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Taric Build Guide by ThatGuyFromBotLane

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThatGuyFromBotLane

Razzle Dazzle 'Em (They Can't Say No When They're Dazzled)

ThatGuyFromBotLane Last updated on July 9, 2014
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Hey guys, I'm ThatGuyFromBotLane; here with my first guide. And to kick things off I really thought I 'oughta go with something a little controversial - APC Taric. So quite obviously you're here because youre interested in his potential, and possibly playing him, but let me tell you: Taric is both hard to play and easy at the same time. Also - playing the Fabulous Gem Knight this way may cause both flaming from your team, and flaming from the enemy team (just please give it a shot, you may be surprised). APC Taric should either be played as a Mid Champ or a "support" Bot Champ - keep in mind you're not actually a support per se. I recommend starting off in bot if you're worried about screwing up, you're ADC can always carry you the first few times. But afterwards, make sure to go mid - because this build requires you to be able to take both minion kills, and champ kills in general.

Anyways, back to the original point - Taric is easy and hard at the same time (Blah, blah, blah). You see, Taric has a good stun which can easily setup kills for himself or his teammates, and he has a strong heal - which scales pretty well, meaning you can survive in lane. HOWEVER, building Taric this way is essentially building him into a glass cannon.. Scratch that - glass nuke. If you go all out AP (which I do, myself) then you'll see that grabbing kills, doing damage, and healing up to full health (or providing amazing heals for others) is rather easy; it's just surviving that can be challenging. But if you throw in a bit more tankiness, you may not be so effective with your abilities (thus your heals and kill-grabbing). But don't be put off by this idea, sometimes going tanky and losing out on a few kills is more effective than going all out damage and feeding the enemy team.

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Why pick Taric?

I'm glad you asked. Well, I pretty much explained above, but let me put it like this:
+Taric has strong AP scaling, allowing for great heals and damage.
+Taric is both good at setting up kills and taking them, too.
+Taric looks fabulous and is incredibly stylish.
+Taric provides good team support in general, even as an APC.

-Taric can't tank as an APC
-Engaging the team fights is pretty much impossible to do without dying.
-He has to be played defensively and skillfully.
-You'll upstart flaming and may be seen as a troll.

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Items. Why the items?

The Doran's Ring is pretty understandable, good early game AP, and good passive. The Chalice of Harmony has this in common too, plus good early game magic-resist (making him stronger mid-lane; especially against someone like Veigar), and its mana-regen is absolutely necessary. The boots should be bought after these items to provide more mobility to land your stuns more often (etc) - pretty standard, here. Now comes the part where your team may pick up on your build and may start commenting. You MUST build a Deathfire Grasp (MUST, MUST, MUST). This will allow ALL of your abilities (except your heal, of course) to hit much harder than expected, plus it can grab you long range kills if they try to escape on low health. After the Deathfire grab your T2 Boots - Sorcerer's shoes. This provides even more mobility, but also increases damage done - working especially well with your stun (by the time you're building these it should be anywhere between 15-25 minutes in, maybe earlier, depending on how well you're doing). After your T2 Boots, go ahead and grab a Rabadon's. Rabadon's is ESSENTIAL due to the amazing AP and passive it gives you - this is where your combos will start hitting like trucks. With your Rabadon's in your pocket, you'll be much more effective at being fabulous and scaring everyone away from you. Next build your Void Staff (for pretty obvious reasons - the magic penetration), this will help to take down tough AP Resistent Champs like a well built Leona support (Who coincidentally is a Taric counter - but not for long with this build!). By now you should also try to pickup your enchantment on your boots, which should either be Alacrity, if you're steaming their team, or Homeguard, if you need to defend heavily (I recommend Homeguard more often in Ranked/Drafts). Finally, build your Athene's Unholy Grail. Everything combined with this item means that Taric is hitting hard, regenerating mana at a comfortable pace, and has a fair bit of AP Resistence going.

Now comes the part where you have to decide what item to grab.. At this point you should be mid game or past it, and you have to sell your Doran's Ring. This can be traded for either another Rabadon's (For the AP benefit and partial passive), a Zhonya's (for the AP and tankiness along with it, the freezing active of it means you can escape certain death in heated situations), a Spirit Visage (to increase all healing done to yourself and to make you more tanky; useful if you're being taken down a lot). Edit: A lot of people were complaining about an example I put in here, so I changed it. The last item you should grab (I'd say) should either be a Zhonya's for the AP/Tankiness, an Abyssal Sceptre for it's magic resist and it's aura, or you could with with something completely irrelevant like a Warmog's for it's health, a Thornmail for anti-ADC or a Guardian Angel, if you're being focused a lot.

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Summoner Spells.

I recommend taking a Flash and Ignite combo when playing APC Taric. This allows you to secure kills on an escaping champion, but also to surprise insta-kill champions as well. For example, to surprise your common Vayne:
- Taric waits in a bush, along rolls a Vayne, as she is dandily destroying your innocent minions, you fire off your Deathfire whilst also flashing on top of her, hit your stun, then your ulti, then your shatter. (She should be dead by your ulti - the shatter is just to make sure). Finally, if Taric has taken any damage, or messed up his beautiful hair, he can heal back up to full with no problem.

The ignite helps build AP/AD effectiveness as well, by grabbing one point in Summoner's Wrath.

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Masteries and Runes.

The way I play Taric is to build him 22/0/8. These can switched around where you feel it's appropriate, but this is my own preferred playing style. This mastery combination means Taric has some good passive mana regen, as well as increasing all his damage - that's all that can really be said about this.

Taric's runes are also pretty much the typical APC Runes, Magic pen and (scaling) AP. There's nothing special to be said about these; all they do is "buff" Taric's damage.

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For Taric, his build and ability progression is essential. Taric must take his heal first, then his stun, and finally his armour passive/burst. However, he must max his shatter first, then his tun, and finally his heal. This means that Taric can survive early game, stay in lane (earning more Gold and XP) and also holds his own against more typical Mid Champs (i.e. Viktor, Veigar, or Ahri). As for his combos, I recommend (for poking) playing defensively but hitting with a stun and shatter combo when possible, (to secure a kill) hitting them with your Deathfire and stun simultaneously, then hitting your ulti and shatter when close enough. Be careful not to waste your Deathfire or any other ability by using it from too far away, because while Taric's stun can hit hard and has a good duration, it also has a deceiving range - if you use it at its max length, you may see your potential kills stay just out of reach from then on. (Note: Taric's stun is also pretty good for poking in lane). However, for heated up-close fights, make sure you activate your Deathfire, then your ulti, then your stun, and then finally your shatter (and heal up any damage you took). This assures that tanky characters will either grant you a kill, or will back off.

This is pretty much Taric's tactics, apart from of course the obvious igniting them when low (or to engage) and flashing on top of them to get a nice surprise kill.

(Also, I know Taric's "W" was changed to scale off of Armour as well, but the AP works just as well as it used to, don't doubt this.)

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Outro.. I guess?

So, that's APC Taric. Just be warned, you will get flamed, you may receive reports, and you may get called a troll - but if you play him well, then your team will quickly realise your power. Just hold in there with this one, guys.

Thanks for reading, I'm open to advice, and if you don't agree with it, try it. Downvote it if you really want - but know that it IS Viable.

All credit for the ability progression and primary item choices goes to Megaboss in his original "Taric For Men" guide. He got me playing APC Taric.