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League of Legends Build Guide Author DuffTime

REAL Singed

DuffTime Last updated on June 3, 2011
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5v5 Singed


3v3 Singed

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Guide Top

Singed in a nutshell.

He's one of those champions that's a bit hard to place on a team, and a bit hard to master.

But, a very good, well farmed Singed, can easily be the determining factor in a match.

In this guide, we'll explore my, "Ideal Singed" situation, and why I think this is a good way to play him.

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Skinny burned guy w/ shield = tank?

Yes. You are the tank.

Singed was designed to tank, and he's decent at it.

When you get Rylai's, however, he suddenly becomes quite good at it.

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Singed, and the 1v2 lane.

Singed is a champion very capable of holding a lane by himself vrs two opponents. That is because of his poison.

He simply runs around the minions, and they all die, leaving the opponents little time to attack the turret. If they over stay their visit, you can goop and fling them back into the turret, and they will take massive damage.

This is just another reason I level poison first. Lets you safely 1v2, by killing the minions and putting the threat of your tower back onto the champions.

Due to the fact that he's very capable of 1v2, I reccomend choosing Singed when your team has a "Roaming champion" like Blitz, Alistair, Eve, or perhaps Poppy, and you will then have three solo lanes as a result, a jungler, and a roaming champion.

Sticking Singed in your solo Bot lane is a wise, safe choice to make. You should be safe, even through 3 man ganks between your cleanse and ghost, your ult, your goop, your fling, and your poison =) Tower diving Singed is a damn fool's mistake, and if someone tries it, you'll likely get a kill out of it. Sometimes 2, if you're drinkin' your milk. 8D

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Ok, so how and why to play Singed?

How to play him is a hard question to answer, as the situations your team will be in are never going to be the same. You're going to want to slow your enemies, and you're going to want to be in positions to interrupt them or to put them in danger.

You want to be as obnoxious as possible, wandering around and dropping your slowing poison everywhere, which will hurt, but more than anything, will slow them, and cause them to be in a place they don't want to be.

Why to play Singed depends really on your team comp.

1) You noticed perhaps that your comp could use a touch more magic damage. Sure, you're not going to be AP carrying, but it -does- matter what kind of damage you'll be dealing. You don't want to make this easy on the enemy now...

2) You know you're going to need a real tank champion, and preferably someone fast who can just run into the middle of things when he needs to.

3) (Ranked play) You see a channeled ult champion on the enemy team like Malz or Nunu and you've decided Singed is your best way to disrupt their skills and counter their champion.

4) You think Singed is a hilarious champion, and you take joy out of the frustration your enemies are going to experience as they are unable to chase your team through your poison, and you're going to be so fast, they'd never have a hope of chasing you. You snot nosed bastard.

5) You're okay with just running around the team to make sure your poison is active on all nearby enemies and protecting your allies. Otherwise, this champion might be a bit boring for you.

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Singed just lost us the game...

OMG that Singed...

1) He rambo'd after their carry and didn't help the team, which allowed for the enemy team to cc and effectively kill everyone on Singed's team.

2) He never bought Rylai's because he for some reason thinks Singed can tank without it... (As a tank, it's not just what you can do for yourself, but what you can do for your team. Singed is a tank without an effective sustained CC, but buying Rylai's turns him into a CC machine capable of ruining your opponent's lives entirely.)

3) (5v5) Singed thinks he's capable of just diving into the enemy team by himself because he's singed. No, singed, you can't do that in 5v5. Sorry.

4) Singed flings at all the wrong moments. Singed just flung the first person he got his hands on at odd times, or even perhaps saving an enemy player with his fling! Perhaps he flung the enemy tank, which of course would be a waste of his fling entirely!

Guide Top

Singed just won us the game! *Sunglasses

Man, that Singed...

1) Stayed with the team, using his Rylai's/poison combo to keep the enemies effectively slowed and disable their ability to teamfight effectively.

2) While doing this, he effectively threatened the carry, making it difficult for the carry to do it's job, by hovering in a position where their carry might get flung into your damage dealers, where she would immediately die.

3) When the enemy team has a channeled skill, singed saved his fling to protect his team! This forced that Nunu to wait and not use his ult mid fight, or risk being interrupted and wasting it! Same is true for Malz, WW, Kat, etc.

4) Singed made excellent use of his goop! His team was more readily able to either initiate or run away safely because of it. Throwing the goop in the area in front of your carries mid team fight can also help protect them when a melee champ comes after them. It can also slow them enough to where you may be able to run after them and fling them wherever you want to put them, or just to keep them off the carry a moment longer. =)

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Singed in 5v5:

He's a strong pick, and if you can just farm bottom minions forever, he becomes almost literally invincible. It's disgusting.

He's a champion capable of forcing split pushing, which is one of the stronger strategies in the current meta-game.

1) Keeps team a bit safer with slowing poison, flings, and goop. If you want to play and be a more successful tank, you need to build Rylai's on Singed.

2) Keeps your opponents in danger by presenting the risk of a good fling back into your many slows and your team which can then kill the said flung player.

