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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Lux Build Guide by Retribution

AP Carry Lux: The Final Spark. A Comprehensive Guide.

AP Carry Lux: The Final Spark. A Comprehensive Guide.

Updated on February 20, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Retribution Build Guide By Retribution 827 36 12,804,561 Views 296 Comments
827 36 12,804,561 Views 296 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Retribution Lux Build Guide By Retribution Updated on February 20, 2016
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1.1: Introduction: About me and my guide.


Hi everyone. I'm Retribution, and welcome to my first guide on Mobafire!

background story.

Don't just use the cheat sheet and expect to do well! Inside the guide are my explanations, my thoughts, and everything I can think of about Lux, as well as MY way to play this champion. If you disagree with me for any particular reason, feel free to let me know! I'm always looking for ways to improve my guide.

Lux is a champion that is skill-shot based. While she doesn't counter many people, she doesn't get countered easily either. Because of this, Lux is a great choice against most any mid lane champion. I seldom lose my lane when playing Lux, simply because I am experienced playing this champion. She has a slow and a snare to use, as well as high-ranged harass, kill potential, and objective control capabilities. Lux might not have the mobility, nor the tankiness, compared to some other picks, but she is definitely a viable choice, particularly as an AP damage dealer.

This guide is designed to be highly comprehensive. In other words, it's a full guide that guides you through a step-by-step process to learn how to play Lux (and the game in general, if it helps), and not something that you should browse through during your 60 second loading screen. Although I have included TL;DRs in some sections, if you truly desire to become a better player, I strongly suggest taking the time to go through the massive walls of text, analyzing the information, and making use of it, hence the use of the word "Comprehensive".

If you liked this guide, tell me why you like it; if you put a thumbs-down, tell me what I can do to improve!

Disclaimer: By no means do I consider myself a 'good' player, and I don't want anyone else to make that assumption either. I'm hoping for readers to judge my guide based on its content, and the content alone. I've put in my utmost effort into putting in details, and the information are accurate to the best of my knowledge. I'm not saying that the information would be 100% true, but they are accurate, to the best of my knowledge.
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1.2: Guide in Short.

This section is an abbreviated version of my AP Lux guide, useful for if you're in champion select, and you decide to play Lux, because either your champion of choice was banned, taken, or countered, and you only have 30 seconds left. Included are sample rune sets, mastery trees, skill setups, and item sets. This is the essentials of the guide in terms of setup, but general gameplay is too complicated to comprehend in 30 seconds.


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

12/18/0 Masteries

>> >> >>

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1.3: Abbreviations used in the guide.

*Skip this section if you know what I am talking about!*

AD: Attack damage. The amount of damage your auto attacks will do, before applying armor.
AoE: Area of Effect. I use this term to describe spells that can hit multiple targets.
AP: Ability Power. A champion stat that scales with abilities to allow them to deal extra damage. This is one of the most important stats for Lux, because all of her abilities scale on AP.
AP/lvl: Ability Power per Level. The amount of Ability Power the rune will give you, which increases based on your champion level.
AS: Attack speed. The amount of auto attacks you can use in 1 second.
cc: Crowd control. Effects, such as stuns, slows, and silences, which can disrupt you from doing things like moving, casting spells, and more.
CS: Creep score. The amount of minions you have last-hitted.
DoT: Damage over Time. Abilities that give damage over a certain period of time, such as Noxious Blast, Toxic Shot, or Blaze.
GP10: Gold generated per 10 seconds. A generic term for items that increase gold income, such as Spellthief's Edge, Relic Shield, etc.
Mana Regen: Mana Regeneration. A champion stat that shows how much Mana is restored every 5 seconds.
MP: Magic Penetration. Flat Magic Penetration (From our runes and boots) ignore a certain amount of the target's MR, while Percentage-Based Magic Penetration (From our Void Staff) ignores a certain percentage of the target's MR.
MS: Movement Speed. A champion stat that affects the speed in which our champion walks. (Runs, whatever you want to call it)
MR: Magic Resist. A champion stat that affects the amount of magic damage taken from spells. The more Magic Resist one has, the less damage they will take.
OP: Over-powered. Self-explanatory.
UP: Under-powered. See previous answer.
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1.4: Pros and Cons.

+Easier to learn!
+AoE spells!
+Great burst damage!
+3000 range on ultimate!
+2 spells give vision!
+Has a shield!
+Amazing poke damage!
+Few effective counters!
+Best laugh ingame!

-Skill-shot oriented, harder to master...
-Longer cooldowns...
-Lack of escape tactics...
-Needs positioning...
-Falls late-game...
Lux is a champion that is easy to learn, but hard to master. While her skill set isn't too hard to get used to, being able to use it effectively is different. It's like how the usage of Black Shield determines the difference between the "good" and the "great" Morgana players.
Lux is a good mid laner, due to the fact that she out-ranges almost everyone else, and has a form of built-in survivability, as well as her exceptional damage output. She is also one of the safer picks for Mid lane, because the only champions that really counter her are assassins, most of whom don't have much kill potential until later in the laning phase. While some lanes can be a bit difficult, assuming both players are of around equal skill level, Lux will seldom lose a lane.
Lux, however, is a natural support. Not "support", as in keeping your AD carry alive, but "support", as in working together with your teammates to win a fight late-game. Despite your exceptional damage output, while you can continue to poke down your opponents, you can NOT burst down more than 2 targets at the same time. With all your spells on cooldown, you're extremely vulnerable. This is where teamwork comes into play. A good way to describe this would be: Your team's tank is doing their job at the front lines, and you support them by throwing out Light Bindings and Prismatic Barriers. You're supporting the tank, so he won't be taking too much damage, and he's supporting you by tanking damage, so the enemies would not jump on you. That's just an example; Lux should be having this kind of symbiotic relation with just about every member of the team. It's difficult to do well as Lux if you cannot work with your team, or vice versa.
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1.5: The Importance of Smart-Casting.

