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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tailie

Return of Master Yi

Tailie Last updated on November 7, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So when I started play Master Yi I remember people fleeing, they simply feared the hero and said ohhh **** there is a Yi in the game when they saw him at the start screen. Today new champions such as Garen Vladimir and LeBlanc takes the spot light from this under used champ.

I have been searching for ways to let him become feared once more, here is my build.

Master Yi as a hero is very squishy early game and to be honest thrue out the entire game.

Pros: In build Healing ability -> Easy farm capability -> Relative high damage ouput -> Superb chase and escape ultimate -> Strong 2x passive hit every 7th attack.

Cons: Very squishy -> No disables! -> Only 1 escape way -> Extremely item dependant -> High prioritity target for ganks.

Now a friend of my friend once told me that if you have enough attack power the thing you need is NOT more attack power, because you wont kill anyone as long as you are dead. This is as true as it can ever be, and we all know that LoL has these really strong tanks that just wont die which means we need to be able tu survive long enough to actually take them down.

To make up for our "Cons" we use HP runes, Exhaust (disable / escape way), Specific item builds made to farm all the time for our core, and we simply leave the lane at some point to be more secure from ganks which means we are going to jungle. When I say we are going to jungle it means we are going to let a teammate solo lane against 2 enemies around level 5, this way we put him at high risk which means we need our Teleport summoner spell to make sure we can go help him at any time, also later in the game Teleport will make sure we are ready to clash at any time.

Justification of Masteries:
We make sure to improve our Exhaust of course, rest of the offense masteries are simply to overall increase our damage output. In the utility tree we increase Teleport, we want it to be more accesible and we use the less time dead for really late game incase we find our selfs in troubles and die wile defending. Awareness is taken because we love the extra xp gain wile we jungle. The single point in Utility Mastery is taken since as Master Yi we ALLWAYS have rune buffs and when I say ALLWAYS I mean it, espicially the blue mana regen / cooldown rune, since these help us out Gank, Jungle faster.

Justfication of Runes:
As I mentioned earlier we are extremely squishy so alot of extra HP never hurts since we will need it, the best runes to get health are the yellow ones also called Seal and the flat hp Quintessenses.

To further increase the damage output we want the Desolation rune which is red and called Mark, this rune will increase our armor penetration and overall this is more effective than increased crit damage since we have our armor penetration on ANY hit and crit damage is only on crits, this will hurt us early on in the lane, in the jungle, in the teamfights and we get items to increase the crit damage once we have more crit chance.

For the blue rune also called Glyph we want the cooldown reduction rune, we could have used mana regen rune but, since we jungle we should ALLWAYS have the blue rune unless one of our teammates really really need it, like Aniva which ult drains her mana really fast. We want the cooldown reduction to spam our farm ability Alpha strike more.

Justification of items:
So here I will explain when to buy what at the different phases of the game

Starting items - We buy a Long Sword and a health potion for some lane survival and easier last hitting

Around level 4/6 - By now we should have money enough to complete a Madred's Razors and a single Vampiric Scepter, when we have both of these it is time to leave the lane and go jungle, you should be able to kill any mob out there and with full hp and mana plus both runes the dragon should easy die before us. OBS! ALLWAYS kill the dragon, this helps you, your team, and improves your chance to win and if we are brave we want to steal the enemy teams runes this will slow them down but do this with extreme caution!!

1000 gold later - Teleport home and buy the Boots of Swiftness, by now we want to roam quickly help gank here and there and farm farm farm, kill creeps, heroes all the time we cannot afford to stand still since it will leave a huge gap in our income flow.

Gank time - When we have earned enough to buy our Phage we port home and get it instant. This item will help us gank so much easier since we have no real disable besides our Exhaust and the slow debuff it provides prevent people from actually running away from our hits. After Phage we head strait for the Zeal, this item provides various usefull stats we really want and later it will be used in Phantom Dancer.

Mid to Late game - We have farmed, ganked and farmed some more and by now we should have the incredible Infinity Edge, this item is really exspensive and due to this you should buy the B.F. Sword once you reach the 1850 gold and then complete the item when you have the rest of the gold.. whould be stupid to to wait for 2300 gold before when we could gain extra damage earlier from B.F. Sword.

Late game plus - From here on complete Phantom Dancer which provides us with more usefull stats such as attack speed that grants us more procs on our 2x hit every 7th hit passive. Also finish The Bloodthrister, it will roughly grant us a 25% lifesteal and that is much needed since people tend to damage us fast.

BONUS ITEMS - Frozen Mallet and Madred's Bloodrazor is mere bonus, if you ever get all of these items the game is very even but to justify them, Frozen Mallet is more slow and more hp and we love extra hp this late game. The Madred's Bloodrazor is extremely usefull against though tanks and in some occasions we whould need this much earlier to deal with those foes.

Spell pick justification:
Now what goes for play style you might ask? Why did I pick my spells the way I did. First for the spells there aint much to say else that you max Alpha Strike and Wuju Style first since we focus on jungling around level 4-6 depending on how fast we gain our 2 jungle items. And almost any Master Yi player whould agree that a single level of Meditation early on never hurts, and what goes for the ultimate we just pick it everytime we can.

After tons and tons of reading you finally made it here. I want to keep this short with a few words to describe everything you just read... The master opens the door but it is the desciple that must walk the road... with this I just tell you that this is my way of doing things as Yi and that it is not nessesary YOUR way of playing him.. Good Luck and Have Fun out there!

Best regards Tailie - hope to see you ingame ;)