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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MySoulToTake

Rising Renekton

MySoulToTake Last updated on March 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello, my nickname is SoulToTake you can add me if u play on the EU server.
So this is my first guide for renekton. I had succes with this build so I wish you the same.
I tell you somethings about this build, if you dont agree with me you can leave a comment and then i can repair the mistakes.

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Pros and Cons

Pros: - Do not need mana
- Amazing pusher and farmer
- You can also play as tank
- Renekton can stun enemy with the Ruthless predator(W)
- Quickly moving in jungle thats to Slice and Dice(E) also you can pass through the wall
- When your are ganged,you can use ultimate Dominus(R) which drasticaly rise your chance to survive and even get a double kill :)
- amazing healing in the battle

Cons: - If you play DPS as my build shows then renekton is a bit squishy
- meele
- You are often the target in teamfights so keep your ulti until the right time comes

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Runes and Masteries

Greater Mark of Desolation 9x: Better armor penetration = faster kill = faster money :)
Greater Glyph of Focus 9x: Cooldown reduction, guess for what ? Helps you to use your spells more frequently what maximalizes your effectivness.
Greater Quintessence of Fortitude 3x: At the early game is really needed if you want to survive.
Greater Seal of Evasion 9x: Also for maximalizing your surviabilty.

Masteries: 21/9/0 typical DPS masteries.

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Summoner spells

I prefer exhaust and ignite, best spells if you catch someone in jungle or just simply 1v1 on a lane.

You can also use Ghost instead of ignite but as I said i prefer ignite.

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Slice and Dice excels at harassing manuevers. Slice in, follow up with another skill and then Dice back out to safety.
Cull the Meek drains an enormous amount of life when used in the middle of the fray. You can use this to bait opponents into thinking you are weaker than you really are.
Cooldown reduction is especially good for Renekton, allowing him to both quickly build up and use his Fury.

Slice and Dice in > Ruthless Predator > Cull the Meek > Slice and Dice out.
(E > W > Q > E)
Its very annoying if you do this often, So let them cry ;)

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Skill Explanations

(Passive): Renekton uses a new resource system called Fury. Renekton gains Fury by attacking or dealing damage with spells. When he has gathered enough Fury, the resource will be expended to empower his skills with bonus effects. Renekton gains 5 Fury per autoattack. Having sufficient fury empowers Renektons abilities with bonus effects, but this drains Fury. Out of combat, Renekton loses 5 Fury per second. When under 50% health points, Renekton gains double Fury per autoattack making him more deadly.

(Q): Renekton swing his blade, dealing damage to nearby enemies and healing for a portion of the life dealt (more health gained if you hit champions). Fury Bonus: Heal amount raised dramatically. This is your first harassment skill, and it will make you lane longer by healing yourself. Make sure you hit as many champions/minions (max. 5) as possible with this skill in order to gain more health.

(W): Renekton's next attack swings twice, dealing a portion of his weapon damage, stunning his target briefly and applying on-hits each time. Fury Bonus: Renekton's next attack swings three times, dealing a huge portion of his weapon damage, stunning his target greatly and applying on-hits each time (like The Black Cleaver or Madred's Bloodrazor). This is your second harassment skill, your main damage skill, and will therefore be maxed out first.

(E): Renekton dashes forward, dealing physical damage to targets along the way. If he hits a target, he can use Dice for a brief period of time (4 sec) for the same effect. Dice Fury Bonus: Renekton deals 50% increased damage and reduces the armor of units hit. We put a point into this on level 2 for some epic escapes (through thin walls), ganks, and chases.
These are the locations for the twisted treeline, where u can slice/dice through walls. (Note: these drawn maps arent accurate, the wall beneath dragon is in-game actually the thickest of walls u can slice/dice through!)

(Ultimate, R): Renekton empowers himself with dark energy, gaining size and bonus health. He deals periodic damage to enemies around him and rapidly gains Fury. If u know 'Asterix and Obelix', well, this is kinda something like the magic potion they drink. U turn into one B.F.Gator, with an even B'er.F.Sword!

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So this is my build, I hope you like it. I wish you succes with it .
Please write in the comment if something is wrong in the build and let me repair it, I hope I helped you at least a bit.

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On a faraway world, Renekton was born a member of a race of bestial guardians created to serve as the rulers and protectors of their people. Alongside his brother Nasus, Renekton oversaw the upkeep of the Great Library, which served as both a vault of ancient knowledge and the repository of the teachings of the Cycle of Life and Death. While the enlightened Nasus taught those scholars who came to study, Renekton served as the Great Library's gatekeeper. He could sense the true natures of those who sought Nasus' teachings, and he sent away those with dark ambitions. Over time, however, his repeated exposure to this evil infected his mind. He grew furious with the malevolence in the hearts of men, and as he descended deeper into madness, he discovered he could quell the fury by cutting the evil from the men who possessed it. Unfortunately, the relief was as short-lived as the subjects, and the ''butcher's rage'', as it came to be known, would resurge even stronger.

Consumed by his anger, Renekton turned on the one being who could defeat him -- his own brother. Nasus pleaded with Renekton to see reason. Realizing that he was beyond redemption, the despondent Nasus valiantly struck down his wayward sibling. Defenseless, Renekton waited eagerly for death's release. It never came. He was spared when summoners from the League of Legends claimed his brother. Caught in the wake of this powerful spell, Renekton tumbled for what seemed like ages between realities. When he finally emerged, he fell deep into the sewers of Zaun. Insane with fury, Renekton languished in his newfound home, driven senseless by his rage. That is until, by happenstance, he caught a familiar scent on the air. Believing that the familiar scent would guide him to the solace which was fading from his memory, he traced his brother to the Institute of War.

''My brother has become hollow. Full of rage, but empty.'' -- Nasus, the Curator of the Sands.