Lux is made for smart spell casting. What this function does is that spells would be used the same way as Karthus's Lay Waste, where you hover your mouse cursor at your target, as opposed to the traditional "move and click". This is especially useful for skill shots, as the shot will fire towards where your mouse is pointing. It's a lot faster than clicking. Seeing as how you have essentially a 1 second time frame in which to pull off your combo, learning to use this function is essential.

Let's see an example.

Typical burst combo: Light Binding > Lucent Singularity (Don't explode) > Final Spark > Explode Lucent Singularity.

Without smart spell casting, this is what you do: Q, click, E, click, R, click, etc.

WITH smart spell casting: -Hover your mouse over your target- Q-E-R-E.

This concept does take practice to get used to, but you'd thank me when you learn how to use Smart Spellcasting. Try it out! Those fractions of a second you save can often mean the difference between life and death.

For those of you that don't know how to set it, you can arrange your key configs in-game. When you are inside a game, pressing ESC will make this window pop up. There are options on it, like Video and Sound. Find the Key Configs page, and make your changes there.
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1.6: Lux's skillset.

Illumination is Lux's passive. Much like Leona's passive, Lux's abilities mark their target, so that her auto attacks would deal extra damage. Final Spark also detonates Illumination, but her other spells do not. This spell makes Lux a good harasser early game, and its AP scaling also ensures she does not fall too far behind in damage late game. It is a good idea to get this mark on your opponents before using Final Spark, regardless of the phase of the game, for an extra burst of damage.
fillerNote the enemy minions with the Illumination marks.

Light Binding is Lux's Q skill. This is a skill-shot type ability that damages and ensnares the first TWO targets hit. Therefore, you can definitely try to Q an opponent standing behind a single target. This skill was actually buffed to apply full effects to both targets hit, so you will get the full damage + snare duration for both targets! Yaaaay!

Usually, you will want to cast Lucent Singularity under your target first for the slow (Without detonating), then follow up with Light Binding, as it ensures your target will remain in one place for you to do whatever you want to them. However, it has a long cooldown, so only use it if you are sure it is safe to do so. It's good for last-hitting minions if there are multiple low-health creeps, but make sure the enemy doesn't engage on you while the spell is on cooldown. Only use it on the enemy champion for defensive purposes, if you think you can kill them, make them leave lane, pressure them such that they lose cs, their engage spell is on cooldown, and/or the enemy's jungler is not close by. Using it for harassing is strong, but dangerous! Be cautions when attempting to do so.
fillerfillerNotice the range on this spell. It can also pass through one enemy unit. Note that the bind already ended on the second minion, while the first is still bound.
light binding

Lux's W skill is a skill-shot type shield that acts like Boomerang Blade, because it returns to you after it hits maximum range. Prismatic Barrier is best used in teamfights, where your teammates would be able to take more damage, giving your team a distinct advantage. The shield is deceptively powerful, and it can easily grant your teammates thousands more in "effective health" if you can hit multiple targets. This skill can also help you survive DoTs and delayed attacks. We've all had that moment where we make that amazing escape, only to have the enemy Karthus press R, or to die to some random DoT.
Remember, this returns to you after hitting max range. It seems the indicator is faulty. The actual projectile achieves a longer range, whereas the width seems to be narrower.
prismatic barrier

Lux's E skill is Lucent Singularity, a delayed AoE damage skill. This also provides vision, while it's travelling, as well as while the AoE is active! After you throw down the orb, it has up to 5 seconds of delay before it detonates itself. For harassing, you want to explode it quickly, by pressing E again, because any enemy with some sense would know to stay out of it, and/or walk out of range. Try throwing it behind the enemy, because most enemies would walk away to avoid getting hit. The AoE properties of this spell also makes for good farming, but do so at your own discretion, as the mana cost of this spell is a bit high. For maximum harass, lay a Lucent Singularity under your opponent, fire an auto attack while they are in range, explode the Lucent Singularity while your attack animation is still in the air. This is far more reliable for harassing, as your opponents would likely back off if they are marked.
fillerfillerAs you can see, the range of Lucent Singularity is quite high. The detonation radius is not small. Anyone with their hit-boxes touching the area will be damaged. The location of my mouse hover is the actual maximum-cast range.
lucent singularity

Lux's ultimate ability is Final Spark. This is the spell that defines Lux. It is basically a laser beam that shoots in a straight line for up to 3000 range. In other words, it's approximately the distance from the entrance to your base to your mid lane outer turret. It has a short cooldown, so by lategame, don't be afraid to use it often! Your laser also provides you with vision of the area you are casting upon, so in some cases it could be used for vision purposes. There is a 0.5 second delay while it casts, but the damage is instant, unlike Trueshot Barrage where you have to wait for the projectile to hit. You can use this spell to finish off that fleeing target, or use it to steal/secure objectives.
Final Spark has a long range, however, it is NOT global, as shown in the minimap. Aiming it on a moving target is difficult, and requires practice, as the actual projectile seems to be slightly narrower than indicated.
final spark

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2.1: Regular Runes.

This is a standard AP caster setup. The Greater Mark of Magic Penetration gives MPen increasing our damage by ignoring some of the target's MR. Of the viable marks on Lux, this one grants the best value, so it'd probably be a good idea to stick with just this Mark, and nothing else. Along with our Sorcerer's shoes, this will allow our abilities to deal their full damage early game.

The Greater Seal of Scaling Health grants some much needed health, and scales fairly well into the late game, granting over 200 health by level 18. When Armor isn't exceptionally needed, this is definitely the best choice here.

The Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction gives a good chunk of CDR, something very important if you are to keep up with your poke damage. Since no MR is taken in the rune setup, you may have a slightly rougher time against strong laners, but this rune scales incredibly into the mid-late game, and highly synergistic with Lux's high-poke nature.

The Greater Quintessence of Ability Power provides us with some much needed damage. Self-explanatory here.

This setup accounts for a variety of uses, from defensive stats to offensive capabilities, and should probably be your most frequently used page on Lux.
I usually take the above page against an AD opponent with higher threat, such as Zed or Talon, to provide some more early-game defenses. With this, you are more likely to survive their burst damage, and be able to move into the mid-game at a relatively even point.
This rune page is what I would use against a high magic damage dealer from the early game, such as LeBlanc or Brand, granting the highest amount of defense potential of the various pages against mages.
The last two given pages use Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed instead of our standard AP quints. These are more dependent on your playstyle, and whether you plan to roam in the early game. One thing to note is, this scales far better than the AP Quints, at the cost of early game strength. If you plan to roam a lot, these will definitely be helpful, along with the Wanderer mastery, but otherwise you'll probably be better off farming up, with the AP quints.
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2.2: Masterful Masteries.


This 12/18/0 setup is my normal setup for Mages.
This increases the damage dealt by spells, something very important for a caster like Lux. This is also the better of the two choices for Lux, as she does not need the attack speed at all.
This is mostly an early game mastery, granting a good amount of sustain in the laning phase.
This grants us some scaling stats, and is the more useful of the two choices, as Spell Vamp is exceptionally weak for AoE spells.
This ability grants a good damage boost, provided you've already killed some enemy champions. I personally prefer to get this over Oppressor , because I usually have no troubles getting the required kills, but as Lux does have a slow and a snare to work with, the other is definitely viable as well.
This is my preferred choice for this row, to ensure maximum sustain in lane. [Runic Affinity] is most certainly usable as well, but you don't always know when you'll have a Blue Buff, whereas the Cookie is usable in every situation, hence my preference.
This mastery grants increased damage against enemies low on health. I prefer to take this for maximum damage output, as opposed to [meditation], due to us already having enough MP5 from either Grail or Frost Queen's Claim.
With this mastery, you heal whenever you kill an enemy champion. It's quite nice to have on Lux, as she is one of the more vulnerable champions in the game. Her mana supply is also somewhat low, so the percentage recovery can help.
Having an extra 5% CDR increases Lux's poke potential, and is the only thing that can get you over the otherwise-40% CDR cap.
Dealing extra AoE damage every third attack against an enemy means this is guaranteed damage against target(s) you are trying to combo. With its short 20 second cooldown, it's also reasonably effective as a poking tool, due to its AoE nature. Finally, this is just straight up stronger than every other viable option (given [deathfire touch] pretty much got gutted)
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2.3: Succulent Summoner Spells.

Flash is the standard summoner spell choice for most champions. This can be used for multiple purposes, such as running away, getting in that last hit, or dodging enemy abilities should they prove threatening to your life. I take this on Lux all the time. Enchantment: Distortion decreases the cooldown on this spell, and is a good pickup if you are against a team with heavy engage.

Barrier is a great defensive pick on Lux. Considering how vulnerable she is, the extra "health" is more useful than Ignite would be. Also, it's quite unlikely that you would be in range to cast Ignite most of the time. I personally prefer Barrier over Ignite, due to the additional safety it provides, and because Lux doesn't really need Ignite to secure kills anyway. Her base damage is quite high, and she has a long ranged snipe in Final Spark if needed.

Heal is your other potential defensive pick. It's similar to Barrier, in that one grants "effective health", while this grants actual health. This is a better pickup than Barrier against an opponent with more sustained damage, while Barrier is better against more burst-oriented enemies. The speed boost can also come in handy in many situations.

Ignite is a good pick for any AP Carry with an offensive playstyle. The damage adds to your burst, and allows for kill-securing if in the case your target is left with a sliver of health. While the cast range on this is far lower than Lux's potential range, you're almost never going to be casting your combo from max range, due to the difficulty of landing a max range Light Binding. If you know you want to play defensively, though, it's good to consider the other choices, like Barrier.

Decent alternatives.

Teleport is a summoner spell useful for a variety of purposes, from defending a tower, returning to lane quickly, split-pushing, or ganking. I suggest this if you're going for a passive farm lane, since this allows you greater mobility, while sacrificing trading potential. It's useful against enemies that you know you won't be able to kill easily, such as Galio and Cho'Gath.

Exhaust slows and weakens a target champion for a short period of time. This is mainly used as a counter summoner spell against champions with strong burst, such as Zed.

Cleanse is a very situational pick, and should only be picked when your opponent has long-duration hard CC, such as Veigar's Event Horizon. Cleanse also removes Ignite and Exhaust.
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2.4: Suggested skill sequence.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
At level 1, get Lucent Singularity first. This spell is useful for many purposes, from strong early harass, gaining vision, controlling the minion wave, and/or defensive capabilities with its slow. Starting out the lane with an offensive playstyle will help you assert dominance in the lane, making it easier for you later. Lux also has one of the stronger level 1's of the mid laners, so you definitely want to take advantage of that. A Light Binding start is possible as well, especially when a level 1 fight is anticipated, as a 2 second lockdown is just about a guaranteed kill and/or burnt summoner spell. Light Binding, however, has a far longer cooldown, and is far harder to land for damage purposes, so assuming standard situations, a level 1 E is often better. Always, always, always max Lucent Singularity first, regardless of situation.

