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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author itsjustgent


itsjustgent Last updated on December 20, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Grog soaked blade:
Unfortunately this doesn't apply to your parley. Hit someone with your sword and it drains a small portion of their life. Like very small. 8 damage-per-tick small. But it also cuts healing in half. Mundo charging your team with his ult? Tap him with your sword and watch him die to focus fire. Swain doing the same? Hit him with it too.

What makes GP awesome. This is your spam/farm ability and you WILL need it. Crits and on hit effects (except your grog soaked blade) apply so slows and items like sheen come into effect. Abuse this ability hard. As soon as it's out of cooldown fire again.

Remove Scurvy:
GP's escape mechanism. It's tempting to use it to heal yourself but its long cooldown time can end up killing you if used incorrectly. If you think you can survive a hit and you know the next one is a stun or slow, WAIT FOR IT to hit you, THEN use RS. If you got some shoes you should get away unless you got a second champ chasing you.

Raise Morale:
The last skill to level up to max but the first skill you get. Use it to kill melee and tank minions to keep the enemy from leveling up. Use it before or during team fights to give your team that slight edge that can and probably will save a few allies. Finally, use it to give you that 10% extra move speed when you're speeding down a lane with three phantom dancers.

Cannon Barrage:
Goes great with other CC ults like Nunu, Amumu, Sona, Morgana, etc. As soon as you see a fight initiate, use it. Don't even think. Chances are, the enemy will be forced to weather the storm while you guys fight. Remain map aware. Map awareness is key in using the ult. If you see those red icons in the map move up to your ally's green icons, chances are your allies will need help. Just peek over there for a second and use it. DO NOT watch how the fight goes. Regardless of whether you're looking or not, it can't be helped if the enemy gets away. Just watch your own lane after marking your ult to avoid getting ganked while you're not looking.

Meki Pendant:
There simply to help with early game mana shortage. Sell after your IE to make a Sheen

Avarice Blade:
What makes this build work. Three of them increases your income rate. The longer you hold on to them the more you benefit, so it's best to save these until late game. Plus the 36% added crit chance is nice.

Boots of swiftness:
Mercury treads are useless with remove scurvy and Berserker greaves are of little use with parley. Might as well stick with something that makes you keep from getting caught.

Infinity Edge:
Extra crit damage. Essential.

Some people don't realize how well this item really works for Gangplank: it gives him AP for his ult and Remove Scurvy, which is nice, but the real reason for getting it is its casting effect. Upon using an ability, the champ's next physical attack deals 100% extra physical damage. Cast parley-> bullet hitting someone is the next physical attack. Basically, you double your crit damage with this item.

Trinity Force:
Same deal as sheen but increases physical damage by 150%. Not only that but it gives 15% crit chance AND has a chance to slow units when physically attacking (which applies to parley. Sweet.) Basically, this item is perfect for GP. Oh and it increases his movespeed.

Phantom Dancers:
Getting your first should make you untouchable unless you really like charging in ahead of the group. Great crit chance and great move speed bonus.

-Play Style-
Early Game:
Expect to do a lot of tower hugging with this build early on. Play it like the Denyplank (kill melee/tank minions with your one raise morale skill) and be SURE to last hit minions every chance you get even with parley. Do NOT initiate fights. You won't win with the mana shortage you'll have when up against good harassers. Basically, early game is a fight for survival. If you keep up with your denies. You should hit level 6 way before your enemy laners and if you're health is up with your partner, you both should double ulti as soon as it's up.

Mid Game:
By this point you should have at least one or two avarice blade and basic shoes as well as a few assists or kills if you're lucky. As soon as you get the third avarice blade it's important to hold on to these items as long as possible. Building to infinite edge should take up only one slot and I recommend starting with cloak of agility. With the crit damage runes, it's pretty much an IE on its own minus the 80 dmg. Sell the meki pendant and start the sheen that will eventually become the Trinity Force. Never push alone and keep a close eye on the map to watch team fights happening without you. This is where you should use your ult to assist. Always, ALWAYS use raise morale every chance you get. Even when a fight isn't happening, use it. Not only does it deny experience but it'll keep your team ready in case of a surprise initiation. (Plus if you have a Twisted Fate Ally, you'll get 2g for every friendly minion killed as well. Every little bit counts in the end.)

End Game:
By this time you should be fed or feeding the other team. It wouldn't matter since you're being semi-fed by avarice blades in the first place. Start building Phantom Dancers at this point while selling the avarice blades. Feel free to upgrade one to Yomuu's but it's just a personal preference. By the time you build one, GP should be uncatchable with his remove scurvy and can even keep up with a Yi using highlander. Use this mobility to your advantage. Run in, parley, run out. Rinse and repeat. With runes you should be hitting around 1.3k per crit which should happen 98% of the time. The second and third phantom dancers are really just to make the end game fun. I mean, you'll have 700+ movespeed. What can other champs do against that?