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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DrS

Respect my authoritah!

DrS Last updated on April 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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To most, yordles do not conjure images to be feared. The easygoing half-pint race, though fierce, is often regarded with some degree of joviality. Every now and again, however, a yordle turns so bad that, even at its small stature, it strikes terror into the hearts of others. Veigar is such a twisted yordle - a master of the magical black arts and a corruptor of cosmic energy, making him one of the most feared sorcerers on Valoran. Veigar was once one of those unusual yordles who chose to trade with the outside world. Imprisoned in the city-state of Noxus for years, Veigar slowly went mad in isolation from his people. He eventually escaped, but instead of returning to Bandle City, he sought tutelage from dark wizards across the land. Now he seeks to end all conflict on Valoran, by bringing all of the city-states to their knees, regardless of affiliation.
"Who says evil needs to come in a fearsome-looking package?"

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Veigar is THE player for anyone who has a more than a clue on how to play LoL and loves casters.

-Insane damage
-Great at team fight
-Great pusher
- 1 shot Ability power champioms with his ulti
- hilarious cartman like voice

-incredebly squishy
-first to be targeted for an "easy" kill
-it takes some time to master him
-Vunerable to CC
-Easy to harass

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Skill Sequence

Get first since you need to start last hitting creeps as soon as possible to increase your ability power. Rank 1 makes it difficult to estimate when you are going to hit a creep in order to kill it. Wait till the creep is close to dying before you hit it.

After you get for some getting away from ugly situations at early levels get to help you push creeps if you are midding.

Get 3 ranks of in order kill creeps with more health and feel more confident about last hitting..also cooldown is a major factor here.

After that get your up to Rank 3 you need those 2 seconds stun even if you are pro enought to do E+W instantly. Since you are only level 8 your moment to shine hasnt come yet

Max out after that and start you enemies one with the ground floor.

If you are gettying pretty good with hit after level 6 you canmax out and your insane damage will begin!

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Replace yellow runes with if you want to have enought mana early game to harass and still have some left to last hit

Greater Seal of Vitality might also work for your squishyness

Replace Quintessences with to be less squishy, but dont expect miracles. They will just keep you going early game at least

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Masteries + Summoner abilities

Summoner Abilities

is a must have for squishy character period!
will allow you to start with a doran's ring instead of a pendant and if you dont try to harass your mana out will give you an infinite time laning and landing last hits. get a mana dependant partner to share it with since you will have a mastery point to it.

: Teleport is really nice for going back and forth to your lane regening mana and health in tight situations get it if you feel you are going to need it or you are new to veigar.


Straight forward caster build with poitn in because you are going to be using it a lot + to help your laning partner too and team fights! Dont go for extra buff duration you are not going to need it that badly and you tend to die easily if you are no cautious so it would be a waste

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Items + Tacts

Early Game

Either mid or pick a lane Veigar is good at both. Lane if you are new to Veigar and team up with a tanky champ to protect you and let you score some last hits on minions.
Get a (if you are laning) for easy Rank1 last hits on creeps and a possible killing blow, or specially if you are midding a + 2 or if you dont feel so sure about it. Play passively there is no need to go ahead of your self. if you are midding be extra cautious and either hug the tower and fight there dropping to cut down the number of creeps + or stay halfway between turrets and throw an occasional in the bushes. Dont harass too much with your spells you need the mana only engage fight when a serious harassment or a certain kill is what you are going to get out of it.

Go back when you feel like you have enought money to buy and .

Mid Game

By now you should have enough ability power + (stunning and dark matters will give you lots of assists and kills so its a must for me) and Morello's Tome. You can now engage fight! while you are still last hitting everything with . Feed your Soulstealer but dont be too agressive till at least you have Rank 3 of . You are still incredebly squishy so do not engage fight without being almost certain of the outcome

Late Game

Here is were you shine. Your ability power should now be skyrocketing and 1 ulti casters as you progress. You should now almost be able to 1 hit minions and get stacks again with . Also throw a couple at team fight although you havent stun them....they tend to stay nead the main mass of the players but hopefully YOU ARE STANDING BEHIND THEM. Trust me they wont expect your damage, prepare your ulti before going to team fight will gurantee you a kill. will grant you survivability if you are attacked by surprise or even some nasty DoTs that can get you killed definately a must have for such a character.

If you are feeling confident enough and the other team isnt as hard to tackle as you imagine you can begin stacking some and some spell penetration if they are stacking M. resist.

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Situational items

If you are new to Veigar definately buy one or you will get disappoined on how easy you can die

This is another survivability item that gives you the health you need plus the CD reduction always comes in handy. Because you will replace other Ability power items with this keep last hitting and killing champions to compensate for the loss.

Another great survivability item. I would suggest to begin building this along with boots while you level since you will benefit a lot from FCatalyst the Protector

Both pretty good items but you want RAW Ability power...if the enemies are stacking magic resist then go for one of them personally i like Void Staff

Pretty good addition but not a nessecity with your mana pool + + + you will almost never go out of mana and you can get that ability power from other more useful items.

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Your will only stun anyone trying to get IN or OUT of it.Try to other predict enemies movement and cast it so he will be on the edge of it and cast dark matter ASAP dont wait to see if he is stunned because you loose valuable time.

At team fights try to cast and include as many playes IN it as possible (the rest will be on the edges most the times) and cast anywhere you want

When you are 1v1
in laning phase: When you cast most players will be panicking and running back so try to place the enemy champion on the back end of the circle (if you can't stun them) and they will definately try to go back and be stunned.

in mid/late game: It works the other way around....Enemies will try to get you so they wont back off this time but come towards you to kill you. So place the circle either with its back edge to intercept the incoming player or trap him inside it but more closely to the front edge of the circle because he will keep comming towards you

Front:is the side closest to you
Back: is the side furthest from you

After + combo go closer to cast to ensure a kill or cast your to seal the deal.

Whateven you do AVOID being IN the with an enemy player, f out of it and let the enemies be stunned while chasing you.

If you are about to die, you have almost run out of skills to cast and you got some one MELEE chasing you for the kill(low health prolly because you have spent all your skills). DONT run, confront him and cast a dark matter at the place you are standing! by the time he needs to finish you off he will die too by the impeding doom upon his head. Again do this if you are certain that you will die (no flash no event horizon to stall him etc.). It might work for ranged chars too but its risky since they move a lot.

While being chased place between you and the enemy, dont try to trap him. He will either try to walk around it, or wait untill it fades either you way you will be way ahead. Even if you are trying to trap him and score a kill again place between you two but with the back edge of the circle closest to the enemy and do your E+W combo.

After a certain point you will learn the time a dark matter needs to land and you will use it to score hits on the way but that needs some practicing.

Enemy Champions skills:
]Always try to stun her with your if she is just "trapped" inside it (meaning she can move) she will you with out getting stunned

Enemies can out of it so be aware WHO has flash from the opponents

] Another must stun player because we can under it.

if he is playing ability power fear his or his

he can also teleport out of your so be aware

He is your worst fear. He can out of your and cripple you to death. If you dont stun him run as fast as you can!

he can out.

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-Learn to last hit without even thinking about it
-Always keep in mind that you ARE squishy. learn to play smart
-Be intuitive when you cast predict when the enemies will be if you havent stun them
-Use dark Matter as a scouting tool also
-Flash away if things go wrong dont try to be a hero when you feel nothing good will come out of it
-Dont die!

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Play safe and you can find yourself carrying the team at some point. Veigar is an awesome character that you wont get bored with since he has a great voice (/j him always cracking me) and can kill almost any hero outhere specially ability power casters are his favourite kind.