At level 2, it's best get the other damaging spell that we did not get at level 1. By now, we have both Light Binding as well as Lucent Singularity. If you are harassing enough, these 2 spells will be enough to net you that First blood. Against opponents that harass hard starting from level 1, a point in Prismatic Barrier at level 2 is a good idea. For example, if you have that early point against a LeBlanc, the shield completely negates a level 1 Sigil of Malice, which makes it practically impossible for her to kill you pre-6. Why? LeBlanc is heavily reliant on early aggression to get a kill at around level 4/5. If she can't get you to half health before then, there's no way she can kill you without jungler assistance -- something you'll be able to avoid with the ward from the Stealth Ward. Just an example.

After Lucent Singularity is maxed, we want to proceed to max out Light Binding. Why not Prismatic Barrier? You "only" have 3 damaging abilities, so if you level up the shield before your snare, your damage won't be optimal. Because you rely on combos, maxing out damaging abilities first is a must. Someone like Veigar can get away with maxing Event Horizon before Dark Matter, because Primordial Burst essentially 1 shots squishies anyway. You don't have that, and you typically need your entire combo to burst someone down.
Of course, level up Final Spark whenever you can.

E vs Q
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3.1: Starting items.

Of the possible starting items, Doran's Ring is the most cost efficient of them all, granting you everything you need, from defensive stats, to offensive stats, to mana sustain. The 400g cost on this item also allows you to get 2 potions, further increasing your sustain, allowing you to stay in lane for an extended period of time.

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3.2: Some choices for boots.

In most cases, the best tier-2 shoes for Lux are the Sorcerer's Shoes. The 15 MPen, along with our +8 from runes, will allow us to deal nearly our full damage against just about all targets, as most champions have a constant base MR of 30. By late game, these shoes, with other MPen items, will allow you to ignore a big chunk of the target's MR as well. Especially with the nerf to MPen stats, these boots are vital.
Ideal against 'faster' opponents, against enemies with multiple slowing abilities, and/or when seeking to make roams, the extra amount of movement speed comes at a cheap price tag, making this easily one of the most effective boot options to choose. If vouching for Movespeed Quints over AP Quints, this option is even more optimal in maximizing your utility contributions to the team.
This is definitely a viable option as well, if you want to further increase your poke potential. While the overall damage with this build is lower, this ensures you reach the 45% CDR cap, allowing for maximum utility and poke damage, as abilities will be available on a shorter cooldown. These boots are also fairly cheap, priced at 800g, compared to the 1100g cost on Sorcerer's Shoes.
This item is a great defensive pick against high magic damage opponents, if you're beginning to fall behind. With Lux's range, you should not be getting hit by the enemy. You can fire off your entire burst combo without enemies even getting close enough to touch you, with a few exceptions. Also, with the mobility you gain from boots, you should be able to dodge skill shots easily. Thus, sticking with Sorcerer's Shoes is the best idea. However, if you absolutely need the MR, these are the boots to get.
Similar to Merc Treads, Ninja Tabis can be a good defensive option, especially against AD assassin type lanes, such as Zed, Talon, or Riven. The armor is fairly self explanatory, and the reduction on auto attack damage can also come in useful, given none of these opponents have the ability to 100-0 you without auto attacking. (With Zed, the passive proc with an auto; Talon, Q; Riven, passive-infused autos and/or Q-auto animation canceling)
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3.3: Boot enchantments.

This upgrade grants us a decent amount of extra speed, allowing us to hit 400 with this enhancement. This is one of the cheapest upgrades, and is actually a decent pick, in my opinion. While not necessary for the laning phase, 385 speed will not be enough for you to outrun the rest of the enemy team. This is one of the better scaling enhancements into the late game, and is definitely needed to help you position yourself.
This upgrade gives nearby allies a bonus speed when they are moving towards you. It's a single direction thing, like Galio's Righteous Gust. This isn't that good of a choice on Lux, since you aren't the one initiating fights, and will in fact be on the edge of a team fight. It could save a teammate, though, if you're running to help them.
This upgrade gives us a reduced cooldown on the mobility summoner spells. If you find that you are prone to being caught in a bad situation, grab this. The base cooldown on Flash is 300 seconds, and getting this will reduce over a minute of the cooldown. This is very useful if you're in situations where you'll desperately need your Flash up more often.
This gives us a speed boost whenever we hit a target with a single-target attack or spell. This really isn't good on Lux, since all of your spells are AoE. In fact, this enhancement is straight out bad. If you ever want more speed, just get Alacrity.
*In conclusion, I don't think Enchantment: Furor and Enchantment: Captain are good ideas for Lux. Either one of the other two are fine, and the choice is purely up to situation.
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3.4: Standard items.

