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Gangplank Build Guide by DuffTime

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DuffTime


DuffTime Last updated on October 21, 2011
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Duff's Offtank GP

Hey guy's this one's gonna be real short and sweet.

I haven't had much time for guide making lately, but people wanted the concepts of mine to work with, so what I'll be doing for a while is releasing a few builds and this little tag here in them so that you can still have something to work with and use.

I will try to post BRIEF explanations in regards to the champions they concern as well, so, I hope you can design a play style for the builds listed!

If not, perhaps they can give you a little push in the right direction for the champions I will detail! =)

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Purpose and functionality of my OffTank GP.

Due to the aggresive attack-heavy nature of GP, I tend to build my offtank GP somewhere inbetween a legit Offtank and a Tanky DPS.

The only effective way to accomplish this effective combination of tankyness and damage is via use of Warmogg's and Atma's impaler. There's not going to be another combination that will offer enough damage in combination with borderline tank-like survivability.

If you see in your team comp you could use a little more meat, and you want to OffTank with GP, these are some very good ways to do it.

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You're GP.

You're not Ashe. You're not Cait.

You're SURE as hell not no Trist.

You ain't gonna WAIT for some funkin' TANK to initiate. (Okay if the enemy team is goo you MIGHT wanna wait for your tank to initiate :P)


We GOIN' IN. If our team comes, GOOD FOR THEM.

If they don't, WE GOT ORANGES, IT'LL BE K. FEEL ME? (Ok you MIGHT want your team to come with you if your opponents are good.)

CC ain't a thang when you're the best. Citrus fruits, all day son.

Moral of the story, you have movement speed, USE IT. GET IN THAT ASHE.

Blow up the nearest squishy instantly. When they are blown up, blow up the next one like some crazed funkin' Tasmanian devil.

You're not a scared trick, you the scary guy scarin' the tricks. Just look at them pubes comin' all up outta yo pantz dawg. Scary.


Farm a lot, get tanky and damage, then kill the nearest squishies in teamfights. If the enemy focuses you, it's k, you have oranges and suddenly they have no cooldowns after wasting them on you. If your team is too bad to recognize this... I am sorry =( Not my fault =P

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Duff... So Expensive.

Yes. I do not deny it (I can't anymore since the rework =P), you will be one farm reliant GP.

But, I remember the days where GP just farmed for 30 minutes without even team fighting, and would just roll into the first fight and one shot someone.

This is a bit different, but the effect is no less devastating.

The full build synergizes so well with itself, you'll most likely easily beat maany champs 1v1.

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Why this gear, Duff?

Well, as a melee , you need to be able to take hits while you go in, and you need to make it snappy while you do that.

When you get there, you need to be able to make things happen. You need to hurt, none of this full tank Mundo **** where you just ignore him and it's NP.

If you're bad, you might be thinking, "Hmmm... All'z I see is 218 AD?"

Let's explain this gear briefly.

You may notice with Raise Moral you'll get a hefty boost of 40 AD for 7 seconds...

Real, 52+ 218 = 270...

Atma's will take 2% of HP and make it AD as well. 2% of 3573? Will be 71 AD. Hmmm.

Suddenly, we're looking at GP with 341 attack damage.

The only thing scarier than that?

Raise Moral's gonna give us a 20% Move speed bonus. And our items are gonna give us another 20% after that.

Crit chance, you ask? We got that. 58% of it.

AS? We got 30%, and when you sip on that green pot, you'll have all the AS you need fasho.

If you think a GP with those stats, holy hell man, it's a real terror. 341 AD with that much crit, improved crit damage, trinity procs, and the bonus damage from your Parrrley are gonna HURT, and you're gonna be really tanky to boot!

Guide Top

No life steal? No Last Whisper?

It's sad but true, they are not listed here.

You can take those items, for sure.

Wherever there's an Infinity Edge, you may opt to take a Blood Thirster instead.

Wherever there's an Infinity Edge, you may also opt to take a Last Whisper.

Last Whisper is beautiful when important targets get to around 140 armor. (Let's say the other team has an Offtank as well, who's killing someone important on your team.) It even drastically improves damage output against squishy targets with just 80 armor, but not as well as Infinity edge. Due to the shark-like nature of Offtanky GP, you want to blow the squishy up ASAP. This is more readily accomplished with I.E. If you need to pen armor, LW is a GREAT buy, and you SHOULD buy it instead of I.E.

Blood Thirster is without question a -fantastic- item for GP, which in combination with Trinity Force and GP's Raise Moral can easily yield 500 damage crits on players after armor is factored. With that amount of life steal, it's a great way to improve survivability.

Hextech Gunblade, an -excellent- buy on GP. I personally think it's a -bit- better than a Blood Thirster. 60 AD is a nice amount, although the extra 40 potential AD on a Blood Thirster is substantial. It may be hard to judge when to buy which item. Don't underestimate Hextech the active on GP, for when someone is trying to run away or even chase you. The slow is nice. AP makes your heal chunkier, and your ult will now have spell-vamp. If you think that's not good enough to use, just try it, the effect on your survivability is quite nice. Hextech is a great option for GP with lots of sneaky utility and application. Don't be shy to buy it if you're finding someone is hard to lock down or you want a bit more vamping/life stealing than what a BT can offer.

So just because they're not listed in the ideal builds (We're assuming that too means ideal comps, where you have a healer or two like Soraka, Taric, Nidalee, etc and won't need the life steal, and instead will generally prefer to just kill your target faster) doesn't mean I don't consider them to be poor item choices. On the contrary, I think they are excellent tools for specific jobs, and should be viewed accordingly for Offtank GP.

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Jungle routes etc.

As always, I do free form jungle, but I will generally make a movement from blue over to Golems and gank periodically as I go, or just focus on farming hard depending on the game.

Guide Top

In summary.

Like I said, short but sweet.

Yes, I will still play GP after the nerfs. I played him before the buffs when he "sucked" so why would I stop now?

If you have any questions, let me know!

Hope you enjoy the style of "Offtank GP"

;) *Sunglasses