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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jehuty1

Renekton: Callin' your bluff.

Jehuty1 Last updated on February 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Before we begin with this guide I should tell you I am not the most experienced player in LoL, However during Renekton's free play week, he was the only Champion I played that week, and I made Renekton my first ever 6300 IP purchase. There was a connection I had with him from the first game I played. The first thing I did when I started playing him was come to this site and find the highest rated build here to mimic and see how he was. The builds here were good, and I often do follow them strictly, but with Renekton I felt there was something better. I'll do my best to explain it, and hopefully others will see how awesome this champion really is. This build is a mix of tank and fighter, but more leaning to fighter.

One of the best moments I have had with Ren was just a few days ago. Two of my teamates and I had attempted to attack top lane, one got picked off early and the other not too long after that, so I started running back to base. I was being chased by three enemies. One full health, one medium health, and one with about 1/3 health.

As I was running back, the full health fell behind a little bit, so I stopped, turned around and E'd through the medium health to the low health, W'd to stun him so he couldnt run, Q'd to lower his health even more, and finished him off with my second E (headed towards the medium health enemy). If you arent familiar, E is a slash and dash -- where Renekton mores quickly through enemies dealing damage on his way. My health was about half, so I Q'd again and stunned him so he couldnt move, thats When I use my Ulti restoring a few hundred health and destroying the med AND full health champs. At this stage in the game I was already 5-1-4 so i was fed a bit, but still, i 3v1'd the enemy. One of my ally's even mentioned, "I know what champion I'm buying next."

Renekton is my BFF, and I can dominate with him.

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The items are mostly aimed at Cooldown reduction and strength. This is where renekton becomes the ultimate fighter. I start with a Doran's shield just so i can lane a bit longer with the hp regen and hp/armor. I have also used the Doran's sword here, either one works OK. First thing I like to get are the boots of lucidity. I like speed and I like to spam abilities, So getting boots early is important for me, and these boots reduce ren's cooldowns. Since Renekton doesnt use Mana cooldowns are extremely important, because you can keep using them no matter what.

Next, you will be building two larger items at once, the Randuin's Omen AND Youmuu's Ghostblade.
Why at the same time? Because both are built from gold earning items; the Heart of Gold and Avarice Blade. From there build a Brutalizer and Warden's mail. At this point you will be maxed on Item slots, So once you have 1200G go ahead and buy the Randuin's Omen AND Youmuu's Ghostblade. After this your next items can be purchased based off whats going on in the game. I tend to go for the Spirit Visage followed up by a couple of Bloodthirsters, if the game goes on late, sell the spirit visage and get a Frozen mallet.

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Skill Sequence

I start by getting all three of my main abilities to level one. First, Cull the Meek, then Slice and Dice, and finally Ruthless Predator. Cull the Meek is my main go-to weapon. It heals you and does massive damage in a large radius. Most games I will max that out first, while leveling Slash and Dash and ulti whenever possible - leaving the Ruthless predator for last. however, I almost always get ruthless pred to lvl 1 on my lvl 3 since it does stun an enemy(useful for ganks).

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Farming is incredibly simple AND important with Ren. You can end a game with over 300 minion kills easily. Use slash to get into the heart of a creep wave, Use your Q to wound them down to lethal HP and dash back to safety killing all the minions in your way. Since you don't have mana, you can keep doing this constantly, and even use Q to last hit minions a little far out of your comfort zone. For being a Melee unit, Renektion is remarkably long ranged with Q and E abilities. This build is fairly expensive, so if don't get a lot if minion kills it had better be because you keep killing champions!

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Summoner Spells

I mainly use Ignite and Ghost as summoner spells. Ignite is always good for finishing off those champions who think they can get away. And Ghost can make sure you reach them to set them on fire and the get the hell out of there if they buddies running to their aid.

I Have also used Teleport, Exhaust and Flash successfully as Renekton.

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Pros / Cons

- Built-in "Heal" spell with his Ulti.
- Can Slash and Dash through walls.
- Good at escaping with E/R abilities.
- Extremely Powerful.
- Awesome minion Farmer.

- No ranged abilities.
- Weak to stuns and slows if your abilities are on cooldown.
- People will complain that you steal creep kills.
- People will complain that you steal champion kills.
- Not the best tower pusher, (slow basic attack).

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Renekton is the most fun and versatile character I have played. He can be a tank if need be, and he can be the biggest bad-*** brusiser when he wants to be. You can enter and escape battles easily, with minimal risk to being caught by the enemy. Can 1v1 pretty successfully, especially with Ulti available. If your in trouble, use that Ulti to gain a few hundred HP and prevent those chasers from getting too close, using slash and dash to get away even quicker.

TL;DR entire guide.
Build cooldown reduction, Randuin's Omen AND Youmuu's Ghostblade, followed by Bloodthirsters.
Use E to get into battle and Q to deal damage and farm minion kills.