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Soraka Build Guide by Steviebrok

Support Reaper Raka Support AP - (''My last sacrifice'') Soraka

Support Reaper Raka Support AP - (''My last sacrifice'') Soraka

Updated on January 21, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Steviebrok Build Guide By Steviebrok 2,775 Views 0 Comments
2,775 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Steviebrok Soraka Build Guide By Steviebrok Updated on January 21, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Life as Support guide to win

1) Skip/dodge people who talk much in chat.. and try not to type anything aswell.. Use your pings,
More talking lesser playing, keep the focus 100%

(''Silince says it all'')

2) Stay behind your team, always.. Dosen't matter how boring it is, YOU ARE THE HEALER: -BACKLINE-
If they are stupid, they dont kill you, and you keep healing.. Be aware of that'
the enemy team might try to get you down ''first'' in the teamfight.. Stay ''backlined most'' of the times behind your(ADC)

(''Defensive is the best attack'')

3) Best team combo for Raka: (''Tank, TankyDPS(Fighter), AP CARRY, AD CARRY, Support'') Seems to be the winner team.
I dont say others dont work.. But I like the meta to be

(''The most common winning team'')

4) Buy Items after how the game is going, build against your enemies..

(''Choose the right items'')

5) Ward River lvl 3, lvl 5 or 6, swap your ward trinken with sweep 6.
Try to back around 8min in game if possible for an upgrade for your money item and sightstone..

(''Keep great vision for your team'')

6) You have a global ult, keeping an ''eye'' on your teammates,
might save one from dying or maybe give them a kill.. And you: an assist.
Have or Take the awareness on the Map, Teammates, Enemies, Timers and Summoners.

(''Eyes Open'')

7) Do not heal the tank, but make sure he don't ''DIE'' ..
Why? The tank have too much HP, and you lose your own lifebar, but if you in a push
to a win, you might swap your HP with his to make the final push to win.. logic

(''My last sacrifice'')

8) Warn your team 1 min before Dragon is about to come up and ward the area,
so you are ready to a teamfight.. Sweep the area of the maybe coming area of the teamfight..

(''3 step ahead'')

9) Movement speed is a big deal on Raka, she dont have any escape,
you can cast root on yourself, if target by a melee and stand stil till they get rooted and run away..
Seek HIGH movement speed for kite and for cast up..

I am Main Support and I'11 think that Soraka is the best support in the game right now
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Steviebrok
Steviebrok Soraka Guide
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