He's a very farm dependent champ in 5v5, due to the fact that he must run into the enemy team. You will need lots of health early, and use your ult to gain the resistances, and then later once you've got Rylai's build some resistances to make you even tankier yet.

-IF- you find the enemy is putting out lot's of damage, and you are unable to go into their ranks and get your slowing on their members, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT building Rod of Ages, and building WARMOGG'S instead.

I know that after the mana bonus is taken into consideration RoA gives 811 HP instead of 630. That's why it's in my build, but if you need to be a real tank, Warmogg's is going to be your item in that spot instead.

The passive is a nice benefit, but don't get tunnel vision and get too stuck on it now. We're gonna do whatever we have to do to win, and if being tankier is what we gotta do, then that's what we're gonna do.

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Singed in 3v3

He's a great pick in 3v3's as well, for the same reasons.

He really facilitates a good team fight, and the reasons he's good in 5's are the reason's he's great in 3's.

1) Goop will cover the entire passage way in a lot of parts of the 3v3 map.

2) You fling 1/3 of their team instead of 1/5 of their team.

3) Perma slowing in team fights... Can't say this enough. Rylai's -is- the man's best item.

In my personal experience in 3v3, you don't have the luxury of just building tankier and tankier forever. All of your team mates must be contributing damage to the fight. This is my opinion and my experience, and I'm sure there are people who do it differently, but until I find a team that does it well, I'm standing by this statement.

For that reason, I would try to build the RoA and the Void staff in 3's if you're able... If you just have to build Warmogg's then you may. Again, whatever you need to do to win.

Guide Top

Singed overall.

Overall, he's a good tank.

ONLY if you get Rylai's. Otherwise, he'll be a good "Tanky" champion, without being able to "Tank" for your team.

A good tank needs to interrupt, mix things up, cause commotion and mayhem, protect your team, CC theirs, etc.

You need to be the guy making things happen.

Unfortunately, he's a very farm hungry tank, but a very very god one if he can get that farm.

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A note in regards to the masteries/runes.

Why evasion yellows instead of life per level?

Well, you may have noticed, but nimbleness makes us move faster. You also may have noticed that moving faster is part of what makes singed so damn good.

If we can proc nimbleness more often, then we're already getting more out of our masteries than a bit more life per level.

NOT TO MENTION!!! The damage we would have taken from dodged attack by carries would more than likely be higher than the benefit of HP per level on EVERY ATTACK! So if we so much as dodge ONE attack end game, we've already outweighed the benefits of HP per level.


Why 0/22/8 instead of 0/21/9?

Well that's really more an issue of preference. You can take the blocked point in minion damage out if you so choose. I like it, being a melee, for the early game benefit of taking reduced damage from minions.

Believe it or not, 1 damage reduction from each minion can add up to be a -lot- of damage early on!

Say that all 6 minions attack you. Well, if you have 600HP, you just blocked 1 damage from all of them, and saved yourself an entire 1% of your health bar. During a phase of the game where harassment sticks and it hurts, that's a big deal, and even more as a melee champion.

Now, end game, that 1 point becomes useless, but I take it for the benefit from my early game. In combo with Harden skin, assuming I have 600 HP, that will save me 3% of my HP pool each time all 6 minions attack me. It adds up, fast.


I take Magic resist blues because they are strong all game, and they sort of help to fill the tankiness role. You can also just as easily take mana blues for an early game benefit.


MPen reds is the obvious choice for the damage mid game with poison.

You can also take Armor Pen reds, if you desire, but they will have almost no effect late game, and will only be strong for laning phase and last hitting.


Quints is a no brainer. Nothing is going to help us as much as more dodge late game.

The early game strength of more mana and the mid game strength of more flat MPen do not outweigh the benefits of more dodge and more nimbleness procs. Not even close.

Guide Top

Don't get stuck on his passive.

It's a nice bonus to get life from mana, but if an item is better for Singed, we're just gonna take it.

Which brings me to my next point.

Force of Nature.

FoN is better for singed in every way than Banshee's veil.

The higher MR, the move speed, and the massive HP regen, in combination with our masteries, are going to keep us healthy and well while we fight or between fights as well.

Banshee's veil, is going to afford us less MR, -no- move speed which Singed needs so dearly, and 375 mana and 469 HP. The spell block is the only reason to consider buying this item. Or perhaps their team is full magic dmg.

The point is, both in terms of utility and survivability, FoN is a superior item for us. Don't buy Banshee's veil if you have t pick one or the other.

Guide Top

Note in regards to the listed teams:

For some reason it's still saying "Team 1" and "Team 2"

But, team one is for 5v5...

Team 2 is for 3v3.

Guide Top

So, my dears.

I hope you find some success with Singed. He's a good champion capable of making it happen for your team.

It's up to you not to screw it up, and believe me, lots of players don't play Singed right at all. =P

With a bit of practice, however, and a lot of farm, you might just find that Singed is a good candidate for a champion that might turn a decent team comp into a great one.

Cheers, and drink your freakin' milk dumby.