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Rek'Sai Build Guide by dasreatr

Rek'Sai indepth guide jungle

Rek'Sai indepth guide jungle

Updated on February 23, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author dasreatr Build Guide By dasreatr 6,441 Views 4 Comments
6,441 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author dasreatr Rek'Sai Build Guide By dasreatr Updated on February 23, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite



Hello my name is Hella Gay and i main Top Lane and Jungle during Season 4 and Season 5, and one of my favorite characters has become Rek'Sai, i love his play style and thats why i wanted to share my knowledge with you, the good people of Mobafire
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Introduction to Rek'Sai

Rek'Sai is a versitile AD Jungler and can also be Top Laner, his main damage comes from AD and he has in total 7 Abilities being able to switch "Forms" by burrowing under ground, the abilities Rek'Sai has are:

    Queens Wrath

    Prey Seeker



    Furious Bite


    Void Rush
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Abilities Explained

Explaining Rek'Sai's Abilities.

Fury of the Xersai
When doing damage with auto attacks and skills Rek'Sai gains fury, when Rek'Sai burrows the fury is used to regain health, also the next source of fury will be increased by 15.

Queens Wrath & Prey Seeker
Queens wrath causes Rek'Sai's next three attacks to deal bonus damage and attack her main targets + enemies around her.

Prey Seeker fires out a long range skillshot missile, if the missile hits it reveals the target for 2.5 seconds, Prey Seeker is available when Rek'Sai is burrowed.

Burrow & Unburrow
Burrow makes Rek'Sai go underground, when underground Rek'Sai has tremor sense, detecting movement in a radius of 1300 units around her, Rek'Sai also has increased movement speed while burrowed and will regain health if she has fury

Unburrow causes Rek'Sai to jump out of the ground, causing enemies hit to get knockupped for 1 second at they also take 40/80/120/160/200 damage, they cannot be affected by the knockup again for another 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 seconds.

Furious Bite & Tunnel
Furious Bite makes Rek'Sai bite her target, causing 80/90/100/110/120% of her attack damage + 1% for every 1% of her current fury, if her fury is at 100% this ability deals true damage instead.

Tunnel causes Rek'Sai to dig a tunnel in the direction she is facing, she can then interact with the tunnel to travel through it from either end, this cannot occur more than every few seconds at each tunnel, the tunnels will last for 10 minutes, Rek'Sai can have a maximum of 8 pairs of tunnels at the same time, they can be destroyed by enemy champions whom stand still on one of the entrances for 1.5 seconds.

Void Rush (Ultimate)
This ability has a Passive and an Active, Void Rush's Passive gives Rek'Sai 20%/40%/60% Attack Speed, the active of Void Rush enables Rek'Sai to channel for 1.5 seconds before travelling to any of her tunnels, making her untargetable and giving her dramatically increased movement speed, enemy champions can interupt the ultimate during the 1.5 second channel, this puts Void Rush on a 8 second cooldown.
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Item Explanation

Blade of the Ruined King
Blade of the Ruined King is an great item, it gives Attack Speed, Damage, and Lifesteal, + the active component letting you drain Health and Movement Speed from an enemy champion, Blade of the Ruined king goes great on Rek'Sai increasing the amount of damage, and how fast the damage comes out.

Stalker's Blade: Warrior
The Stalker's Blade is good for Rek'Sai due to the Smite being able to slow and deal a small amount of true damage to an enemy champion, the slow can enable Rek'Sai to secure the knockup without using either Tunnel or Flash, the Warrior enhancement is great, giving Rek'Sai plenty of Attack Damage and Armor Penetration.

Ravenous Hydra
Ravenous Hydra is a great item for Rek'Sai, it gives plenty of Attack Damage, along with Lifesteal and Passive Health Regeneration, another nice bonus of the Ravenous Hydra is the Passive effect dealing damage around the main target, and the Active dealing increased damage around the main target, this interacts well with Queens Wrath to easily clear out jungle camps.

Trinity Force
Trinity Force is an all around damage increase for almost every champion out there either jungling or going top lane, it gives a boost to: Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Health, Mana, Movement Speed, Ability Power, Critical Strike. As well as the Passive Effect which increases your movement speed when hitting an enemy, and the other Effect, Spellblade, increasing your next basic attack's damage by 100% after you cast a spell. Trinity Force helps increase Rek'Sai's damage overall especially after Unburrowing, giving her a nice damage boost for the most initial damage.

Last Whisper
The Last Whisper is an all around damage increasing item, it gives a moderate boost to Attack Damage, however the special thing about Last Whisper is the Passive, which lets you ignore 35% of the targets Armor, this will help increase Rek'Sai's sustained, and burst damage.

