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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crimestoppr

Renekton: Blood on your blade

Crimestoppr Last updated on January 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to the Renekton Build, Hopefully this build will desire your needs and help you out with becoming a better Renekton, and having a better renekton build. This build will cover these certain chapters:

1. Skill Sequence
2. Summoner Spells
3. Masteries
4. Runes
5. Items
6. Summary On the Build!

I decided to play two games with this build and so far It's been great. Screenshot below!

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Skill Sequence

The reason I do this 3rd is because It doesn't do enough damage early game. You get to level 3 fast which should make it no big deal to get it.

Why I do this skill second early game is because if you have enough rage which would be 50 rage then you can do a triple strike which will do lots of early damage especially if you are killing a squishy.

This skill goes first because if you are good enough with it then you can farm well and get gold early game. Gold early game is good for renekton because you can do more damage later on in the game.

This obviously goes in the normal order of 6,11, and 16. Nothing changes with this skill and it goes when its ready to go.

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Summoner Spells

What I use for Summoner Spells are:


The reason I use these two summoner skills is because I think that when you are engaged in a team fight and your enemies are running away you need ghost because Renekton isn't the fastest champion in the world and Exhaust helps in ganks and team fights to slow them down and finish them off.

Other Skills you can use:

You can use this to ignite your enemies while they run away with low health or if you need to ignite a low health enemy and fight a different enemy and the same time.

Teleport is used if you die, Renekton may need to go back lots for gold if you farm well. So you might want to hurry back to your laning partner and into fights.

Cleanse is very good to use with Renekton. Renekton is usually targeted lots because he is usually called "weak" and "vulnerable" so if you get slowed or taunted, Cleanse can be very useful to escape.

Skills NOT to use:

First of all, you don't have mana. So that sums it up right there.

Revive isn't used much and if you aren't doing well the last thing you want to do is die, revive, and die again and keep on feeding the other team.

Smite.. You aren't in the jungle. What are you going to do? Smite a laning minion.

Your ult heals you, Plus if you play right you won't have to heal too much.

There is a reason why they have wards, Clairvoyance in my opinion is a waste of a summoner skill and usually if you have somebody like Lux on your team they will have Clairvoyance.

And etc, There are many more and I'm sure they are mostly a waste of time.

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I do the classical Physical damage mastery tree when you use ghost. 21/8/1

I put one in to exhaust because thats the main summoner skill for this build (you can change it to use the other recommended summoner skills) Then I put in Deadliness because you don't need smite and AP. Then I put FOUR in to sorcery because you need cooldowns since early game some of Renekton's skills take awhile to cooldown. Then Alacrity and Sunder next because you need armor as renekton, Alacrity because you will need some attack speed to do big damage. The rest is self explanatory because you are not using Rally.

For defense you put 3 into Hardiness for extra armor, and 1 into Resistance, You don't do the other two up top because you don't need flash or revive. Next Evasion because it helps you dodge more + your runes so thats some good dodge chances.

Utility: The only skill in Utility is Ghost because that is all you really need in this Renekton build.

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The runes I use are:

Greater Mark of Desolation.

The reason I use that rune is because Renekton is a melee character he can pierce through tanks armor and other squishies armors and do decent damage.

Greater Glyph of Focus

Renekton's skills take a little while to cooldown so you might want these or if you are trying to escape with your E it might be too late. You also want to be useful in team fights with your skills so make sure they cooldown fast.

Greater Seal of Evasion

The reason I use these are because when you escape you want to be able to dodge some big hits so this comes in useful against champs with big damage + crit strikes. You can also dodge a bit when you are doing a 1v1

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Early game Renekton isn't really squishy so I go with Doran's Blade which will take some of your enemies health, do some damage, and get health for your self. Then just grab your self some boots of speed so you have SOME movement speed (remember Renekton isn't very fast) and then get the Phage for health and damage. Then grab Ionian boots. The reason I get those is for movement speed (of course) and mainly for cooldown reduction! Which is the only cooldown reduction Item you will need if you have the right runes. Frozen Mallet does damage and you can slow down your enemies, The Brutalizer will turn into something else later but it does good damage for then. Grab B.F. Sword next for your damage needs and if you have enough money you can just buy the whole Bloodthirster which will do some life steal. The pickaxe goes in to Last Whisperer later on for damage then you get Yoshimuu's Ghostblade for some damage and its passive can be useful. Sunfire cape is good if you charge in because it does area damage, It also gives you a bit of health. Last but not least finish off with your Last Whisperer and you are good with your items!

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Thank you for reading and voting and commenting and using my build. I hope you guys give me some constructive information on what I need to improve on this build. I will hopefully show you guys a better screenshot of my winning streak later on so that I can prove to you this build is better then you think it is! For now, have fun with this build. Votes are appreciated and I will enjoy any tips! If you like this build and you think my build is good. I can always make different builds for other characters but I will have to try them / use them for awhile.