This item is a great pickup all around, granting good defensive stats, as well as mana sustain. It gives good defense against AP mid champions, as well as grant you the ability to effectively farm using skills. With this, your mana supply is increased, allowing you to harass and farm far more freely. Buy this before upgrading boots, if you are going to build into this item path, and upgrade this into Athene's Unholy Grail as soon as you can.
This item is core on Lux. Building out of our early Chalice, this grants a good amount of AP, some defenses, and a very high amount of mana regen, enabling maximum output as well as utility. You would be going for this CDR item as your first core item in most situations, as it grants the highest CDR as well as the highest mana regen, with its mana-regen-on-kills effect.
This is quite possibly the most broken item in the game as of right now. What's so good about this item though? It gives lower AP, and builds out of Frostfang, something virtually useless in a solo lane. The answer lies in its active: the 'Spooky Ghosts'. In other words, the old Twin Shadows' active. This is the single strongest active in the game, useful for scouting for enemies, as well as setting up catches with its powerful, 4 second duration slow.
While an offensively based CDR-mana-regen item, this item doesn't scale nearly as well as its counterparts. It grants higher AP, but the lowest amount of mana regen, as well as having absolutely no defensive capabilities whatsoever. If you are obscenely far ahead, the higher damage output will allow you to continue snowballing, but in most cases, Grail would be the better choice, and even if you do go down this build path, definitely switch to Grail by full build.
This item would usually be your second full item, after your CDR item. Lux synergizes extremely well with this item's Echo effect, granting her maximum poke damage output. The passive regenerates fairly quickly provided you stay on the move, and the extra damage most certainly outweighs the extra flat AP provided by a Deathcap. In order to ensure a mid-game power spike is used to its utmost potential, this item is a must.
This item is pretty much a staple pick for any AP caster champion. You gain a 120 base AP, as well as a percentage bonus. You would usually get this later on in your build, due to its high costs. It's best to start with Needlessly Large Rod, but Blasting Wand could be an option if you're having trouble gaining gold. This item becomes more gold-efficient the more items you have available, with it being barely efficient if acquired as your second full item. Thus, it's better to hold off on this item until after at least one 100-AP item.
This item is a great choice on Lux. While the AP isn't too high compared to other items, the cost is quite cheap, and it gives a massive 35% MPen boost. This would actually benefit us more, because percentage-based MPen is now calculated before Flat MPen. If you find that you aren't taking much damage, either from good positioning or lack of damage from the enemy, this would be a good item to get after your main AP items.
This item gives us a 100 AP boost, a good amount of armor, as well as the Stasis active. The armor bonus is great for surviving against the enemy team, and the active can save you from DoT or delayed spells, such as Death Mark. I usually like to get this after Athene's Unholy Grail, unless I'm taking heavy AD damage, in which case I would hold off on this until nearing full build, if I get it at all.
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3.5: The Three CDR Item Choices.

In terms of item builds, the first core item Lux players should purchase is generally always a CDR item, providing some amounts of damage, but more importantly, MP5 and CDR. This allows for players to be able to keep up with Lux's lengthy cooldowns and hefty mana costs, and enables a higher amount of damage dealt within a time frame. Having this first CDR item is essential to get her mid-game powerspike going.

A large area of contention is trying to decide which CDR item to purchase. Let's start by analyzing the pros and cons of each option.
+Higher amount of CDR (20%)!
+30% Mana refreshed on kill/assist!
+Magic Resist!
+Highest Mana Regen over time!

-Only grants 60 AP...
-Most expensive of the CDR items...
-Weakest offensive potential...
As suggested by this list of (dis)advantages, the Grail is best used for defensive based playstyles. While this enables the highest amount of mana regen over time (due to Mana Font, and refreshing 30% mana on kill participation), the 'only' offense potential this item has is its 60 AP, in itself a weak amount for a 'core item'.
+Higher amount of CDR (20%)!
+Highest amount of AP!
+Grievous Wounds!
+Easiest build path!

-No defensive potential whatsoever...
-Lowest Mana Regen of the choices...
-Grievous Wounds is situational...
Damage wise, the Morellonomicon grants the highest boost, at 80 AP, an amount more in line with common AP items. The main benefits of this item lies in its grievous wound passive, applying reduced healing. Of the three choices, this item is the clear choice for opportunities at early snowballing, as it is the only one of the three that grants 20% CDR at component items alone. However, the main downfall of the item is its complete lack of defensive stats/potential, as well as its sub-par mana regeneration.
+Higher (base) Mana Regen!
+Gold Generation!
+Cheapest of the three choices!
+'Spooky ghosts' Active!

-Lowest AP gain of the three...
-Frostfang component effectively useless...
-Lowest CDR of the three...
Frost Queen's Claim, originally only built by offensively-based supports, gained popularity during pre-season 6 as the most efficient CDR item rush for many mid laners. One of the benefits of the item is its low cost. Of the three CDR items mentioned here, this item has by far the lowest cost, as well as granting gold generation effects. Its relative lack of damage is partially negated by the Spellthief passive, which grants bonus damage on some attacks. The other, more influential benefit, is its active, arguably the strongest active in the game. Further analysis on the active to follow.
So when, and why, might I build a certain item?
As previously outlined, each item has specific benefits and deficits, and it is often a good idea to decide on which of the three items to purchase at an early point, based on situation. Again, everything is purely situational.

Guidelines to deciding:
- When at a heavy need for Magic Resist (eg, against high damage enemies like LeBlanc)
- When seeking for a more scale-based defensive playstyle
- When snowballing, or about to start snowballing
- When playing aggressively, seeking to build a lead at an early point
- When looking to make roam attempts
- Whenever Grail/Morellonomicon don't seem optimal.
In other words, Frost Queen's, and Grail, are likely to be your two more-commonly selected items. While a Grail has been a long-time favorite, why the Claim? The answer lies in the 'Spooky Ghosts' Active, again, arguably the strongest active in the game.

Scouts enemy champions, and if found, applies a 4 second 40% slow, and reveals for the duration, on a 60s cooldown.

For those familiar with the old Twin Shadows, this is effectively the same active. This doesn't seem like much. Why is it so strong though?

This active is exceptionally versatile. Its uses range from catching opponents out of position, gap-closing on enemy(s), as a get-away tool, as a scouting tool, etc, and unless used on your spawn platform, will generally grant results regardless when it is used.

So, when should I use it?
1. Roaming. When making a roam attempt to another lane, the most frustrating thing would be for your opponents to run off the moment their wards spot you. With the active though, that becomes a nonfactor. If used from a distance, the active will slow them by the time they are able to react to seeing you, rendering them incapable of simply running away. This also works as an efficient tool in some cases, as a defense line against potential counterganks, by scouting for the enemy jungler or mid-laner.

2. Scouting. The two ghosts will automatically move towards the two nearest enemy champions, regardless of the fog of war. In other words, even if the ghost doesn't reveal an enemy champion, you can still gain valuable information regarding which side of the map that particular enemy is currently at, and in some cases, where.

