same as the following video to watch some other useful clips). Lastly here is the same combo with an extra Abyssal Dive although it is more risky to do and i wouldn’t personally do it unless they don’t have Flash. Worth noting this is not my clip but it is taken from "No Arm Whatley" he is a streamer
#2 land Tongue Lash and then instantly Abyssal Dive on top of them to guaranteed the Abyssal Dive landing

#3 Tahm Kench can pull an enemy with BLUETOOTH™ Devour , but it only works on enemies and only when they have 3 An Acquired Taste stacks on them. You can do it by pressing both Q + ULT buttons when the q is about to hit.
#4 your Tongue Lash range scales with champion size ( Heartsteel Elixir of Iron etc.)

#5 Almost all champions are killable as long as you are in your tower range you can Devour + Ghost and then use trick #1 to guarantee ult-q and slow under tower. This will kill all champions in lane that are not Kled or Volibear since they can drop/disable aggro from tower.

#6 your biggest enemy are minions they block Tongue Lash and can tank tower while you use trick #4 always have in mind that if a minion blocks a couple of Tongue Lashes while you brawl someone you probably lose.

#7 USE BUSHES PLEASE. Your Abyssal Dive is invisible until the very end when casted from out of vision so it's a lot easier to land when we are in a bush.

#8 Best strategy by far is to hold a freeze near your tower this pressures the enemy and makes very possible for you to start a random trade with the enemy and before they know it they have 3 An Acquired Taste stacks we Devour them under tower do the un-dodgable Tongue Lash and they die for free and type in all chat (nice champ) it breaks their mental gives us gold and denies 3-4 waves cause they died on a frozen wave

#9 Casting w inside a terrain will make you travel extra distance to spawn on the other side of the terrain.

#10 Slow resistance (like swifties boots) DOES reduce our self slow from ult.

#11 YOU CAN ult+w an ALLY to save them / transfer them.
Wave managment (skip if you know)
We have already covered the important tahm kench tech and optimal runes and items so now we will go over on the different styles of wave managment, aka THE most important aspect of laning. If you are already familiar with this feel free to skip it.

Managing waves is a crucial aspect of the game that can significantly impact your success in the laning phase. Proper wave management involves manipulating the minion waves to create advantages. Types of techniques below :


Definition: Freezing a wave means keeping the minions in a specific position on the lane.
How to freeze: Tank minions just outside your turret's range, last-hitting only when necessary.
Purpose: This denies your opponent gold and experience while keeping yourself safe near your turret.


Definition: Pushing involves quickly clearing minions to advance the wave toward the enemy turret.
How to push: Use area-of-effect (AoE) abilities or basic attacks to kill minions quickly.
Purpose: Pushing can create pressure, allow for turret damage, and provide opportunities to roam.

Slow Pushing:

Definition: Slow pushing involves last-hitting minions at a slow pace, allowing your wave to accumulate.
How to slow push: Only last-hit minions, letting your wave grow in size.
Purpose: Slow pushes can create a large minion wave that puts pressure on the enemy turret and allows you to roam or set up a dive.


Definition: Resetting the wave means pushing it into the enemy turret to have it bounce back toward your side.
How to reset: Push the wave into the enemy turret so it resets to the center of the lane.
Purpose: Resets can be used to recall, buy items, and return to lane with a fresh wave.

Fast Pushing:

Definition: Fast pushing involves quickly clearing waves to reset the wave position.
How to fast push: Use abilities and auto-attacks to clear minions rapidly.
Purpose: Fast pushing is often done before recalling or roaming to minimize the number of minions lost to the turret.

Proxy Farming:

Definition: Proxy farming involves farming between the enemy turrets to disrupt the normal lane equilibrium.
How to proxy farm: Move behind the enemy turret and farm between turrets.
Purpose: Proxy farming can be used to draw enemy attention, create pressure, and deny the opponent farm under the turret.


Definition: Roaming involves leaving your lane to influence other parts of the map.
When to roam: After pushing or resetting the wave, creating an opportunity to roam without losing much in your own lane.
Purpose: Roaming can secure kills, help other lanes, and control objectives.
SPLIT PUSH (skip if you know)
Now we will go over the second most important part of toplane, how to and when to SPLIT PUSH. If you already know feel free to skip this.

