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Renekton Build Guide by Terry Tugboat

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Terry Tugboat

Relentless Renekton

Terry Tugboat Last updated on March 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Renekton is my main and I believe is one of the best fighters in League of Legends as hes extreamly fun to use. Through out this guide il put in tips and tricks you can do with Renekton offensivly and defencively. I hope you find this guide helpful.

- Terry Tugboat

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Pros / Cons

- Great solo
- Handy abilites
- Tank mid game
- Alot of damage

- Stuns devastate
- Ranged Champions focus you (ALOT)
- Hard to fight tanks solo
- 8+ second cooldowns

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Cull the Meek (Q)

This ability makes Renekton do a full 360 slash which does physical damage to the targets in the radius and heals him for a percentage of the damage done. This is probably the most helpful ability for Renekton, this allows him to lane of longer periods and 'B' less often whilst doing alot of damage.

With 50 Fury: gains extra Damage and Health return.

If centred in a minion wave between the melee minons and the caster minions, you can use Cull the Meek to hit all minions doing full damage and giving you around 15% of your health back. (its also great for farming)

Ruthless Predator (W)

Ruthless Predator hits an enemy Champion/Creature two times dealing physical damage along with a 0.75 (longer if trained) stun. This is a great initiator when fighting, it does great damage and gives you and your teammate time to hit them with skill shot abilities. This can also be used to stop them from running or stop them from attacking your damage dealer in a team fight.

With 50 Fury: Slashes 3 times with more damage and stuns for a longer duration.

Slice and Dice (E)

The Slice and Dice ability is Renenkton most used ability, this gives you the ability to dash in any direction and damaging anyone in the way. Use this to catch up or escape from enemies, if you damage a Champion/Creature in the process it will allow you to do another dash immediatly after the first one.

With 50 Fury: The second dash will deal more damage and reduce the targets armour.

Dominus (R)

**** gets real when you activate this ability, all traits are increased such as Health and Damage along with an aura which does magic damage to who ever is in the radius. Your fury rapidly generates, allowing you to do massive damage and the ability to tank very well for the duration.

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Doran's Blade:

Pantom dancer
This increases Renektons Health, Damage and lifesteal allowing you to hit high damage to champions. ( Take Ruthless Predator (W) first, this with runes can take off 30-45% health off Champions)

Beserker Greaves

With a higher attack speed you can get more hits off when a Champion is stunned by a teammates or by Ruthless Predator (W). This will also contribute to the next item.


This gives Renekton more health and damage along with a 25% chance of slowing a target. With the attack speed from Beserkers Greaves, you have a higher chance for a slow giving you time for your Ruthless Predator (W) to cool down.


This item increases Renekton's attack,move speed and crit chance. This item will help alot mid game.

Frozen Mallet

When obtaining this item, Renekton becomes very dangerous. This has a 100% chance of slowing a target. Frozen Mallet and Zeal contribute to each other by giving you high attack speed, alot of health and damage. By the time you get this item, you should already have Dominus (R)

Phantom Dancers

Phantom Dancer gives Renekton greatly increased attack speed,Critical chance and Movement speed. This greatly improves Frozen Mallet since with high attack speed, the 40% movement reduction is replenished everytime you hit the target allowing you to hit high damage and activate more abilites.

Black Cleaver

Black Cleaver's passive: 'Physical Damage reduces targets armour by 15 (stacks 3 times)' along with 40%+ attack speed increases damage even futher. This contributes to Frozen Mallet and Phantom Dancers since the ammount of Crits and Armour Reduction given to the target.

Blood Thirster

Renekton has alot of health and damage, with this you can deal even more damage and regenerate more health with lifesteal and Cull the Meek (Q)

Sunfire Cape

This makes Renekton even more of a tank and contributes to Dominus (R) aura damage. The aura should do around 100+ damage every 0.8 seconds to surrounding enemies and also giving him armour.

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Some Tips

(1) Slice and Dice can be used to jump over walls

(2) Be careful when using Ruthless Predator (W), when stunning an enemy you also too dont move for the a small percentage of the duration when activating.

(3) Cull the Meek 360 attack can hit a champion chasing you, use it to heal yourself and damage the chaser. (you can counter attack with this combo: (damage+heal) Cull the Meek (Q), (leap) Slice and Dice (E),(Stun) Ruthless Predator (W), Slice and Dice(E)

(4) When Dominus (R) is activated, your attack radius is increase with all abilites

(5) Use Slash and Dice to avoid skill shots which can move through minions such as Graggus' Barrel.

(6) Use enemy Champions/Minions when Slicing and Dicing, to dash twice you need to damage something. Go for the champions at the back by hitting into a champ/minion and dashing again.

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Every Renekton Leap location (your welcome :D)

Summoners Rift