3. Initiating. A 40% slow is powerful, especially when coupled with its lengthy 4 second duration (The longest in the game). When seeking to initiate on an opponent, slowing them first makes that task significantly easier, all the while making it more difficult for them to escape. A slowed enemy is essentially a sitting duck for Light Binding, and/or any other initiation abilities your teammates might have.
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3.6: Rod of Ages. Why doesn't it work?

= NO.

Rod of Ages is picked somewhat often as an AP item to rush, granting a good boost to defense as well as damage. However, I consider this item to be of little use on Lux.

But, why?

1. It takes time to charge up.

When you first buy the item, you only have a measly 80 AP. The other 40 takes 10 minutes to charge up, which is a rather long time. In that case, you'll always be forced to buy this as your first full item if you are going to get it at all. However, that simply doesn't work with Lux. As Lux is a mage reliant on her early-mid game power spike, you should be building towards her needs in terms of output. Specifically, CDR. Rod of Ages's 80 AP doesn't help with that. Buying this item as your first full item essentially takes away any threat you have on the enemy team until at least the 30 minute mark, due to your lengthy base cooldowns. However, going for another item first will render this item useless. Since it takes time to stack up, there is really no point purchasing the item 45 minutes into the game.
2. You don't need the health.

Once you play a few games, you'll realize just how vulnerable Lux is as a champion. She has no real escape methods, and all she has is Light Binding. Building health is a huge waste of gold, since that extra health would not help you in a bad situation. It would maybe prolong your life by about .5 seconds, but that's pretty pointless. As explained previously, the AP it gives is very trivial, as well. While the mana could come in handy, it doesn't make Rod of Ages viable on Lux.
3. You can't snowball with this item.

Lux has a very high amount of burst as a champion, and she is capable of insta-gibbing most enemies. With that said, she is a champion that relies heavily on early snowball. If you can't get kills as Lux early-mid game, you'll just be a liability for your team by late game. You need those early kills in order to progress into late game. The easiest way of doing that is to build damage. Again, Rod of Ages does not help at all in that aspect. Since it takes time to charge up, it essentially makes you useless until you buy another item. By then, too much time will have passed. As Lux, your primary goal in a team fight is to find one of the opponent's carries, and burst them down, turning the fight into a 4v5. Regardless what phase the game is in, you always want to have enough damage to burst down the opponent's AD carry. If you build Rod of Ages, that's practically impossible.
4. Too heavy of an investment.

This item costs around 3k gold, which is around the same as most other viable AP items. However, the AP it gives is very low, and the stats don't benefit you much. Athene's Unholy Grail, on the other hand, is vital, because it helps to control that minimal mana supply that Lux has. As a burst mage, you want to build as much damage, as soon as possible. Instead of investing into Rod of Ages, you can take the same amount of gold and get a Rabadon's Deathcap. (Well, a few hundred difference, but you get my point.) Purchasing Rabadon's Deathcap grants you almost 3x the AP you would get from buying Rod of Ages first.

Rod of Ages simply doesn't give Lux enough benefits to make the item viable. As Lux is so vulnerable, the health is essentially wasted. The amount of AP the item grants is too trivial to start with, and will not allow you to snowball into mid-late game. Also, the amount of gold you spend on this item is approximately the same amount of gold you need to get Rabadon's Deathcap, which can give you almost 3x the AP.

The biggest issue with this item is its complete lack of cooldown reduction.

The only case in which you should even CONSIDER getting Rod of Ages is when you're against some (strong) AD mid champion like Zed or Talon who can pretty much instantly kill you the moment they get the opportunity. This is assuming you can keep a decent amount of CS even when being countered. It doesn't give you any damage, but the health will be your only defense other than Seeker's Armguard.

TLDR? Don't buy Rod of Ages on Lux.
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3.7: Rylai's Crystal Scepter, as a defensive option.

There's always been disagreements regarding whether Rylai's is a suitable item on Lux. Sure, there are benefits, but there also exists many disadvantages to the item.
+ High health gain. Rylai's is, in fact, just about the only defensive option you have as a mage, when you need extra health. While options such as Zhonya's Hourglass, Abyssal Mask, etc grant you good amounts of resists, the lack of flat health renders those stats relatively ineffective. Doesn't Rod of Ages provide more health, though? Well, Rod of Ages is a very heavy investment as an item, as explained in Section 3.6. Yes, I know one of my points in 3.6 says you don't need the health... But, sometimes, you do. And that's where Rylai's comes in handy. This build path as an alternative lets you remain relevant with the 100 AP gain, in comparison to the 10 minutes in time it takes Rod of Ages to charge up. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to get defensive items, you're not likely going to have the 10 minutes it takes a Rod to stack.
+ Good AP gain. The 100 AP from this item enables you to remain decently relevant even while speccing into defensive stats, similar to, say, an Hourglass second-item build. While not as offensively focused as a Luden's Echo, nor a Deathcap, just having a 100 AP item helps you continue to dish out damage, with the flat damage bonus you gain.
+ The slow. This is arguably the most important part of the item. However, it must be noted that only two of Lux's abilities benefit off this: her E and her R. (The Q doesn't get anything at all, because the 1 second Rylai's slow becomes irrelevant due to the 2 second bind.) Her E, however, already has a slow. This item simply extends the post-detonation slow from 0.25s to 1s.
Onto the laser. The slow, while short in duration, can definitely help you while chasing down opponents, especially when coupled with Frost Queen's Claim. Its relatively short cooldown also means you can better abuse the R as an obnoxious poke tool.
- Slow doesn't particularly benefit Lux much. Yes, its best part is also its worst part, as an item. It's certainly not worth burning 3k gold just for the slow; you're better off spending it on something else.
- Better alternatives exist. Yes, that's also true. Are you dealing with someone with near instant burst damage, such as Zed, Talon, Leblanc, or Veigar? Hourglass is better. How about against an AP with strong gap closers, but less instant burst, like Akali or Katarina? Abyssal and other MR items are your friends.
Conclusion? Don't spend the 3k gold just for the AP and the slow. Ergo, this item is not for offense. However, there certainly are times when you need flat health above all else. That's when Rylai's comes into play. This won't be needed the vast majority of the time. But, if all else fails, remember that it's definitely still an option.
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4.1: Common laning opponents, strategies.

a b c d e

f g h i j

k l m n o

p q r s t

u v w x y z
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5.1: During Champion-Select.