Split pushing is a strategy where a player focuses on pushing a lane and drawing enemy attention away from team fights or objectives. This tactic can create map pressure, force enemies to respond, and potentially open up opportunities for your team. Here are some key tips on how to split push effectively with tahm kench:


This rune is our only way to threaten towers when split pushing and should be an auto include.

•Ward and Maintain Map Awareness:

Place wards in the enemy jungle to spot incoming threats. Keep an eye on the minimap and use the F-keys to quickly check on your teammates and the overall state of the game.

•Understand Wave Management:

Utilize wave management techniques to control the positioning of minion waves. Slow push or fast push waves as needed to create pressure in your desired lane.

•Pressure Objectives:

As you split push, focus on taking down turrets. If the enemy sends multiple champions to deal with you, your team can capitalize on the numbers advantage elsewhere on the map.

•Watch the Map and Respond Quickly:

Pay attention to the enemy team's movements. If you see multiple enemies coming towards you, be ready to retreat. Knowing when to back off is crucial to avoid giving the enemy team an advantage.


Teleport is prefered over ignite when going for split push angle (always take ghost regardless). This summoner is very broken and almost all high elo toplaners take it. When having teleport we are allowed to splitpush !!!ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE CURRENT OBJECTIVE!!! For example if drake is alive we can split top , if baron is alive we can split bot. This forces the enemy team into a LOSE - LOSE situation! They respond to your split push and risk losing objective or they contest objective and you take towers for free.

•Adapt Your Strategy:

Assess the game situation and adapt your split-pushing strategy accordingly. Sometimes, it might be more beneficial to group with your team for a team fight or objective.
Remember that successful split pushing requires good decision-making and map awareness. Be aware of the enemy team's composition, your team's situation, and adapt.
General gameplay guidelines
General tahm kench laning below :

Tahm kench is WEAK levels 1-3 and unless you know you can win your matchup early i would advise to play safe and chill.

Levels 4 Is often the break point in which we have 2 points in q and can actually fight many champions.

Level 6 is one of our biggest power spikes since our ultimate is very strong especially if you can perform the undodgable q combo undertower (if you missed it go up to must know tahm kench combos section)

After 20 mins you have ONLY 2 OPTIONS split push or group up with team . Use red trinket and try to play like a zac aka look for w from fog of war to engage if you are going for teamfights more and blue/yellow trinket if splitpush angle. Often you can tell if it is the right call to split or group based on these :

•does the enemy toplaner beat me 1v1? if yes we want to avoid split push and play for teamfights.

•is my team strong? If yes we want to group up with them instead of splitpushing.

#1 if you have fed teammate and your ult would save them
#2 the enemy carry is fed and you manage to stack 3 passive marks on them
#3 anyone got caught by some big cc ability (morgana q etc) and you need them to dps so you ult them and spit them out to help them deal dmg
#4 you have a fat engage champ like amumu so you ult w him inside the enemy team.
More rune choices (optional)
In this section i will provide a short (or long) explanation on each rune + when you take it and finally a rating out of 10 for each rune after considering
•win rate
•play rate

Keystones first
Phase Rush Personally i do not play this rune , but a large portion of the tahm kench community does pick it sometimes. It is very useful for an escape tool in hard lanes like olaf where you need to kite his ultimate in order for it to run out. Worthy to note here that Phase Rush removes a large portion of slows and that includes the self-slow from our ult Devour. 7/10 (loses win rate since it is picked vs bad matchups and the sorcery tree is not great).

Lethal Tempo This is the DEMON PERFORMANCE™keystone, since our passive An Acquired Taste has on-hit damage lethal tempo makes tahm kench accend , and since i am all about that DEMON PERFORMANCE™it was very close for me to pick it over grasp but the resolve rune tree is very strong. Worth noting here that for aram's / nexus blitz etc i always pick lethal tempo because Grasp of the Undying falls off. 9/10 if max score is the optimal then this is 1 step away from becoming meta , also the precision tree is very strong for thomas kench.

