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Renekton Build Guide by Warrec

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Warrec

Renekton: The Hit and Run Killer

Warrec Last updated on July 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Some people will find this build to be a little non-traditional, and a bit unexpected. This build thrives when you lane with essentially any champion that has high damage, decent AOE abilities, or can help you lock down.

I'm going to run through how I play Renekton, what I think his strong points are (There are many) and his weak points (There are few). Teamwork will be essential at the beginning of the game and after about level 6 you can begin managing 1v1+ fights on your own. By this builds end there is no reason you should not be able to 3v1 or 4v1 most teams, and in some cases more enemies.

What I'm NOT going to do... I'm not going to go terribly in depth with why you're taking what masteries and all that jazz. I think with the explanation of this build you'll gather why the masteries are as important as they are.

I also won't talk about why to take exhaust or ghost because you're going to pick whatever you damn well feel like anyway so it's pointless... what I will say is don't take the following (these should be obvious)

-Smite (You're not jungling with this build)

Basically anything other than the above can be useful with this build.

***Runes are based on what I currently have... I keep the same Rune build for ALL of my champions I play, you will likely want to change them as I realize they need tweaking.

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Hit and Run

Hit and Run is a valuable tactic to use with this champion. His abilities enable him to engage and disengage quickly... Use these tactics wisely, and know when to pursue and when to back down. Renektons E ability will enable him to get into battle quickly (such as leaping unexpectedly from a bush), when doing this BE SURE you will hit an enemy... any enemy will do even a minion. After you engage you should use your W to stun the enemy you're engaging, from here quickly hit your Q and then it's up to you whether or not you will be pursuing or fleeing. This is a decision that has to be made quickly, and if you're triggering your abilities fast enough and you've hit an enemy when you E INTO battle, you should be able to use this ability again to either further engage or flee.

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The Details

Build Details are linked below:


I start by taking a Dorans Blade... This item is too good to not start with given the current stats it has with the latest patch. It will empty your wallet, but pair this with your Q and you have good starting lane sustainability.

I then move onto boots, and I try to just outright buy Boots of Mobility. Why? As I said, Renekton is an in and out character. It will become important for pursuits for you to be able to move from one lane to another and if necessary use your E to get out of battle and let your 5 movement speed kick in to flee.

After Movement speed I quickly begin moving for my Black Cleaver. This will be handy while taking on most teams as they will try to counter your DPS with high amounts of armor (often times Thorn Mail). Should you encounter a Thorn Mail I recommend ditching one of your later items (Such as stinger) for a Cloak and Dagger as the additional Critical from it combined with the armor pen of your Cleaver will help ward off enemies using Thorn Mail. I start building into the Black Cleaver by first purchasing my Dagger, then move onto BF Sword. Before finishing out the Cleaver I grab a Vampiric Scepter then finish off the Cleaver.

Next I move onto another BF Sword then finish of a Blood Thirster. It's important to build the Cleaver before the bloodthirster because the Armor penetration aids in the life steal of the Blood Thirster.

When all of the previous items are built it's basically up to you and the type of team you're fighting what your final two items will be. Often I move on to a Stinger and then begin building a Guardian Angel. When this build is complete if I need a bit more attack speed or damage I will sell the Dorans Blade for either another Bloodthirster or Phantom Dancer. The lifesteal of the Bloodthirster will almost guarantee survivability however the Critical from the Phantom Dancer will make for quick kills. If you're looking for a cheaper item, replace your Dorans Blade with a Cloak and Dagger.

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A Lack Of Defensive Items

In the build above there is admittedly a lack of defensive items leaving most players confused... here's my explanation.

Renekton has a higher than average magic resistance. This resistance coupled with your high damage and life steal offers high survivability when facing magical opponents. This also goes hand in hand with knowing your enemy. It would be foolish to solo engage a Taric, Ashe, and another slow/stun Champion with Renekton. Too many stuns and you're S.O.L. You must rely heavily on your basic attacks, NOT your abilities with Renekton your abilities are simply an additional utility.

Your Ultimate will save your life... Keep this open not for engaging enemies, but for last ditch efforts to survive or winning team fights. It's tempting to use it because it increases your rage meter... but that's what attack speed is for.

Guardian Angel will save your life also... literally. When you get this, use it to your advantage. When people see Ren has taken a guardian angel they typically react one way... by running the other way. Grabbing a few kills early game will help increase your intimidation on the other team.

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I can't stress this enough. Q, Q, Q, Q, Q, Q QQQQQQQ!!!! You are a farmer, it's what you do... so get out there and farm. If you aren't maxing your Q first, you're probably doing something wrong... namely NOT farming, and not getting the delicious gold minion kills will rake in. A good strategy is too max your rage meter and then Q in the middle of a minion wave.

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In conclusion as long as you know your enemy you are all set. Renekton is hard hitting and has high survivability. He makes for a great carry and will thrive in team fights. He's hard to get away from and he's difficult to chase making him one of the harder champions in the league to kill. As a point of note you should respect Rammus and Dr. Mundo. These two champions are hard to make quick kills on due to high armor and hitpoints and Rammus's taunt coupled with his knockup make him difficult to escape. An AP Mundo will make it difficult to survive his Burning Aura and his hitpoints make him difficult to engage. Should you encounter both of these champions in the same lane, running the other direction could be a wise mood.

Another point of note... This may sound harsh, but as much as you're a team player, you're a killer. Take advantage of using other champions as fodder and you may find yourself with a pentakill. You shouldn't abandon your team in a team fight, but if it comes down to just you and someone else sacrifice the one for the good of the many. Let your other team burn abilities and ulti's on your friend.

That's basically all I have... You may disagree with my methods... but they have worked for me. I've never had anyone bash my build, and I've certainly never been negatively criticized with my build and/or play style. I welcome comments, and I welcome people changing parts of this build, just because this works for me doesn't mean it'll work for you, but I would highly recommend everyone try this play style at least once.