The Black Cleaver
The Black Cleaver gives higher Attack Damage boost than the Last Whisper, the stats on the Black Cleaver are >> 50 Attack Damage >> 10 Cooldown Reduction >> 200 Health, but the best thing about the Black Cleaver is the passive, reducing the targets armor by 5% when they are hit, this effect stacks up to 5 times, being able to reduce their armor by a total of 25%. This item is great for increasing Rek'Sai's damage both early and late.

Spirit Visage
The Spirit Visage is in my opinion the best Magic Resist item for Rek'Sai, not because it has the highest Magic Resist stats or the highest Health stats on a Magic Resist item, but because of the passive Spirit Visage has, increasing self-healing effects on yourself by 20%, this is great because it will increase the amount Rek'Sai health from her passive while burrowed, giving you increased sustain.

Randuin's Omen
Randuin's Omen is in my opinion one of the best Armor items in the game, the thing which makes it so good is again such as with Spirit Visage, not the fact that it has the highest Armor or the highest Health, but the Passive and the Active of Randuin's Omen are glorious, decreasing Attack Speed of targets hitting you helps a lot in the late game, and the active slowing units around you is great to help your team catch up to finish someone off, or to secure the kill yourself.
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Greater Mark of Attack is just flat out Attack Damage which is very useful for Rek'Sai, So for Greater Mark of Attack i take 9, Rek'Sai doesnt need attack speed runes really because she gains attack speed from his ultimate anyways.

Greather Glyph of Magic Resist is more useful late game rather than early, since you are jungling magic damage is not such a threat. For the reason of being useful late game, i take 9 of these

Greater Seal of Armor is useful both early and late game for Rek'Sai, in the early game the Armor helps you in the jungle by reducing the damage you take from the neutral creeps, and in the late game it helps by simply reducing the amount of physical damage you take, for the reason of being useful early and late game, i take 9 of these.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage is useful for increasing the physical Damage output by Rek'Sai in both the early and in the late game, it helps the clear time in the early game and adds to the overall damage in the late game. For the purpose of being useful both late and early, i take 3 of these.
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For the masteries i go 21/9/0, the offensive masteries are focused on: Attack speed, Cooldown Reduction, Physical Damage, Attack Damage and Spell Damage increase, Damage increase to low health targets, Armor and Magic Penetration, And an overall % Damage.

For the Defensive Runes i take damage reduction from
natural creeps, damage reduction from champions by flat
amount, and damage reduction from champions by %
amount, and finally flat Health increase, and
% Health Increase.
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Pros and Cons


Explanation: Rek'Sai is a great jungler, he has high damage, great sustain while jungling, as well as very nice gank potential through his tunnel combined with the slow smite, he builds up damage easily and becomes tanky easily as well.


Explanation: Rek'Sai's greatest Weakness is the time when he is burrowed, due to his limited vision. Another fault with Rek'Sai is the fact that when his burrow is on cooldown Rek'Sai has very limited mobility.
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Summoner Abilities

Flash is an essential Summoner ability for almost every champion, the short range teleport is extremely useful at all times during the game, being able to escape to surive, or to close in and secure a kill, flash is essential.

Smite is essential for this Rek'Sai build because simply put you are going to Jungle, and in the new jungle you cannot jungle without Smite, because of the bonus effects depending on the Jungler item you get, smite is a must have.
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Rek'Sai has great early jungle due to his sustain gained from the passive when burrowed, that path i usually take is like this.

Golems >> Red Buff >> Gromp >> Blue Buff >> Gank.

I start with the golems and the red buff since Rek'Sai does not use mana, i start with Queens Wrath, then i learn the Burrow/Unburrow and Finally i learn the Furious Bite/Tunnel, after that i max out Queens Wrath/Prey Seeker first, followed by Furious Bite/Tunnel.

Ganking.Ganking with Rek'Sai is really powerful, try to avoid using Tunnel since it can be really strong to use to catch up to an enemy's flash, the best would be to avoid using your Smite and Tunnel but to have them both ready if needed, start by unburrowing under them to get the knock up, then hit the full Queens Wrath followed by a Furious Bite for Maximum Damage.

Dragon & BaronThe essential to Dragon and Baron control as a Rek'Sai jungler is to have a good tunnel system, a good system will provide you with an advantage of mobility, espace, and steal potential versus the other team.
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Thank you for reading my guide and i hope you have fun with one of my favorite champions, now good luck out there in the field of justice, and send me any good results so i can post them here on the guide.
Thank you!
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