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League of Legends Build Guide Author Retribution

Retribution's Guide Review Shop!

Retribution Last updated on January 8, 2013
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I was inspired to open a Guide Review shop after receiving quality feedback from some of the other shops. I'm also really interested in helping out fellow players, as well as improve on my own abilities through reading fellow guide writers' guides. I'm not *that* experienced as a guide writer (I still have trouble with coding images sometimes), but my Lux guide is currently the top rated Lux guide on Mobafire. I've decided to archive my other guides until I finish updating for S3.

I strongly suggest you read through all the text, as they include important information, such as rules and rating systems.

Anyways, welcome to my Guide Reviewing Shop!

Before any of you submits your guides for review, there are a few rules that I will be implementing.

Rule #1: You must be Summoner level 30, and have at least 300 wins. I don't mean to be discriminant to newer players, but as a general rule, less experienced players' guides don't turn out as well. It'd also be nice if you are experienced in Ranked play, as the experiences there will help improve the contents of your guide.

Rule #2: English, please. As most of the players on the NA server are English speakers, your guides should also be in English. You should have a decent knowledge of the language, and shouldn't be using something like Google Translate. It's always obvious. I will tolerate a few grammatical errors here and there, but if it interferes with understanding the guide, then I suggest you change it. Also, run your guide through a spell check before publishing it.

Rule #3: Be patient. I do not have super-human reading speed. I can easily get through several guides a day if I have the time, but if your guide is really far behind in the queue, you can expect a bit of a wait before you receive my review. I will not accept requests that are sent through PM, and I will remove your guide from my queue if you complain. Nobody likes whiners.

*Apologies for those still waiting for a review, my computer hasn't been working properly for me these past few days >.>*

If you've gone through the rules, feel free to continue on to the next section!

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Submission checklist

Before you sumbit your request, go through the following list, and see if you meet the criteria.


Experience with the Champion:
-Have you played at least 100 games on your champion?
-Do you understand your champion's role within a team? (Not just "support", I want something more in-depth. Each and every champion have unique roles that they fill.)
-If you have played Ranked games with the champion, do you have a KDA average of at least 3.0?

Guide mechanics.
-Have you used your core build extensively?
-Did you run your guide through a grammar/spell check?
-Did you use BB Coding? It makes the guide look a LOT nicer.
-Do YOU think your guide looks nice?

Guide content.
-At least 1 cheat sheet if you're writing a champion guide
-Pros/Cons, at least 5 things for each side. (I recommend having 8-10)
-Runes with alternatives
-Masteries with alternatives
-Summoner Spells
-Starting Items
-A standard Build
-Viable items
-Farming (Unless it's a guide for a support)
-Jungle Route (If building for a Jungler)
-Warding (Optional)
-Match Up List (Optional)
-Ranked stats and images (optional)

Guide Top

Your Submission form.

To submit a request, leave a comment, in the following format:

Summoner Name
Summoner Level
Elo rating, if applicable. (Optional, but gives me a better idea of a rating standard.)
Link to the Guide
Guide's current rating
Specifics that I should watch out for? (Optional)
Why do you want me to review this guide? (Optional)
Do you want a rating with the review, or at another time? (PM if you want it later)

Guide Top

My response.

Your final rating will be on a 5-point scale. 5 is amazing, while 1 means unacceptable. The final rating will be an average, based on the following:
-Cheat sheet

Each section will be rated out of 5, with the exception of Viability, which is the rating of the contents of your guide. This section will be rated out of 10, since the most important aspect of a guide is its effectiveness.

Along with the rating, I will include general comments, such as what you did well, and what you could improve on (if applicable)

You are welcome to submit a guide for a re-evaluation, but you will have to wait in line again. (duh)

If your final rating is above 4.0, you deserve a +rep and a +1.
If your final rating is below 2.5, I'm sorry, but that's a down vote. I will give you a chance to update your guide first, though.

What I ask for in return.
-A +rep if you like my suggestions!
-If you get the chance, check out my Lux guide and give ME suggestions! I'm always looking for suggestions. My guide.
-A response here, so people can actually find it.

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Current Queue

This is the order of which I will review the guides. I will review them whenever I have the time.

-xxIAMLEGENDxx's Jayce Guide
-DemonSovereign's Mordekaiser Guide

Guide Top

Guides that I have reviewed.

These are the guides that I have reviewed. The guides in orange are the guides that I found to be deserving of an upvote.

-Athan's Yorick Guide
-xxIAMLEGENDxx's Lee Sin Guide

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Changes Log

2013/01/05: Shop opened!


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