The Champion-select process has a huge impact on the game, and can easily decide how the game will flow.

When should one pick Lux?

Generally speaking, you want to pick Lux when you're playing the Middle lane, and occasionally the Bottom lane (as the support.) During the time provided, it's best to communicate with your teammates and discuss who gets to fill what role, especially during ranked games.

*RANKED SCENARIO.* It would be a good idea to pick Lux if:

1. Your team is in need of an AP champion, and/or a Mid/support player. In other words, your team needs someone to fill that particular role. This is pretty self explanatory.

2. A Lux pick fits well with your team composition. For example, with Lux's high range, she excels in a poking team composition, with champions like Caitlyn, Sona, Jayce, etc. She is also strong with a team-fight comp with heavy AoE lockdown, such as with Amumu. However, Lux is not as strong of a pick with a dive-focused arrangement, with champions like Vi or Shyvana, because she lacks mobility compared to those champions. Also, it wouldn't be a good idea to pick Lux if your team already has several other AP champions, as it would make it too easy for the other team to counter-build your team (Just build MR).

3. Your opponents' champion picks do not pose a direct threat to you. Most of all, look out for your lane opponent. A general rule is, you do not want to pick a champion into something that is a direct counter to them. Even though you don't have to worry about this *as* much on Lux, you should still be wary about when to pick her, as opponents such as Fizz or Zed could prove quite dangerous. Other than that, it wouldn't be a good idea to pick Lux into a team with heavy gap-closing abilities, because as stated above, she lacks mobility. For example, it's a pretty bad idea to pick someone without escapes into champions like Vi, Fiddlesticks, etc.

4. You are comfortable enough with your experience. In a ranked game, this can potentially trump the other 3 criteria. Take a champion you've played 100 games with, and another that you've only played 10 games with. It's quite easy to guess which champion you're likely going to perform better as.

The time spent in champion select is also vital to working out your team's early game strategies, such as whether to invade the enemies' jungle. Thus, good communication with your team is extremely vital for success. Unfortunately, that is not always the case in queues, with toxic players all over the place. If you want to be a better player, though, don't be the one starting the rage.

Champion Select is also the time for you to decide on your Runes, Masteries, and Summoner Spells. These are generally dependent on your opposing team, mostly your laning opponent. For example, you don't want to play against Ziggs without any magic resist whatsoever. Also, it wouldn't be a good idea to take Ignite against a team with members that are difficult to kill. Based on your opponents' champion picks, decide on a configuration best suited for the circumstance, and remember: There are many things in this game that are situational.
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5.2: On Level 1 Fights.

Although occurring less, level 1 invasions is still a strategy used to gain an early game lead, namely, by attempting to put the opponent's jungler behind.

Lux is a champion decently suited to level-1 fights, with her snare on Light Binding. (It's quite important to take this spell if you know there will be level-1 aggression from either team. See explanations here.) However, even with Lux's level 1 CC, one still must keep in mind to never face check bushes. One such mishap could easily lead to your death.

If your team is on the offensive here, it's best to communicate with your team regarding who enters enemy territory first. Consider your teammates' abilities, and work out a CC-ing sequence. (In other words, you don't want to blow all your CC at the same time). With Lux's range, you should always be one of the last ones to enter enemy territory. A well-timed Light Binding at level 1 is virtually a guaranteed kill for your team, but considering its lengthy cooldown, it's a good idea to not use it unless you're confident you can land it.

As the invasion progresses, your team eventually reaches the enemy's jungle camp. At this time, it would be smart to help out your jungler with clearing out the camp. Since you're in the middle lane, you're in no haste to get to the "other side of the map", compared to your outer lanes. It's also a smart move to make use of your Trinket to ward the surrounding area in case of any attempt at retaliation.

A successful invade is highly beneficial to your team. Not only does your jungler get ahead (More ganks, yay~), you also put your opponent's jungler behind, which translates to increased safety in lane.
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5.3: During the Laning Phase.

The early-game is generally defined as the first 10-20 minutes of a game, dedicated to making a decent amount of gold for a transition into mid-late game. In other words, your main objective in the early game is to make money. The best way to do that is by last-hitting minions, a process commonly referred to as CSing or farming.

on the topic of farming

farming jungle camps

on the topic of the blue buff.

zoning and harassing enemies

going for kills


trading with opponents
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5.4: Team fights.

By late game, one team fight can determine the outcome of the game. As a carry, you should be staying at the very back, throwing in spells to damage your opponents. Use Lucent Singularity to damage targets in an area, and throw in Prismatic Barrier to help absorb some damage for your other teammates. Light Binding for further damage, for kill securing, and for peeling enemies. Use Final Spark when you can hit the most enemies. I can't emphasize this enough: YOU DO NOT NEED TO GET A KILL WITH YOUR LASER.

Lux's spell ranges are around 1000, which should give you enough room to cast spells safely. You are NOT Morgana! You do not need to be in the middle of the fight! You don't have the tankiness of Mordekaiser, nor the invincibility of Vladimir when he's in his pool of blood. In other words, you get caught in a fight, you die. You don't want that to happen. At least, I hope you don't. ._. If you find you're getting caught out of position, then you aren't playing Lux effectively. Stay at a range where you are exposed to virtually no risk, yet is able to damage opponents through your abilities.

