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Volibear Build Guide by derfsenoj

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author derfsenoj

Rawr, I'm a BEAR

derfsenoj Last updated on March 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my Volibear build. Any thoughts or opinions, good or bad are much appreciated. (I know it's all white and not pretty, I just want to get the base idea out there first and i'll make it flashy later)

A little background to me. In the spring of 2011 I was attacked by a black bear up near Canada will out with a friend. I luckily survived but he left his mark and for that the bears and myself are forever connected. Because of this I knew that Volibear was brought into this game just for me as a present from the bear gods. When I bought him I played no practice games and went straight into a normal game. No build guide and no idea what the skills were. Didn't matter though, I knew he was mine and it felt right. I ended up carrying that game, going 23-1-7 and I have never looked back. (True Stories)

This build is for anyone looking for a great tank and a lot of fun in the League Of Legends. You may not like every little aspect to my guide but thats because it's a guide. Everyone is different and every game is different and so you have to tweak guides to fit your personal play style.

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Runes for Voli are pretty basic tank runes.

Seals- Armor is a must for any tank

Glyphs- MR is a must for any tank as well. Starting with Warmogs means you have will be building defenses late so any help from your runes will go a long way early game.

Marks- I choose Attack Speed as a lot of damage come from basic attacks and your ability to get your bite off fast.

Quints- I find that extra health seems to give the best bonus from runes as my build doesnt make voli a giant health bubble from items.

There are many other options for marks and quints like more armor or MR for quints or Armor Pen for Marks but these seem to work best for me.

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Tank masteries only way to go. I also give myself less death time and a little bit of speed instead of CDR. This is because I believe that the tank needs to be in all fights and if they spend more time dead than that is more time not helping. I also put a point into each of my summoner spells as you will use them a lot and lower CD is always better. You can of course change this where you see fit.

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I always start with a regrowth pendent, sometimes I buy a mana potion, or a helth potion or just leave it and go without. This is all up to you. I find that I tend to run out of mana before i do health however so I would suggest going that route. When playing with a lane partner knocking a retreating enemy back to you gets more kills than anything else. Because of this boots come next. Depending on how the game is going I might wsit to finish the boots till after i get some health but typically boots come first. Warmogs is a must next, though if you are playing heavy ad getting a thornmail early will greatly turn the sides to your favor. Spirit Visage works best on Voli, making his passive heal so op that many times you wont be killed ever again once you get this. GA, ATMA's, FON, and Frozen Armor all can come next, depending on how the game is going. Atmas is great for damage and some def so it is a priority.

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Skill Sequence/Teamwork

When you have a lane partner, Rolling thunder comes first. When you Solo, Frenzy is first, than rolling thunder.

Once you have one in each rolling thunder and Majestic Roar max Frenzy and Ult when you can.

Play Style,
Early game rolling thunder them back to you and or your partner than frenzy bite them when they get low, as it does more damage the lower an enemies health is. Also it as a fairly long CD. If they try to run, Majestic Roar them to keep them close than flip back again with rolling thunder.

Mid/Late game lead with either ult or rolling thunder if an enemy is running than slow the target and bite when low health. Remember to always use bite on low health champions. Lots of practice may be needed for timing but don't give up!

Remember to always be in team fights and to keep your carrys safe, though most of the time you'll find you carry.

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Pros / Cons

-Epic Tank/carry with very useful spells
-Op bite
-Very fun to play
-You're a bear!
-None, you're a bear!

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Summoner Spells

I go with Heal and Flash with most of my tanks. This is because I feed a tank is also a support and relies on health a lot therefor heal in team fights can really give you an advantage when combined with your passive heal once you get low health. Flash I find is great for surprise attacks. Your chase and flip works well for chasing down an enemy but when you need that extra boost flash comes in handy. I use this when there is a straggler running from a team fight and i flip them back to our team to pick up a easy kill. All summoner spells are viable and useful in any game but I feel these work best. Let me know what you all use and how you use them in game.

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I have a lot left to add I know but I think this is a very viable guide to follow for beginners who want to learn a tank and make it their own. Thank you for reading, please leave comments, I'll comment you back