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Riven Build Guide by TomKai

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TomKai

Riven the Exile [ATB Competive Build]

TomKai Last updated on March 18, 2012
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One of my first guides if you do like it please Like it and comment!

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Hey im Cam the co-captain to the team "All time Blow" Thus why it is a ATB build :)
Riven is my favourite champ and i wish to share my build of riven, It is a build with high survivabilty, as it is an off-tank build and also has moderately high damage output.

Sorry if some of the explanations are bad. This is my first guide and im nto that good with words :/

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Runes in this build do not really matter, But the rune i use are armour penetration runes and attack speed runes, But what i recommend and have put down as runes for this build are Armour penertration Quintennces and Marks and defence Seals and glyths as this adds to your survivabilty and tankyness :)

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Masteries should be chosen as masteries that boost your ad output so you can get mroe kills and get more fed, But ultiity masteries that boost defence can also be used as thoe who can stay in lane longer without dying out level the opponent as they need not to recall, and are good initiaters aswell as the more tanky champion usually win in 1v1 early game.

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells i choose are


I choose teleport so i can recall and get back in lane fast so i do not mis out on elvel and if people ward well, I can use teleport to et up a gank, and we all know a gank that is set up good is one that insures a kill.


many might troll you and call you noob for getting heal, But it my eyes it is one of the best ummoner skills as it helps you stay in lane and helpin in those tough one vs one fights.

NOW you might be wondering why i do not have flash or ghost int hi guide to escape those sticky situations, but that is because riven has good mobility and can easily escape using Valor (e) and Broken wings (q)

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Broken Wings - Riven does 3 sets of damage techniques rushing to the opponent.

Ki Burst - (Sorry if it is small) A burst tossing enemies into the ar stunning them

Valor - A skill which dashes you forward giving me Defence

Blade of the Exile - Recreating her sword she shoots out a blast dealing high damage

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This is not me playing a ranked game but a random playing one. I will post my own vids soon!

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For 100 HP And some good damage output start game.

For attack speed and movement making sure you arent hitting lower then 1 hit a second!

A Warmog for fast hp regen start game and alot of hp for beefy and tankyness. And awesome for your atmas!

For some armour and turning that hp into some good AD Damage sustain.

For farming and long battles where you will need to sustain the damage being dealt to you and to keep hp in team fights.

Just an end game item if you get there for more damage but really can be anything like more hp, or attack speed.

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Riven jungle

When playing riven jungle you open your skills items etc in the same way as what is stated above, BUT instead of getting warmogs first, get a Wriggles lantern because ward is always helpful (sell this afterwards for blood thirster)

After the wolves move on to blue, Because riven is cooldown based and cannot farm well unless her Broken wing is off cool downs because that is her main scource of damage.

When the wolves have been taken move down to the Golems and take them, Also instead of getting Valor as the second skill Get Ki burst as the second skill and Valor as the third and continue the set skill ranking order.

Now that you have both your AOE attacks unlcoked by now, ( i hope) Move on to the wraiths. Initiate with Broken wings and make ure you hit all of them, After you have used broken wings follow up with ki burst to hit all the minions with another burst of damage and they should be defeated then jsut defeat the remaining ones with auto attack. :)


When going for a gank, Move in fast with Valor to close the distance, Stun with Ki burst then follow up with Broken Wings and they should be defeated if the opponent aws on low hp when you ganked them OR if your team mate helps when you gank them at high hp.

(I dont realy Jungle riven much o im not very experienced at jungling but i hope thi helps those who want to jungle riven ahaha!)

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- High defence
- High Magic Resist
- Good Health Regen
- High Survivability
- Good attack Damage
- Moderate Attack Speed

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