Smaller runes
Triumph is the definition of noob trap so i will have to give it a 0 / 10 . Triumph is useful when an enemy dies so for toplane (most of the early game you are 1v1) it does nothing, but even when you kill your laner VERY often you couldnt care less for some extra hp (unless you get ganked right after, but what are the chances). Where this rune shines is in teamfights, but it is not worth in my opinion to have a rune that only saves you a death every 5 games on average.

Legend: Alacrity This rune is great, nothing to say here :D like it more than other options in this row 9/10

Last Stand This rune should be your only option in the precision third row ,very often you can be intentionally on low hp and stay there for a while with your Thick Skin and healing from Tongue Lash. 9/10

•We dont mess with Domination tree so ill skip to Sorcery for Phase Rush rune set.
Nimbus Cloak or Nullifying Orb should be your choice for the first row. Both are fine , the win rate for nullifying is higher but i personally like nimbus for the Ghost + nimbus combo 6/10 for both.

Transcendence or Celerity for second row. Stats say transcendence has a very small edge over celerity but both have ok synergy with Tahm Kench 5/10.

Time for the gigachad Resolve tree
Demolish should be renamed to demolish me daddy with the amount of work it is pulling every game! I cant stress this enough how much this rune enables our champion. EXTRA GOLD + TOWER DAMAGE SCALING WITH HP i could not design a better rune . Lastly it makes you a threat on sidelane since you can take tower anytime instead of tickling it. ∞ / 10 honestly it should have been a keystone.

Shield Bash Here comes the juice of the guide , this is the BIGGEST NOOB BAIT IN THE ENTIRE GAME 0/10 , WHAT am i saying you should be instantly DEMOTED the second you pick it over Demolish or Font of Life in 95% OF CHAMPIONS. The reason it is such a bait for tahm kench is : you would assume that since we have a MASSIVE shield with Thick Skin this rune will be great right ?! Yea, no the numbers on this rune are honestly so bad that you could double the damage it deals and it wouldn’t matter NEVER PICK IT UNLESS INCREDIBLY BUFFED

Font of Life This rune is great and my rune of choice when playing either support or adc tahm kench (with senna) it provides a heal that scales with hp and our champion stacks hp so don’t need to say anything else 9/10.

Second Wind INCREDIBLE RUNE all 3 runes in this row are amazing it doesn’t matter what you pick 10/10 . Best vs poke or in general if you don’t like waiting 12 mins for conditioning
Bone Plating INCREDIBLE RUNE all 3 runes in this row are amazing it doesn’t matter what you pick 10/10 . Best vs all in champions
Conditioning INCREDIBLE RUNE all 3 runes in this row are amazing it doesn’t matter what you pick 10/10 Best of general value

Overgrowth 10/10 gives hp we scale with hp end of story

Revitalize another great rune in Resolve helps with our shield and heal from q and e but slightly weaker than the rest 9/10

Unflinching Amazing rune take it over Overgrowth vs a lot of cc 10/10

• Lastly the MONEY RUNE TREE $$$ Inspiration
Magical Footwear Should be your only choice in this row and even if it had better runes as rivals i would still pick it , gives more speed and free gold 10/10 free is love free is life.

Minion Dematerializer Is my choice when the matchup requires EARLY boots instead of waiting till minute 12 for your Magical Footwear.For example early boots are needed (from the top of my head) vs Tryndamere , Yone , Darius , Illaoi since either Plated Steelcaps counters them too hard or in the case of darius and illoi it helps dodging their e Apprehend and Test of Spirit that will cause most of the harm. Also this rune helps with the non-existent wave clear of the champion 10/10

Biscuit Delivery Biscuits heal you for a lot of hp when you are already low hp ( i am going to ignore the mana they give cause i almost never have mana issues). That being said the problem with biscuits is that only once every 3-4 games do you find yourself in a situation where not recalling and resetting is better cause you can bait a fight with biscuits. For this reason i prefer Approach Velocity cause it activates on every q that lands, providing value throughout the entire game , every game.

Approach Velocity This should be the only option in last row it gives you speed when you hit q , w or even when HAVING REDBUFF and the redbuff thing actually matters alot, for example if you have redbuff , you attack them once and they flash you can catch them still since they lose speed from slow and we gain speed from their slow. We never say no to free speed ∞/10.
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