A fully levelled Prismatic Barrier will absorb 180 + 35% of AP in damage, and it refreshes when it returns to Lux. That essentially gives EACH teammate several hundred more "effective health" to keep. Hit as many targets as you can with that, and it should provide a significant advantage for your team.
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5.5: Teamwork: A vital strategy.

In the Pros and Cons section, I mentioned that it is extremely difficult to succeed as Lux if you cannot work with your team, or vice versa. But, why?
Lux's role within a team is quite unique, and one that absolutely requires teamwork. She is a burst mage in that she can effectively insta-burst an enemy in 1 combo, as well as being a support with Prismatic Barrier.

Lux has far longer cooldowns than typical mid champions like Ahri, and is extremely vulnerable when all her abilities are on cooldown. That happens quite frequently in a fight, as you would likely be aiming to burst down the enemy AD carry before they do too much damage. And then...10 seconds without any ability other than Prismatic Barrier. Right there. If the enemy jumps on you then, you're done for. Your only form of escape besides summoner Flash is by hitting the opponent with Light Binding. However, it'll be on cooldown from your burst combo. Unlike LeBlanc, Lux doesn't have many options when it comes to escaping.

This is precisely when your team comes into play. As Lux, you best contribute by instantly killing the enemy carry, and supporting your team through the rest of the fight by using Prismatic Barrier. By then, you have no available abilities. You need your team to cover you while your spells are on cooldown. Also, your team needs to know when to engage. If your team doesn't engage when you've taken an opponent out of the fight (either killed or forced to recall), you're not likely to get another chance like that. If your enemies are smart, they would engage on your team when they know all your abilities are on cooldown.

how to work with your team

Different Team Compositions.

poking team composition

team fighting composition
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Changes Log.

2016/02/20: Parts of cheat sheet updated, added Chapter 3.7: Rylai's Crystal Scepter as a defensive item. Been playing Blade and Soul + dealing with midterms, sorry for the late updates xP

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be able to cover..)
- Pressing advantages to continue building upon it (In Progress)
- Playing from behind in attempt to reduce deficits (In Progress)
- Translating early leads into victories

- Adding the following sections to Chapter 3: Item Builds
- Analysis on Frost Queen's Claim (Added)
- The three main CDR items, and their uses (Added, with previous)
- The viability of Rylai's Crystal Scepter (In Progress)
- Alternate, situational item builds (Scrapped)

Changes list:
- Section on Trading Tactics added to Chapter 5.3: Laning Phase.

2016/01/07: I'M BACK FROM MY HIATUS, EVERYONE. I'll be updating all my info such that they're up to date for Pre-Season 6, and adding on new content over the next several days. I'm not sure whether I'll be able to continue updating afterwards, but I'm definitely hoping to be able to do so.

- Restructured Cheat Sheets
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- Updated Chapter 2 Content to reflect current builds.
- Updated Chapter 3.4: Standard Items to reflect a more optimal sequence.
- Removed Chapter 3.5: The Viability of Mejai's Soulstealer.
- TEMPORARILY removed Chapter 4.2: NEW guides against laning opponents. I don't feel comfortable releasing that until I have the time to go through all the common picks.
- Removed Support Lux Supplement. I don't support that anymore. No pun intended.

+ RE-UPLOAD Chapter 4.2: New guides against lane opponents, pending completion.
+ Elaborate on gameplay topics, including trading tactics, wave management, etc.

2015/03/27: Updated cheat sheets to be more understandable. Re-added Heal onto list of viable summoner spells. (2.3) REMOVED Seraph's Build from Cheat sheet, r.f Spoiler, Section 3.4.

Support Lux section changes:
-Re-wrote Overview to reflect current meta.
-TEMPORARILY removed runes segment.
-Now includes both a 0/9/21 and a 9/0/21 mastery setup.
-Updated recommended items.

2015/03/25: After a long hiatus, I've updated the guide for Season-5 gameplay! I will continue to make the new champions-matchup segment, as it requires more work than the rest of the things I've dealt with (Most of the guide's content regarding actual gameplay are still very much relevant), so the matchups section is outdated.

My apologies for the long wait everyone! Even though I am quite a lot busier compared to when I compiled the first-version of the guide nearly three years ago, I will continue to update this in my spare time, and attempting to ensure all info is up to date. Thanks for all your continued support!

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2012/9/27: Briefed on ARAM play as Lux. Included Doran's Ring into core item build. Updated item sequence. Added Greater Mark of Precision into viable Runes. Updated Common Laning Opponents chapter.
2012/9/24: Sorry for the delay! I've updated Syndra into the Common laning opponents section, and combined the section all together. Kinda hard to add champions in with my previous format ._.
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2012/8/28: Guide officially published. Minor changes to text.
2012/8/19: Guide started.

To-do List.
-Complete "Common laning opponents" section.
-Complete section on supporting as Lux.
-Update for S3.
-Update combo calculations.
-Laning guides for new champions, such as Lissandra, and new-meta mid laners, such as Kayle.
-Updating for Pre-season: Support Lux, new GP 10s, alternate builds, Trinkets.
-Elaborate on support Lux gameplay.
-New Match-ups Section
-Re-introducing ARAM gameplay. (On hold)
-Gameplay screenshots? (Ongoing, but uncertain)
-Clean-up some of the text, and make it more reader-friendly. (Ongoing, always a WIP)
-Think of more things to add? :D (Always ongoing)
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A big thanks to the various guides that helped me learn the process of guide-writing!

Jhoijhoi's guide on making a guide
Matt's guide on BB Coding
IceCreamy's guide on using columns

Thank you to those that are willing to set aside the time to review my guide! Your suggestions really helped me :)

xxIAMLEGENDxx's Review shop

A special thank-you to everyone who has given me suggestions on how I can improve my guide! I have personally tried out the suggestions, and I can say that it's made me a better player.

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